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  1. Interesting idea. How do you book a fictitious person when you need to put in a passport or similar for them?
  2. Not on Explorer but on other ships. We did hear some noise from exercise classes one time and from them moving around equipment another. If you want to be sure of quiet, the fitness center isn't generally a great idea.
  3. The length of time and distance made it worth it to select the excursion from the ship when we did. We took the one with snorkeling and loved it: Pitons Cruise & Snorkel (also 4 hours) Cruise the rugged west coast of St. Lucia to its iconic geological landmarks, the Pitons. Thrill to the up-close sight of the two towering volcanic peaks that rise dramatically from the depths of the Caribbean. The crew anchors in a sheltered bay for snorkeling in calm, clear waters filled with colorful tropical fish and coral, and it's a short swim to reach a quiet beach.
  4. On our Explorer of the Seas Cruise on Dec 13-22 a group of Doctor Who fans and celebrity guests were on board. We weren't a part of that group, but ran into some of them on the boat.
  5. we really liked te amo beach for snorkeling.
  6. It has the new policy about carry on here: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/food-drink-onboard-policy
  7. RCLcruiser2012, being on an internal or external railing is not allowed on the boat. So quite similar, actually.
  8. Also, I don't know how many people realize that using that other site it not a good idea as it lets people know when you will be on vacation. Much more privacy here.
  9. The roll call used to be there right when I went in on the app. Now I find it hard to get to the roll call unless I sign up for notifications. I still go to it, but I definitely miss the ease of the app.
  10. If I'm reading it correctly, this doesn't say access to the equivalent of the thermal suite like the Carnival and Celebrity rooms include?
  11. Thanks for the helpful info as we will be on explorer in December. I like mint so glad to know I can find it.
  12. Only you can decide whether the money is worth it to you but it sounds like you would like to keep what you have. Personally I'd take the extra money and make my way to other areas on the ship to sit out at the times you have mentioned. We've loved having a balcony but when we don't we've found it works almost as well to go to some quiet areas in the morning and evenings to sit out on deck. They obviously are not as convenient as just opening the balcony door, but there are quiet areas before people are up and about, and while they are at dinner or a show.
  13. Yes. Confirmed. The time would be inside the parentheses otherwise
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