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  1. From what I have heard, from my boss who's wife and daughter are on a Panama canal cruise with Disney is that they missed most of their ports and had to head to San Diego a day early. As cruisers we need to try to be patient as this is a disaster in a grand sense. I am sorry that this cruise did not go as planned. Do you really think Princess wanted this not to happen? Everyone around the world is trying to deal with this the best and safest way they can. I am amazed that I am not even sure that I will be cruising this August because of this world situation. I really thought that a cruise that far out would not be affected. We are all affected one way or another.
  2. I am very pleased with Princess as they have upgraded us for our August Alaska cruise. We had OY (obstructed ocean view) and now we have a BD (balcony on deck 11). Very happy!! Hopefully though this cruise does not get cancelled. I think this is Princess's way of saying thank you for not cancelling. 🙂
  3. The answer to your question is a YES! You know how you find a brand (shoes, clothes medicine, services, etc..) that fits you perfectly? The one that you will go buy again and again because it is comfortable for you. This is how we feel about Princess Cruise lines. We are comfortable with their brand of cruising.
  4. I just checked and we have not be visited by the upgrade fair yet either. Alaska cruise in August. We have OY category. Crossing fingers!! Congrats on those who have!!
  5. Excellent attituded considering the circumstances. A world cruise is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Glad to hear you are healing from your fall. Thanks for sharing. Please keep in touch and may fair winds be at your back!
  6. Last time we went was the last week of August and the weather was wonderful. In the mid 70's. All the shops were open and you could tell it was winding down as far as tourism. We are going again this year but the first week of August. Crossing fingers its comfortable weather.
  7. I honestly will be / am more worried about the norovirus on a cruise ship than coronavirus. Just my opinion. Not cancelling cruise in August to Alaska unless Princess does.
  8. I bought Disney. It finally went to where I wanted to. 🙂
  9. I have got to say that I never thought I would see this stated. Usually its about not getting enough OBC! There are so many things that the OBC can be used for. Quite a few good suggestions given.
  10. I am concerned that we would or could loose our OBC if we take the BSE. Am I understanding that correctly? It seems that getting the OBC as a stockholder and my husbands military OBC going away if we take this package would be a no brainer.
  11. I find that if I refresh the page the information comes up. Princess web site lately has been challenging. They need to upgrade.
  12. Every time we book a cruise, I have a notebook folder which contains: airfare, cruise fare, itineraries and any hotel/car rentals for the trip. I like to keep those so I can compare costs. I also keep the daily patters and the final tally of the cruise miles and such. We take one photo when we board and that is our memorabilia (they are on the side of our refrigerator with magnets we have gotten <grin>). I am currently going through the "cruise room" which holds all the special stuff required that we would not want or need for a land trip. Wow! Boy do I keep everything! They say that the spring cleaning is good for the soul. I am about to toss a lot and just keep the notebooks from every cruise. Great subject!
  13. Unfortunately I believe this is what BSE entails. Does not matter if only 1 is an adult, it is that 2 people have to pay for the BSE per cabin. Yes, I agree, give Princess a call and see if there is anything they can do to work around the automatic program that I am sure is the issue. Good luck!
  14. After reading this vlog for several days and listening to the Dr.'s video that is a specialist in managing infectious diseases, I think this is why most of the countries that have received the passengers have added 14 more days. To do more testing and manage the possibilities of an outbreak of the virus among those there. This is for their own benefit. What I gathered was that even though Japan and other officials tried to manage this outbreak of the virus, it possibly was not done with the correct procedures. I am praying that we hear that most of the passengers are doing okay. What has been done is done. Lets all hope that something good can from this bad situation.
  15. I think cruise ships should have an automatic sensor by the door saying, "Wash your hands please".
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