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  1. DH and I fly out of Phoenix to LA on the first flight out. Usually 6:30 am or 7:00 am with an arrival of 8:00 am or 8:30 am. Now a lot of people suggest flying in the day before and we do that when we sail out of Florida. We then take the Princess bus to the terminal ( yes its a bit costly but its easy peasy). I put down our flight information in the personalizer so that they know when we will arrive in LA and when we need to be at the LA airport. I would suggest doing that. We have done this to LA 6 times without any hiccups. We go from the baggage area, grab our luggage, head over to the Princess Rep. and check in and drop off luggage to be sent to our room. Some prefer different ways of getting to the terminal but this way they are looking for us. Good luck and enjoy your cruise!
  2. Well I saw that this was a featured vlog. Read up to this point and I want to join in. Congrats to all of those who are staying on target. Couple of years ago I lost 47 lbs. 213 to 163. I have slowly gained some of it back. I now weigh 181. I know what to do (I keep telling myself) as I have done it before. It is not easy. Its a change of mind set with food and actually thinking about what your are eating, drinking and exercising daily. We just got back 2 weeks ago today from a 15 day cruise. I refused to get on the scale for 7 days until I felt better. Ya know that always full feeling you get on a cruise? Yep. I was miserable. I was happy to see that I was the same weight as when I had left. Now, I have 6 months to lose 20 pounds. I know that sounds easy to do. I have health challenges that make it a bit harder. But I know I have done it before and can do it again. Pay attention to the food I eat, drink more water and exercise. I currently have a goal of 4 miles a day walking and get there 70% of the time. I was sick this week but today I feel much better. My goal is to do at least 4 miles a day 6 days a week. This vlog is good for support and education. Everyone has a weight challenge. Its the way our society has evolved. Thanks for reading. Here's to making ourselves feel better!!
  3. On our last cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale, I stopped by the wine table, told them I had 3 bottles and he directed me onto the ship without collecting corkage fee. Of course, we took those bottle to dinner in the MDR and was charged the corkage fee. There was twice that we got off the ship, bought wine and brought it back on. Stated it was wine and they let us proceed. I think it was because my husband was so forth coming that we were bringing bottles on with us they knew we would be charged in the dining room. I told him later, hey if they don't ask then don't tell! Sheesh <grin>
  4. On the Emerald they were putting paper straws in drinks last Christmas / New Years cruise. Hubby was not too keen on it while sipping a Pina colada. He is not a fast drinker and the straw lost the fight. Guess we will bring out own on.. 😞
  5. Can't wait to hear the conclusion on this one. We were just on the Emerald 2 weeks ago and not a peep that I heard. Like someone else said, someone on CC would be causing a ruckus if this was evident. She probably brought it on from the beach. Too many questions..
  6. That is a lot of OBC left over. I know that the only OBC that we get (Veteran's OBC) is the only item in the OBC list that is marked as refundable. Otherwise we try to use as much as we can on excursions and on board purchases. Last cruise we had $1600 OBC but only $250 was refundable. We are currently waiting for a check as well for over $50.00. Hope you get an answer soon.
  7. Thank you for doing this review. DH and I did the Royal and we too went straight to Alfredo's for lunch. Ate there several times as it was pretty good. Following!
  8. I just logged on. A bit slow but still got in.
  9. Following... Curious to see how that works out using travel router. Would that slow things down sharing? I just signed up one device on the Emerald and it was a hit and miss on the speed. I had to log off so hubby could log on to do something. Enjoy your cruise!
  10. I am wondering if I can do this while we are on the Emerald next week. From what I have read so far here, it is my understanding that we get to keep our previous perks and can add on to our existing reservation for $$. Is this correct?
  11. Hallelujah! Its up and running. After doing some investigating I came across 2 different pricing for the Premier beverage package. Hunh? They are about $7 a day different. I tried to see if the wording was different but did not see it except for the mention of the 18% gratuity. I am thinking that will get cleaned up soon. The internet pricing is by the minute. Hunh? Not that thrilled with the new pricing program. It looks like they are trying to KISS (keep it simple stupid) but its almost deceptive. For my next cruise to Alaska, I wanted to see how much more my cabin is under the "Best Sale Ever". It increased $410 per person. Our gratuities would be $203. The beverage package would be $908 give or take. The internet I can not compare with their new pricing. So, that best pricing might be good.
  12. We have done the Alaska cruise out of LA and loved it. We have signed up for July 8th round trip LA to Alaska (14 day) Inside Glacier next year. We prefer to do LA for 2 reasons. Closer to home for us and we like the sea days. I think you have to count your plus's and minus's and take it from there.
  13. We just got an offer for our cruse for next week. Balcony to a mini-suite. 15 day Panama cruise - $699 each. Yeah, I'm good where I am thank you 😁
  14. Yep, its still not working completely. I can get logged in, get to the summary info for my next cruise and then I get the sorry we are having technical difficulties. My cruise is in 8 days. I am not going to worry about anything because I have all my documentation printed out already. Its just nice to go to the website and see that you will be cruising soon, very soon. I feel sorry for those who have not done this. I do not think its on our end, I do think Princess is getting ready for the Best Sale Ever and its causing conflicts which from my experience with such as an employee, this is normal IT gotta try this to see if this will work. Yep, that did it. Wait! Now this isn't working right. 😏
  15. I too am getting the "short timers attitude" at work. Last day is Friday for 3 whole weeks! We leave Sunday to Florida. Gonna visit family a few days before our 15 day cruise on the Emerald Princess through the new Panama canal locks. Dreams of taking naps and sipping drinks and watching the sea go by... ARE WE THERE YET???? 😄
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