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  1. Alaska is one of their biggest itinerary. I will take a guess that the Crown will take over the Sun's schedule.
  2. @OmbudJust curious as to when this cruiser got the cancelation notice. I, like many others, think Princess should let us know so we can make alternate plans.
  3. Well now that the "cat" is out of the bag it sure would be nice if Princess would let us know. Are they changing ships or just cancelling altogether and having us pick a different cruise? Sigh. I just want to take a cruise. 😐
  4. We are scheduled to sale on the Sun Princess on July 31st. I went on the website and Aug. 14th is the last date I could see of sailings. I sure hope that our July 31st to Alaska is still a go.
  5. What I had to do last time, a few weeks ago, was reserve a cruise and then I called Princess (short 2 min. wait) and asked them to apply the FCD to that cruise. Princess needs to take this time to fix their internet issues. I do not understand why you can use your FCD on a sailing and not on another. This should be a standard option IMHO.
  6. Exactly! I call the act of changing the main conversation "being squirreled". So tired of people staying off topic. As far as this thread I do not see anything wrong with doing a general "Thank you" for those who manage this site without specifications. Thank you!
  7. Since we booked on the Sun for July 2021 and some have stated it will be sold, which ship will replace her? We first lost our cruise to Alaska on the Golden for one last hurrah and now we look forward to experiencing the Sun as we have never been on her. I am hoping you all are wrong about the Sun.
  8. Now if I can get them to extend our FCD 🙂
  9. That is my birthday and I am taking the day off from work (and the next day too <grin>) so I will watch again. The last one was rather disappointing and it was a rah rah themed show. I know they have to do that however there are a lot of regular cruisers with Princess that would love to have more solid information straight from the horses mouth. We just jumped on the booking train and are very hopeful that this cruise will happen.
  10. We booked an Alaska cruise with the "plus" options. In order for me to convince the hubby that we should try adding these for an extra $40 a day each I had to go down a step from balcony to ocean view cabin. I am okay with that because the ocean view cabins on the Sun look pretty good. I look at it this way, we both would get a coffee "card", drink wine with dinner and have an occasional drink in the afternoon, drink plenty of water and a few sodas a day. Just the beverages alone would cost us $20 - 30 a day. Then you add in the gratuities of $14.50 each and then the internet unlimited. This will be a test to see if it is worth it for us to book cruises this way or to just pay as we go. I know I can drink like 3 coffee drinks just to start the morning out. I am not big on soda however I do drink a lot of water too. So the question is: $40 a day added on to the base cruise cost ~ is that cost effective for you? For us, I think so.
  11. Well thank you all for the info. We had an FCD for our August Alaska cruise that got cancelled. I was not going to book again until they returned that FCD and they did at the end of July. Looks like we will try again to cruise to Alaska next summer! I just wanted to use the FCD's only for deposit and not give any more cash.
  12. Just the cruise in an oceanview. I know things are tough for the cruiselines, I was just surprised by the uptick in deposit costs.
  13. I just was looking into booking an Alaska cruise next July and was surprised that an $800 deposit was required instead of the $200 for the two of us. Now we have FCD's that we would use but that only gives us $100 each towards the deposit. When did the deposit increase?
  14. I think that in a years time when the cruising will start again in Alaska that the virus will be pretty much either gone, under control levels or have a vaccine. We were suppose to be in Alaska right now however...you know the rest. We will book another for July 2021. If things around the world do not get better, then obviously we will not be going to Alaska. I think its all a wait and see.
  15. We used an FCD for our August 2020 cruise. We received it back in the account around July 15th. We now have 2 that are to be used by April 2021. Crossing fingers that we will be able to apply them again on a 2021 cruise.
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