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  1. Only you can decide whether the money is worth it to you but it sounds like you would like to keep what you have. Personally I'd take the extra money and make my way to other areas on the ship to sit out at the times you have mentioned. We've loved having a balcony but when we don't we've found it works almost as well to go to some quiet areas in the morning and evenings to sit out on deck. They obviously are not as convenient as just opening the balcony door, but there are quiet areas before people are up and about, and while they are at dinner or a show.
  2. Yes. Confirmed. The time would be inside the parentheses otherwise
  3. We also like the (paid) thermal suite that have saunas but the ones in there often aren't as hot as dry heat as the more traditional (free) saunas.
  4. It is harder to find sauna/steam info---it usually isn't marked on the deck plans or on the info for the ship (although sometimes the paid thermal suite is marketed by the cruise line). We purchase a refundable rate so that if a ship had a sauna but got rid of it then we have options. As Bob says, it is hard to tell what will happen with future dry docks. Also, web searches are challenging when some have had them in the past but no longer do.... From the other board I mentioned, combined with other research (someone please correct any errors!) Still free steam and sauna as of now, but dry docks are coming for some of these: Adventure of the sea Brilliance of the Seas Explorer of the Seas Freedom of the Seas Grandeur fo the Seas Independence of the Seas Jewel of the Seas Mariner of the Seas Radiance of the Seas Rhapsody of the Seas Vision of the Seas Questionable Voyager of the Seas (dry dock soon) No sauna: Enchantment of the Seas (removed a while back) Navigator of the Seas (only a steam for those who booked treatments) Splendor (only a complimentary steam) We are wiling to pay for the sauna so I'm most interested in which boat have no sauna at all.
  5. I was researching this last night and there is a separate general cc forum that talks about men’s sauna and steam. It matched what Bob said that navigator is the only one people know of so far where it had been free but has been removed. See the August 1st post on men’s spa facilities. It lists which are free and which are for pay. I wish royal had a place we could check for this.
  6. Berry Island is under a hurricane warning like the areas north of it.
  7. SilentChill---I know you are frustrated, but even if the storm turns and tracks towards the Carolinas, the storm surge may be really bad all along from Florida on upwards---as I see in the messaging from the national hurricane center, for instance. >>Port Canaveral has closed the port for no reason
  8. SilentChill--it is all going to depend on the storm surge and exact track. My forecaster is watching carefully what happens over the Bahamas to have a better sense, but says the storm surge is going to be bad (somewhere along the east coast) no matter the track.
  9. To follow up, if we want to book a refundable rate is there any advantage? Or are these only for non refundable deposits?
  10. Thanks for the update---that is helpful to know about.
  11. I've read about a lot of possibilities---any firsthand accounts? Coco beach Delfins Beach Divi Plaza Resort Spice Beach Club
  12. In terms of the water quality, you can see articles and reports on sites like planning.gov.tt and ima.gov.tt that caution about sewage, based on a 2016 Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) in Trinidad and Tobago report. For example: IMA’s studies have revealed that at our beaches, nearshore water at certain sections of the beachfront is sometimes contaminated with sewage. A source of sewage contamination for beaches is discharge of polluted water from rivers and drains to the beachfront. Some sources of pollution flowing into rivers and drains include poor quality effluent discharged from malfunctioning sewage treatment plants, seepage of sewage from septic tanks and from pit latrines at unplanned settlements, and run off from livestock rearing operations. The IMA has two simple tips for you beachgoers to avoid contracting illness from poor water quality. Avoid bathing in the vicinity of where rivers or drains discharge into the beachfront. It is also not advisable to swim immediately after rainfall events when surface run off, storm water flow and increased riverine flow into the nearshore waters of some beaches, as it often results in a decline of bathing water quality. Remember, a visit to the beach should be about fun, healing and relaxation, not illness!
  13. We were in Trinidad on the Caribbean Princess the day after the couple from the MSC cruise got robbed and the woman slashed at Queen's Park Savannah but only heard about that from other cruisers. There were absolutely no warnings from Princess nor the person at the first tent on the dock who had a microphone. That speaker, who I think was from a tourist bureau in Trinidad rather than with Princess, was in fact advertising Queen's Park Savannah among other things to see on the island (you could hear him from our balcony on the ship!). The US State Department and Canada also warns about Queen's Park Savannah and other areas of Trinidad. Be informed and stay safe. The couple had to stay in Trinidad to recover before they flew home I have read. We enjoyed the secured port area looking at the shops there and the view from the ship. Others took ship excursions.
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