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  1. One of my favourites was the big willy carved in the pavement pointing the way to the brothel.OTOH it could have been a hot dog stand.
  2. I forgot the Saracens,lol.Sicily is even more diversified.All this might be a thing of the past for us.Probably have to sell up and leave with all the complications of residency,losing UK driving licence and taking an Italian driving test to get their licence.Bloody nightmare.
  3. IMO,not better,just different.Pompeii is huge and getting bigger every day with continuous excavation.We have a place called Scolacium up the road.It consists of ruins of a Roman town,similar to Pompeii on a smaller scale.On the same site there are Greek ruins because Calabria was part of Greece back in the day.To top it all there is a Norman Cathedral built in 1065 on the same site.Brian.
  4. Lamp posts in Dagenham,too poor for phones.
  5. He ran back in the churchyard with his tail between his legs.
  6. Don't get it,Sue said there's a Pfizer factory in Sandwich.
  7. Yeah, some nutter in a West Ham bobble hat tried to hijack me.
  8. When I go out for my early morning walks to avoid the covidiots,I see loads of foxes.I had to run out in front of a car the other day to shoo a bloody fox away who was sauntering across the road without a care in the world.Bring on the covidiots I'm thinking now.
  9. There's a few "hot" exceptions,me,you and Ben Shephard.
  10. Even me,one of the great unwashed, could see that something was not right.In the Summer there were loads of breakthroughs with drugs and treatment almost promising that a lot more people would be ill but pull through eventually.The thing is to just hang in there and carry on.
  11. Loads of Essex peeps doing well on the Voice at the moment.
  12. Did my 4 mile walk at 6.30 still not snowing yet.Chiropodists round here are open by the way.
  13. No chance,the vaccine will be stuck at Dover for months.I'll do a deal,if they let me take my bacon,bangers and cheese over I'll take a box.On a serious note,they have put all their eggs in the Pziezer basket,bad move.
  14. Got to have some patience.Poor old Janet can only write and deliver 1 card at a time.😉
  15. Fennel fronds grow wild in Calabria.They use them mainly in pasta.Don't know how easy they are to grow here.
  16. We were a team of 3 and used to rip out and replace boiler,cylinder,7rads,tank and all the pipework in 8 hrs.Every day.Looking back I don't know how the hell we did it,lol.
  17. It's all a bit Victorian to me sis.I was only referring to the willy starch made by Pfizer.What's wrong with that,bro.
  18. Same happened to me when I made a V----a joke.Computer says no.
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