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  1. Saw this odd sight just outside the Panama Canal Zumwalt-Class Stealth Destroyer In the Panama Canal
  2. You quoted the post I revised so as not to get flamed but didn't flame me. Thanks for that. I decided it might be pot stirring so I deleted the content. Glad you were able to actually get through and see it wasn't actually a nasty gram. Perhaps there are a bazillion people trying to get to the site and it's heavily impacted. HOWEVER: Just so folks know... There is nothing very exciting or earth shaking on the site...
  3. Flights dropped again today. Likely folks are dropping the cruise. It's only another $91 saving but it's easy to rebook so why not. None of my cruises have gone down though and a couple have gone up.
  4. Ocean.com was the address of the old Princess Cruises Ocean Medallion web site. I have an old bookmark to that site.
  5. Because the port in Apia was still being worked on we skipped that port. The cruise changed and we missed crossing the dateline. The port had been under construction/repairs for a couple of years and Princess most likely knew we wouldn't be going there but, typical for Princess, that didn't stop them from listing it in the itinerary.
  6. I'm amazed at how many people kiss that dang fish. What a way to pass along Noro and now C-19! Nope, nope, nope. Not gonna happen. We got certificates for crossing the Equator and then for crossing the Arctic Circle. We still haven't crossed the International Dateline. If we actually do cruise this winter we'll cross it both ways but in a plane so it won't be nearly as "special" as it would be on a cruise. November is still a long way off but I can't count on things being anywhere near the "normal" we had before.
  7. Our middle child (second son) is a Sergeant for the California Highway Patrol and gets lots of state updates on virus stuff. He was freaking out about us going down to Lompoc on a 3 day trip to move our daughter up here. He was pretty adamant that we really shouldn't be doing that and how our daughter and her husband should be able to handle things themselves. My wife called and talked with our daughter and it's been agreed that they will move themselves. We arranged for a U-Haul and a storage unit (U-Haul offered one month free with the trailer rental) so they will be doing the move on their own. They will still be moving in with us for a while but it will hopefully not be for long. Pinnacles National Park hasn't closed yet. It isn't like a lot of the other parks and doesn't attract a bazillion people. One entrance is closed and it is the one where the climbers tend to go into the park. The campground is at another entrance. So far they say they are staying open for camping so maybe we can get away for a bit to ease the household situation. There's also a fairly local primitive campground we like to go to but it's too early in the year. It's still snowing there. I've spent the last few days organizing and throwing stuff out or packing it to donate. Have to make some order and some room if we are going to have other here with us. It's amazing how much "stuff" one gathers. I think child proofing is going to be a bit difficult but we're "working on it". They pick up the trailer on the Saturday the 4th so I imagine they will be here on Sunday. The trailer has to be turned in here on Tuesday morning. At least I don't have much hair left to pull out!
  8. NEWS FLASH!!! Chuck Norris tested positive for corona virus! ...they had to quarantine the virus
  9. That's how I take the situation to be as well. Nobody wants anybody coming in from anywhere.
  10. I check every day for changes in flight pricing. A while back I unlinked my cruises and was able to book round trip rather than two one way flights. That saved me $1,237 so it was well worth doing. I've been checking every day for quite a while and prices have always been more than I am booked for but today I saw they had dropped again. It wasn't a lot but I did get the exact same flights and saved another $190. I was surprised because the last few times I had checked prices were going up rather than staying the same or coming down. I don't know what controls the pricing but it does pay to check frequently. I'd rather have that extra money in my pocket than pay it to the airlines.
  11. New version or old version? They put olives in it once and I sent it back for a complete do-over. Olives ruined it. A twist goes well with the Cointreau.
  12. Yes. eBay often has Princess items for crazy prices. "Only" $8.95 plus $4.00 shipping for the standard blue tote bag. $9.00 plus $3.85 shipping for 10 Princess Logo Pens. 2 of the cheap plastic Princess Coasters - you know, the ones they give out as prizes - for only $8.99 with FREE shipping! GAH!!!
  13. Only the cards from Crooner's had recipes. 52 cards with a recipe on each one. I "think" they may have been sold as Tee Many Martoonis but not sure. If they have them the bartender in Crooner's will know.
  14. From our first cruise. 10 day SF/Alaska round trip on Sea Princess. Our oldest son joined in with my wife to hassle me because she wanted to take a cruise. I finally gave in just so she could get it out of her system. I was positive I would hate everything about cruising. Wow. When I'm wrong I sure can do a good job of it... First formal night prep: Glacier Bay: After a hot drink on the WIDE Promenade: We thought this was an absolutely HUGE ship. Little did we know.
  15. I had planned to find out how it is this November/December but I have serious doubts about the cruise(s) happening. Dang! I'm also a bit bummed because I once purchased 2 decks of cards from Crooner's with a recipe on each one. I know I gave one to our oldest son but thought I had kept the second deck for myself. I was going to finally open it up and check all the recipes but can't find it anywhere. Possibly I gave the second deck to our other son. Sigh... If I ever get to cruise again I'll ask if they still have the decks and get another one for myself. Of course, even if I do get to cruise again, and even if they do have the cards, they may well have revised versions of the recipes.
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