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  1. Saw this posted outside the dining room on Coral Princess. Sad that it had to be posted. Neither of these items should ever be allowed. (Shorts during breakfast or lunch are okay but not for dinner. It isn't Denny's...)
  2. Nope. Won't work. I use plain old Ivory soap. One time I kept trying to find the odor in my house and tracked it down to my bathroom. Under the cupboard was a new, unwrapped package, if wrapped soap. My wife had accidentally purchased Ivory with Aloe. I'm serious about the problem with scents. I don't know just when it started but I didn't have an issue when I was younger. I think it was sometime around age 50 or so that something changed. My wife has a niece who just turned 50 and, all of a sudden, has a ton of food allergies. She gets sick and breaks out. The doctors can't figure
  3. Never allow ball caps or any other hat in the dining room. Period.
  4. While we want the chair back, there are folks who never used it and didn't want it taking up space in their cabin. Apparently people complained and it was cheaper and easier for Princess to simply remove the chairs. I'm guessing the people who complained don't have bad backs. Sitting on the bed is very hard on mine. I guess Princess also figures the lack of the chair will drive folks like me out of the cabin and into "revenue producing areas".
  5. I agree that the "professional" trivia teams are detrimental to the spirit of the thing. However, I do want to have a team of 2 so my wife and I can participate together.
  6. I'm allergic to most perfumes. People who use good quality scents and use the proper (understated) amounts don't bother me. People who use cheap scent and/or apparently bathe in the stuff make me physically ill. However, I realize that many here seem to love the eucalyptus scented stuff and the simple solution for me is that I can just not use it as long as they give me an unscented bar of soap. We already bring our own hair products. If necessary I can bring soap as well but it would be hard to get on a ship and discover the soap was scented. I think I'll ad an unopened small bar
  7. We were in great seats for On The Bayou. Right behind us were seats "saved" by having a cane propped across the spots. We were early (which is how we got the seats we wanted) and were there for maybe 45 minutes with nobody ever showing up behind us at the "saved" seats. The theater was pretty full and a couple came through trying to find a spot to sit and they were obviously very frustrated and about to give up and leave. I told them people aren't allowed to save seats and that we had been there a very long time with nobody showing up. I said they should just set the cane aside and take the se
  8. Love this one but have a small amendment. Provide a comfortable folding chair please. I realize that's somewhat of an oxymoron but at least give me a padded seat. A padded backrest would also be nice.
  9. We received an upgrade from an IC (L249) to a BE (C301) on Crown Princess. I was still working and we squeezed in a very short (4 days) cruise. Instead of the cheap Interior on Lido Deck we had a Caribe Deck balcony. Not only was it a balcony it was a Handicapped Accessible balcony cabin. The room was about 1.5 times as big as a normal cabin and the balcony, in addition to being 1.5 times as wide was on Caribe Deck so it was deeper as well. I guess nobody had booked the HC cabin and Princess just moved us there. They didn't tell us about it - I found out while doing a random check of the cruis
  10. Got our second shots yesterday. My wife felt a little funky last night and her arm hurt a bit. I was fine. Today my arm hurts a little bit. A friend who is the same age as me got his yesterday as well. My wife said he posted on FB (I don't have a FB account) that he felt like "someone beat him with a stick". His wife has no issue and other friends who got their second shots the same day or the day before are all fine as well.
  11. I did say if I found out he was working the cruise. I didn't say that information was normally readily available.
  12. We miss almost everything with the major exception of "Scottish Ken" the Assistant CD. I would cancel any cruise at any time to anywhere - even if it was free - if I found out that guy was working the cruise. That's how bad of an impression he made on us. Edit: Sorry for the negativity but it's deeply earned on this guy's part.
  13. Some of us grew up poor. Waste of any kind bothers us. Okay, it bothers me. Why take a huge plate of food you won't eat? If nobody did that maybe they wouldn't prepare so much. I remember the platters they used to have in the buffet. We took the round plates but there were big oval platters that most folks used. They would pile them high with tons of stuff "because it was free" and then they would maybe eat half of it. Sometimes they left the platter half full and went back for another one. I found it not only wasteful but also disgusting.
  14. While I won't chime in on one side of the proposed wage hike I will interject here to say they are not talking about wages in SF. They are talking about the Federal Minimum Wage which is $7.25/hr. Whether it belongs as something attached to the COVID legislation is for others to argue about. I learned long ago that my opinions aren't ever considered by the government.
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