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  1. Yes have done a cruise from the US and they used Covermore
  2. My parents are 88 and 91 with pre existing. They used Covermore for their last cruise
  3. A relative was hit by a car before travelling and they paid out without any problems. They issue is they only cover for 27 pre existing conditions and don’t provide any cover for other conditions
  4. This was the only time he did it. He did learn his lesson.
  5. Years ago my husband was given white powder to take when he was discharged from hospital in Japan with food poisoning. He forgot about it and bought it back through customs in his backpack. It was never even questioned.
  6. I met an older couple a few years ago doing a Circle South America. They paid over $10,000 due to the husband’s age and pre existing.
  7. I don’t take white or cream at all because I always end up with stains. I go for dark colours black or navy blue. Shorts for during the day and long black pants or leggings which don’t need ironing for night. I wear both pants and tops more than once. I always pack about 6-8 lightweight day/night tops and a couple of light weight dresses. You can definitely wear clothes more than once. No one will notice. I pack 3 pairs of shoes joggers, day time time sandals which can also be worn for smart casual nights plus shoes with a bit of a heel. When I cruise with Princess I usually wash a few times on a longer cruise.
  8. A lot of people weren’t using the sanitiser at the dining room and many weren’t using the the wash stations at the buffet.
  9. I’ve just found out that my 92 year old dad was diagnosed with Influenza A one week ago. We were not informed
  10. We disembarked from the Majestic Princess on the 6th Oct. My mum has has been in hospital for 4 days. Yesterday she tested positive for Influenza A. I contacted NSW Health but they don’t act on it unless the patient is in a nursing home.
  11. The Ovation is my favourite RCI. I love relaxing in 270
  12. The balcony was covered in soot and wasn’t cleaned. They couldn’t use the balcony.
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