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  1. Use THIS FORM to transfer your booking to a TA. You have a limited time to do so. I can't remember how long. The form must be physically signed.
  2. Yes. If they ever open up those itineraries for us we will be onboard. Those are in our "saved" list.
  3. The solution is not to only cruise Alaska once. Book another cruise later that does visit Ketchikan. Alaska is more than worth visiting multiple times.
  4. Live music yes but we really don't care about a waaaaaaaaaaaay too loud Disco playing music we don't care for. We generally don't frequent venues like Skywalker's when the music is blaring unless it's configured so there are two sides and one can sit in a somewhat quieter place. I did hit Skywalker's late at night pretty much every night for 28 days on Emerald Princess. It was totally dead with no people and no music. Just me and the crew and the crew would be calling in to ask if they can close up because nobody was there. Only during the last 10 days (all sea days) did I see people in Skywalker's late at night and even then it was a very sparse crowd. We also never hang around in Explorer's when it gets late and they have a DJ. It always amazes us when a performer in Wheelhouse ends and they fire up a DJ. I think they try to pull out "old" songs for the old passengers but their idea of "old" songs is stuff from my kid's era rather than from mine (and I'm not nearly as old as some Princess cruisers).
  5. I don't see them getting rid of Coral Princess as it's one of only two ship in the fleet that can travel the old locks in the Panama Canal. The other ship is Island Princess and they are using her for world cruising.
  6. I have to call Princess about a FCD. They have applied one that doesn't expire soon to a cruise and have one that does expire soon left unassigned. I've had that fixed before but it's the whole "will I get an answer" thing that has kept me from doing so. I did actually call them about something else last week and the hold time wasn't too bad - especially as I ended up having to be transferred.
  7. That is comparing a Deluxe Balcony (D724) and a Premium Deluxe Balcony (D728).
  8. Ouch! I have to wonder why people pay these outrageous deposits rather than using Future Cruise Deposits.
  9. The cabin likely has only one US socket. Plan accordingly.
  10. Be aware that there are two different coupon books. The "standard" one from Princess is pretty worthless but the other one is said to have at least one good coupon. Take the couple of minutes to look through the coupon books to make certain there isn't a coupon that's worthwhile.
  11. We're booked for 26 days B2B2B in Australia, New Zealand, and Tasmania beginning January 3. I can't imagine them letting US citizens visit that soon but, so far, Princess hasn't cancelled the cruises. Even if they do sail I would expect to be cancelled similar to what was done with folks who were booked for Alaska with young children. They were selectively cancelled.
  12. I know someone who took an air mattress and slept on the balcony each night on a 19 day partial Panama Canal cruise. He said it was great!
  13. In addition to a polite description of yor issues they also want the following information: Full Name on Reservation: Booking Number: Device Type being used when accessing the MedallionClass app: Operating System on Device:
  14. Why? There are a zillion posts here on CC stating that Princess is allowing folks to just show up at the pier and they help them get everything entered the "old fashioned" way. No need to buy a new phone if you don't want one. Additionally, Princess has said there will be a web-based method of entering the info introduced very soon.
  15. @Steelers36 I didn't think the above was correct so I tried it just now. I typed your handle using all lower case and it worked fine. I also tried it using the upper case S as shown in your handle but it didn't come up in the list any faster than using all lower case.
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