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  1. Thank you all for the quick reply! The 30 days guideline makes sense. The only problem we have is that between my wife and I we take 20 prescription meds per day, some doses are 2 pills at a time, some of them are taken twice a day. We would have to take more than 600 pills (I feel like we’ll look like we’re running a pharmacy). For me alone I take 8 different meds, 3 of them twice a day. That’s 330 pills just for me! And my wife takes more meds than I do. We usually keep our meds in 2 weekly pill sorters each for 2 weeks. We will be arriving in Florida 3 days prior to sailing and staying 3 days after which, of course, adds to our needs. I wonder what is happening with the folks on a quarantined ship with their meds during “normal” times?
  2. My wife and I are both over 55 and take a good number of Rx meds on a daily basis. For past trips of all type (not just cruises) we’ve always taken a few extra days of all our meds, just in case. But with the Corona Virus dominating the news, this time it seems to be different. We are about to embark on an 8 night Caribbean cruise out of Ft. Lauderdale next week (we’re flying to FLL a few days prior to sailing). The cruise line has notified us that they are being quite proactive to avoid infection. However there are no guarantees. We want to try to be prepared in the event that someone on the cruise gets sick and our ship is quarantined for an extended time. We’d like to ovoid going “nuts” overthinking this & possibly upsetting our enjoyment of the cruise. We could just do as always & bring enough for a few extra days. We could bring a 30 day supply of each, though that comes with its own problems. I’d like to hear what others are planning to do.
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