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  1. Just looked at Norwegian air for your dates, round trip in economy with a carry on one check bag and seat assignment for 540.40 per person non-stop.
  2. We booked the rooms on a website were you don't know the name of the hotel till after you buy. There is no refund or are you able to cancel, we talked to the support people at the website and they were very nice and called both hotels and ask if they would refund any of the money, both hotels said no and that the rooms could not be canceled. I also waited a week and e-mailed both hotels my self asking for a e-mail saying the rooms were canceled so I could get a refund from the cruise line, both told me they could not do that as the rooms can not be cancelled . Carnival will not refund me anything unless we can show that the rooms were canceled. After weeks of back and forth and many e-mails I just gave up.
  3. When we rebooked to the Legend I asked about the $50.00 obc from the Mardi Gras and they told us they couldn't transfer it. Also I had to rebook my airfare, Carnival is mailing me a check for the 300.00 change fee. We did lose over $200 on Hotels that Carnival will not reimburse us for.
  4. We switched ours to the Legend sailing from Barcelona, got a good deal but really wanted to be on the first cruise of a new ship.
  5. The first sailing out of PC on Nov. 14 sold out fast today on carnivals website.. We thought about it for a while but was gone before we could book it..
  6. We also have airfare and hotels booked, checked on carnival and our booking is gone.. Hope to hear from them soon.
  7. So have been looking at Shore excursions and booked a couple. Anybody have any plans for Rotterdam ? Thinking of going to Amsterdam for the day. Anybody else thinking of doing this ?
  8. WE are interested. PLease email me. kbanderas1959@yahoo.com
  9. We are staying at an Airbnb in Copenhagen from Friday until Monday. Steve booked his air through Lufthansa. I haven't booked mine yet. I should have a couple trips coming up for work and may be able to fly on miles. Fingers crossed. Was cool to see that there will be a food festival going on while we are there.
  10. Same here. If you need people to fill a tour my husband and myself would love to join you. We did private tours with other CC folks on a med cruise and it worked out great.
  11. He is a beauty as well. I had a too slow racehorse for a while as well. Unfortunately for me she was beautiful but typical crazy thoroughbred. She hurt me one too many times. She ended up as a team penning horse for a man who loved her.
  12. We booked an Airbnb with 3 rooms and 260 square feet and 5 stars reviews for three nights just outside of downtown, just over 100.00 US per night with all fees, have to late August to cancel. Been looking at hotels for a while and found them on the high side. Been tracking airfare but will have to wait till we know where we will be before we can book.
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