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  1. Our first cruise ever was the 10 day SF/Alaska round trip on Sea Princess. I woke up the first night with the ship trying to go in multiple directions at once. The next morning people were bouncing off of the walls in the hallways and staggering all over the buffet. It was actually quite an intro to cruising. After that initial turbulence the cruise was smooth sailing but the first night and the next day were pretty rough.
  2. We often book quite far in advance and watch as prices go up. We always hope they will go down but it's not the norm. One of our 3 for this winter did go down. We have a 6 day/ /14 day B2B2B booked. The 6 day dropped over $500. The 13 day is pretty much the same as when we booked. The 14 day is over $100 more per person than when we booked. The $500 drop was a great surprise. The TA looked at the bookings when I asked about something else. She got the reduced price and also got the WiFi added onto all 3 cruises for free. Great service on that one. 😁
  3. We have our cruise cards, the status pins, and I believe we have the certificates for crossing the equator and the arctic circle. I'm pretty sure my wife has that stuff in a drawer in one of her desks. I know the cards are there because that's the same drawer where she has the passports so I've seen the cards.
  4. ED is a relatively new position that was a promotion for many of the long time CDs.
  5. 100 shares of CCL is required. The benefit is per cabin not per person so only 100 shares gets the maximum value. As of today the stock was selling for $41.69 per share. The benefit is as follows: OBC from CCL Stock Sailings of 6 days or fewer $50 Sailings of 7 - 13 days $100 Sailings of 14 days or more $250
  6. We sometimes use the stair rails these days (back and knee issues) but we wash with soap and hot water frequently. We always use a knuckle for the elevator buttons. We always wash our hands at the buffet - unless we are just walking through to get somewhere else. (That design is annoying...) We've never had noro on a ship but have caught a couple of horrendous colds. On one 7 day southbound after a land tour in Alaska we boarded in good health. By day two lots of people were coughing and sneezing. We both caught it and had to self-quarantine on the worst days. By the end of the cruise probably 80% of the passengers were coughing. We were sick for quite a long time after we got home. I've had what was likely noro in the past but caught it at the grocery store or somewhere like that. Never on a ship (so far).
  7. If you have a balcony cabin that is approved for 4 passengers the beds will drop down out of the ceiling.
  8. Our first ever cruise was a 10 day round trip from SF to Alaska. We sailed on September 7. The weather was great. It was cold in Glacier Bay but that was expected. We had a fantastic cruise that got us totally hooked. Nobody can tell you what the weather will be like for a late season cruise but, in our case, it was great. Nothing was closed in the ports. We took the White Pass Rail excursion in Skagway and a whale watching excursion in Juneau. Great trip and, like I said above, it totally got us hooked on cruising. I initially only went to make my wife happy as I was pretty positive I wouldn't like anything about cruising. When I got off the ship 10 days later I wanted to get right back on.
  9. Point of reference: CP is Sea Princess. Caribbean Princess is CB.
  10. Where are you seeing all of the sea days? The referenced cruise is 7 days and only has one sea day. I am confused...
  11. My wife's comment when I read this to her, "I feel his pain!" She is always disappointed by the lack of good beer when we cruise. The only times we have good beer when cruising is when we're in port. In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria...
  12. Princess will let you "stack" as many sources of OBC as you can come up with. Be sure to get them all!
  13. Yeah, I'm not at all sure they even let you go down those stairs. We sailed Sapphire for 12 days in October and, if there was a active bar down there I'm pretty sure I would have noticed. 😁
  14. Sapphire Princess deck plan on the Princess web site. Go down one more deck and you will see it. My snip is from Deck 6 - directly below your image.
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