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  1. I know what you mean, it’s hard—-A while back when new thought things would get better I booked tickets that were refundable— Thai Airways had problems and is holding all funds from all tickets. I purchased part within Chase points and cash….I wouldn’t have gotten a credit from Chase but because I used their travel department-Chase said that was a 3rd party so sorry no refund. Yes then travel Agency’s was called Chase Travel Services. I’ll never use Chase Travel Services again, only transfer miles to an airline program. Good luck!
  2. Don’t forget what program they use today may not be the right one next week, next month—-just keep informed—-before you cruise. I can’t believe “O” wouldn’t be on top of it and do what’s right during this period.
  3. Everyone has their own preference’s, but for us we enjoy the smaller ship of “O”. You’ll have a great time on the ship.
  4. Agree, I was talking about the Owners Suite. We had a friend have a Vista Suite—it was like a wind tunnel if you opened the front door—when the door to the deck was open.
  5. It’s your butler, he/she can make anything you ask happen..including dinner reservations you want. One thing for us, we don’t liken those little tables for two all in a row—-once we told are butler, always had a nice larger table. Never have to get a number for the tenders, just show your key card at the tender station. Last day on the ship, you can stay inn your suite until you’re ready to get off the ship. Waiting to board the ship, they came to us in the waiting area—got us checked in and escorted us on the ship to are waiting Butler who took us to are suite. Lot’s of little things that make a difference. One more nice thing, when you leave your suite for the first time, in they come and clean your suite asap.
  6. Really depends on what kind of food you want—-For I’d go to the French restaurant or the Steakhouse. And I agree, a table is best.
  7. Like any loyalty program, it should be that way. Same as the airlines and hotel programs.
  8. The Owners Suite, you won’t be sorry. Enjoy, comes with a lot of perks…………..
  9. I called the day before booking opened, My TA does have a back up, however I called direct myself giving “O” the name of my TA and information to follow up. I got the new brochure and liked what I saw—-the fact I didn’t get the suite I wanted (gave them 3 suite categories) isn’t them problem—it’s the follow-up. Even my TA was surprised about the follow up and what she had to do to get the information.
  10. Paulchili, Sorry but maybe I didn’t make my point very clear. Had they called me back and said sorry but we can’t accommodate you in that suite—-I would have said OK, I’ll work with my TA to find me another cruise on “O”, maybe another one of the ships. Instead I call my TA and told her what I wanted. First she called ‘O”, talked to her sales representative for “O”. Found out my name wasn’t on the list and he was surprised I didn’t get a call back. My TA found a cruise I liked and we booked with Silversea. Simple as that. I also got am call from Silversea, thanking me for my booking and if I needed anything just call my TA or him direct.
  11. I agree with you 100%, but it is all about money. I believe in customer service, not that anyone is super special. But companies need to to look at future sales—well I come back to “O”, sure if they have the right cruise I want—will I look at them first—no. That said we’ve booked two cruises on Silversea this time, with us 3 other couples will be cruising within us. I realize it’s not a personal vendetta—just poor customer service.
  12. Sorry I have no idea why it states I “didn’t” , I absolutely “DID” give her all the information needed regarding myself, numbers needed to know how much I cruise and what type of suite we always book. Sorry….
  13. I think if you enjoy a few cocktails, wine and so on, the package works. On the other hand if you only have a drink or two the package isn’t for you.
  14. Every Country has their policies—I know for friends of mine had to have a test before they could come back into the US. Some places opened up to early, same as some states in the US—why because of money—health of citizens doesn’t mean much. Just nan opinion / your are entitled to yours.
  15. Your right, I’m wrong——I forget I got canceled on a cruise that was moved on another line. Sorry!
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