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  1. Is my understanding of the wine menu correct? That if it does not have a glass price you can only purchase by the bottle? I saw a few that interested me but I do not want to buy the whole bottle and find out it is not what I thought it would be.
  2. Thanks for doing your review. We cruise on the Royal last April to Mexico. We loved Alfredo's and ate there several times. Did not find any issues with our meals. I agree about the elevators so many times we did the stairs if possible. The MDR food was basically the same as we had on other ships. The buffet area was so vast that many times I would get turned around trying to find where the hubby was 🙄. Agree there was always a place to sit and eat. Because of the weather issues it became crowded inside and that was not fun. We also had Matt as a cruise director and I was always wondering how much coffee he drank in a day 😁 Royal is not our favorite however its not the worse from our experiences. I would like to try the Regal as they did make a few changes to her design that seems interesting.
  3. Basically what everyone (well almost) is saying is that in an accounting aspect there is a tip fund. These monies are pooled from every customer and from every ship that is Princess. Do I think that a worker does not get the "tip pool" money in their pay? Nope. I do not think it really matters whether we pay the gratuities or have it "gifted from Princess". Do I know this as fact? Nope. What I do know is the line that Princess stated is that the tip money is pooled fleet wide and paid fleet wide. OBTW, here's to ANOTHER tip thread 😁🍷
  4. I am aware of the kiosk for account info. Also if that is "out of order" you can go to the always pleasant and courteous <grin> <story for another time> passenger services desk and ask for a print out as well. Yes, paper options are available for those who want to go without phones / tablets. My point is that Princess is pushing the electronic option much more than the paper one. Like I stated earlier, I do carry my cell phone with me on the ship. I do like the electronic version on the ship (Medallion). Its just the agenda..
  5. I reserved our excursions using our OBC. Can you reserve spa using your OBC?
  6. So those that choose to put their electronics away while on a cruise are somewhat inconvenienced because they choose not to carry phone or tablet. I myself do carry my phone. I have no problem with that. With that said, do you see how they (Princess) assumes that everyone that comes on board will carry their phone with them? It is the way of the world now. 😐
  7. The shortest we have book out is 4 months. The longest was over 14 months out. We average booking every 5 - 6 months because we are still working. My job is more flexible than his. Hoping when he retires (in the next year) that we can hop on that after final payment booking when hopefully its a few dollars less.
  8. I agree with Thrak. In our situation on our next cruise, we have enough OBC to cover our occasional cocktail or bottle of wine. We plan on bringing on board some soda and a couple bottle of wine that the hubby prefers. My palate is a bit more accepting than his when it comes to wine. 🙄 I do not think we would ever buy the bigger drink packages. We usually just get a coffee card for me and he gets a soda package and that does it for us. Bottom line, if you do not consume a lot ( 7 -10 alcoholic beverages) a day then its most likely not worth it.
  9. I understand your concern. But like others I know that there were thousands of people using that cabin before I got there. I do not think the stewards really have that much time other than to do a spit and shine. Like others I bring Clorox wipes and take care of what I feel could cause the most problem. I am always having my feet covered except when standing in the shower. I am a diabetic and have always (even at home) protected my feet with socks, slippers or shoes at all times. I agree the grout (like my 30 year old home) is not that pretty to look at. I'd rather hope they mopped it with bleach in between customers.
  10. Well now I have caught up and have totally enjoyed your writings. Thank you for sharing your cruise with us. Until next time..
  11. Thank you both for your answers. I am thinking that going with the GoPro editing software for a newbie should be good. BTW, Chesneygirl I love watching your videos! Thanks!
  12. Well I am a real newbie with a camera. Just bought the GoPro 7 black. Planning on taking it out on walks so I can learn how to use it easily. Been watching videos on YouTube so it doesn't look that hard (I hope). I will not be posting on YouTube but the videos I hope to make will be for personal consumption. What desk top program would you recommend for downloading and formatting? I have always loved your videos! You make them so enjoyable to watch.
  13. Congrats on the upgrade! Good deal I say. I keep checking my email every hour to hope that we get a good offer too. It did happen to us once before so I know it is possible. Enjoy your cruise!!
  14. I would pass however we did take an upgrade to a mini suite from a regular balcony. That was for a 19 day cruise and it came out to about $12 a day for each of us. We decided that since it was a very long cruise we would have more time to enjoy the cabin. We did. It is your decision if you think you will spend that extra time in the cabin or not.
  15. We have never attended the balloon drop. I personally have an issue with the sound of popping balloons. I do not know why it bothers me so. I will not miss the balloon drop even though we will be doing a cruise during New Years and I would like to see some kind of fanfare if possible. I wonder what they could do instead? Change of times.
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