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  1. Did you contact Crystal in UK? I ask because i'm in UK and my agent is being stonewalled and I have decided to start a charge back process when I get to 90 days unless I'm shown documentation that my refund has been actioned. I'm also cancelling a further booking with Crystal and will never sail with them again, another premium line has fully refunded my money and been accessible to its client base.
  2. I received the balance of my refund on 29th May after cancelling on the 17th March 🙂
  3. I cancelled my cruise on the 17th March, I received my deposit back to my credit card on the 9th May and the remaining balance was paid to my agent on the 29th May who sent me a cheque on the same day. I am up to 84 days with another premium line.
  4. I was due a refund from another cruise line, they said it would be on my card by the weekend and it was, so for me I don't think it is my credit card company holding up my refund
  5. Hi, I tried to access your spreadsheet, but i received a message saying I need to request access, I am techno challenged 😉 I cancelled my cruise on the 10th March for a cruise on the 21st April. I have not received my refund yet and the only correspondence I have had is an automated response to my enquiry saying it will be up to 90 days
  6. If they have any extra one's please let me know 🙂
  7. For a fully paid cruise. Cancelled in March, April 2020 sailing. I opted for 75% refund & 25 % FCC
  8. That's interesting, when I contacted Crystal to say I would claim my money back through my credit card, they said that I would lose my FCC if I did that. Maybe you kept yours as it was a temporary credit??
  9. Have you received your refund yet ?? If not, I would go over to the Silversea facebook page and raise the issue with Barbara Muckermann, you will find her email address there.
  10. I cancelled on the 10th March, I contacted Crystal two days ago and received the reply "we are delayed with the refunds and they will be refunded 90 days from cancellation". Hopefully you will get your money earlier and i will wait another 3 weeks
  11. I'm interested to know how you know that they have not missed any 90 day repayments? No criticism, just wondered how you are so sure
  12. Great to hear that, I haven't received anything for a cruise cancelled on the 10th March. I'm hoping is this week as its 65 days plus now 😞
  13. G2G


    I received the refund of my deposit today and hopefully will have the balance in the next two weeks as per the information I was given last week.:)
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