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  1. Sailing Feb.29th , not available? Yet? Will keep watching.
  2. 2 adults, looking at the new resort offering in Bay of Banderas.
  3. Cabo- whale watching Maz - self guided Port- ?? Feb 29 on Panorama
  4. 100 today, first time Carnival, Beautiful new vessel Panorama.
  5. Funny story, my wife, and I are in the same place but reverse. Celebrity only for our past cruises, giving Carnival a try, Panorama end of February. Ports of call, and a new Ship. You will enjoy the X line.
  6. Thanks for info, snooze ya looze, any thoughts on wait list?
  7. What is the latest Carnival will let you stay on board, I recognize they’re trying to flip the ship, just wondering? Panorama arrives at 9:00
  8. I am interested in this offering as well, but not sure why it doesn’t show it available when I’m on my manage my cruise section, Panorama in late Feb?
  9. Was hoping to book this venue on our February Panorama cruise, tried to on my booking site, not available. Is this typical for it to sold out this early?
  10. Very interested in finding out results
  11. West coast Departure, 😀thanks for the thread
  12. Good day CC family, tried searching forum, probably not doing something properly, but here’s my question. Looking for any tidbits from actual users, on the Carnival Service that provides transportation from Long Beach pier to LAX. Our flight is an international one departing at 1:15 PM so we just make the criteria for this service. The Panorama arrival is 9:00 AM There were only 3 reviews on Carnival’s web site, no date stamps ? Thanks in advance
  13. Booked Havana HI Feb 29 2010, Panorama. I noticed a number of Coffees on the menu, was wondering based on Horizon or Vista cruisers what time does the bar open. We’re on deck 6 Aft, and looking for the closest location to grab AM coffee, so a quick run out the door, down stairwell..... Boom.
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