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  1. Seven days? Really?? Take the 28 day Hawaii/South Pacific cruise. 18 of those 28 days are sea days. Somehow we had no problem filling them. Relax. Go outside and watch the ocean go by. You might be amazed at what crosses your view.
  2. Ours arrived today. I guess its no longer called the Cruise Atlas. Different name but same thing. Made my wife happy. We won't be Elite until October 31 (end of our next cruise). We have gotten it every year since turning Platinum. Before that I just ordered the print copy online.
  3. Dinibng rooms, Piazza, theater... Lots of suits and the occasional tux. Buffet and Lido deck... Not much in the way of folks dressed up. Not much reason to dress for that part of the ship. I once sank down on a lounger to watch MUTS while wearing a suit. Some clod had soaked the cushion and it hadn't been changed by staff. (They are supposed to take care of that in the evening for MUTS.) Never again. If I want to watch MUTS I'll go change my clothes.
  4. Hawaii and Mexico on Star. Panama Canal (twice) on Coral. 14 day Circle Caribbean on Caribbean Princess. 28 day Hawaii/South Pacific on Emerald. California coastal on Crown. Hawaii on Grand. Definitely all warm weather cruises. We always go to the conservatory to relax and read. Never seen the roof open. Perhaps we are just "lucky".
  5. I've never seen the roof open when we've been on ships with the Conservatory. I know they can be opened but I've never seen it done.
  6. It really depends on the length of the message and the detail involved. I have written to them twice (both time with good things rather than complaints) and have put a brief description in the body and details in a Word doc. They had zero issues with accepting the attachment. I received follow up calls both times and they said they were forwarding my comments to the employees and their supervisors. I simply had too much information and detail to try to stick it all in the body of the message as super long and detailed email gets skimmed or skipped altogether. Obviously any attachment should receive a quick scan before opening.
  7. If you had ever seen me dance you wouldn't think there was anything "fun" about it. Sigh...
  8. Current trivia: Almost over now though. We just went through (are almost finished with) Palindrome "week". From 9/10/19 through 9/19/19 the date (in the US obviously) reads the same forward as backwards. Useless information and, as I said, only counts in the US where we do our dates different from everybody else. (We are, of course correct and everybody else is wrong!) I love palindromes. They are spelled the same forwards as they are backwards. Racecar is the simplest one I know. There is a northern California town by the name of Yreka which has the "Yreka Bakery" - another nice palindrome. How about "Madam, in Eden, I'm Adam". I love "ten animals I slam in a net" (weird, I know) and "Straw? No. Too stupid a fad. I put soot on warts". Then there are the "combo" palindromes. "A slut nixes sex in Tulsa" can combine with "Live, warm, raw evil" to make "A slut nixes live warm, raw, evil sex in Tulsa". Pretty cool combo which is still spelled exactly the same in reverse. There are some very long and complicated palindromes but, of course, they don't readily come to (my) mind. There. You have now acquired more absolutely useless knowledge. Or not... On our last cruise we were asked, "What US President is on the $100 bill?" The answer, of course, is NONE. Ben Franklin is on the bill but was never president. I gave the crew member one he didn't know which was, "What Roman Numeral was used to represent Super Bowl 50?" The Roman Numeral would be "L" but it wasn't used. Instead, they used the actual number "50". He gave my wife a full set of the "fabulous" Princess coasters as a reward for a question he could use. (She had won ONE coaster for something else and we had joked with him that "drinking alone" was the only use for a single coaster.) Now we have a set of 6 coasters that are - sooooooooooooooooo - very fabulous.
  9. We fly out for London on the 17th and board Sapphire Princess on the 19th. This thread is killing me!!!
  10. One night my wife checked the Patter and saw Jazz at Adagio. There was a small jazz combo from the ship's musicians. We went to check it out. There were maybe 15 (at the most) passengers and the music was excellent. The musicians seemed surprised to even get that many people and were most generous in their appreciation. It was freaking great! Most of the time there is nobody there as the bar doesn't serve until around 5:00 PM or so. Great place to read or do other quiet activities. There is a door out the back that goes to an outdoor deck area shared with Sabatini's. I think maybe 2% of the passengers even know about that area.
  11. I would forward my concerns via email to: customerrelations@princesscruises.com Attach a note, Word file, whatever, detailing your issue and your disappointment. Be polite. Include your contact information - including phone number.
  12. They are likely to give you a call to ask you about your issue. That's a very good reason to be polite and reasonable in your note rather than ranting. Rants get one nowhere while calm and reasoned statements tend to get a phone call from a concerned rep. Best of luck. We're traveling on a Northern Lights cruise next month and I would be horribly disappointed if we didn't get a timely notice of the appearance of the lights.
  13. Don't forget to visit Adagio. Nice and quiet there.
  14. Send detailed - and polite - email to: customerrelations@princesscruises.com Include your contact information including telephone.
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