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  1. We once spent July 4th in Belgrade, Montana. The fireworks display put on by the local neighbors was amazing and lasted for hours. People were really into it and all kinds of amazing fireworks were available. Where I live you can't even have a freaking sparkler so it was really great to just hang out and watch all the stuff the local neighborhood folks were shooting off.
  2. We're going to have a major celebration for July 4th. We're going to use a certificate I won from a radio station and go to Schubert's for ice cream. It's a local business that's been here since 1938. They make wonderful ice cream. We'll each have a double scoop in a waffle cone. We'll wear our masks to order and then take the cones outside to eat them. We'll have to be quick though as it's going to be 93°F (appx. 34°C) so the ice cream will start to melt pretty quickly. Then we'll go back home. It will be enough celebration for us. I do love fireworks but all types of fireworks are illegal where I live. There will be a public display in a nearby town but no good place to watch it from and not worth the effort. We were visiting our daughter in Montana one 4th of July and were amazed by the awesome fireworks display that was simply what the surrounding neighbors were doing at their own homes. I'd love to have something like that but then the entire state would likely catch fire so it's really not a good idea. Ice cream will have to be enough.
  3. That is how it appears to me. Since they don't know when/if cruising will resume it's only "fair" that they removed the expiration date restriction.
  4. On some of their ships (I had this on Ruby) Princess has installed motion sensitive lights under the desk cupboards on the way to the bathroom. It was convenient as I would just get out of bed and head for the bathroom and the light under the edge of the cupboard came on to light the way.
  5. Don't know about theirs but I finally got my five $50 cards restored. Princess issued me a new $250 e-card that doesn't show an expiration date.
  6. I didn't say I wouldn't wear a mask on a cruise. I said I don't want to cruise if it entails wearing a mask all the time. There is a difference.
  7. We did actually venture out last evening. We decided that a waffle cone with 2 scoops of ice cream each would be a good dinner. Dutifully wore the masks into the venue to buy the ice cream and then at it in the car. We had to eat fairly quickly though as it was still in the 90's and the ice cream was melting. Ahhhhhhhhhh..... Schubert's ice cream. Made locally since 1938. The really cool thing is when we got home I discovered notice from a local radio station that I won a certificate for Schubert's so went out and picked it up this morning. Looks like we'll have to go back again. Darn! Perhaps that will be our big whoop-de-do for July 4th - out for ice cream again. 😎 Our daughter and her husband and our youngest grandchild moved out into their own place the other day after "only" 12 weeks of living with us. It's sooooooo nice and quiet here now. Of course she did just call me and said her computer won't boot and wants me to come check it out. 29 miles. Sheesh. Ah, well. Hopefully it won't be a horrible issue with the computer. I gave her the computer several years ago and she loaned it to someone else for 6 months or so and then it was in storage and has been moved several times. Could be loose RAM. No way to tell what's going on without a site visit. She can't talk on the phone with me while at the computer as she has to go to her front door to get any cell service. D'Oh! They have T-Mobile or Metro or something. I believe it's linked with Sprint. I have Verizon and get a 4g signal in her house. Anything to do with Sprint is terrible along the northern California corridor. (When we were in Utah we had pretty much zip for coverage. When I had nothing I noticed folks with AT&T were yakking on their phones. Of course, I didn't want to yak on the phone. I wanted a data connection. "Maybe" I could have made a call. I never tried.)
  8. Sounds horrible to me. As much as I love to cruise I can't imagine wearing a mask all the time. I don't wear one in my own home. I understand they are important but I freaking hate the things. (I don't go out much.)
  9. One can usually see a stateroom door from the elevator entrance. If the number is even it's Port side. If the number is odd it's Starboard. Once you walk to the correct side you can usually see two cabin numbers. If the numbers are decreasing that way is Forward. If the numbers are decreasing that way is Aft. Not real difficult.
  10. Please take note of the heading for this thread: Princess Cabin Reviews – NO CABIN QUESTIONS POSTED HERE PLEASE! You would be better off posting your request for info in it's own thread as you are more likely to get the right people to view the question. Note: My wife loves your name. She's a quilter and quite active in her guild as well as small groups. 😎
  11. Perhaps this info may be of assistance. I didn't have much luck with the phone number but the email eventually worked for me. Princess Gift Card support agents 1-855-426-0168 giftcardsupport@princesscruises.com
  12. Ahhhhhhh....... Glad it is cooling off. It's about 11:15 PM and it's cooled down to only 91F (32.8C). Going to be another warm night for sleeping I guess. The forecast is for a major cooling trend. In theory it will only get to 97F tomorrow. It will be a welcome break. 😁
  13. Okay... Looked again. Download the TV show theme song here: http://www.televisiontunes.com/Love_Boat_-_Jack_Jones_-_Remastered_(The).html
  14. Ahhh... I let the Talisker, the 24k Gold Margarita, and the Chairman of the Board take care of that. 😜
  15. Since it was stipulated that the download be legal... You can download the song by Jack Jones (the original singer) on Amazon for $0.99 Note: It's not actually the original version from the TV show though. If I wanted the "real" version I'd just snag a program that lets one pull audio from youtube videos. https://www.amazon.com/Love-Boat-Theme/dp/B000QLHPVA
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