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  1. Without cut backs & changes even to the C&A program the company will go under. Some guests will just have to accept this.
  2. Under MLC if the cruise line does not give written notification of cutting short a crew member's contract i month in advance then they are required to pay 1 month's salary.
  3. The gym will get a complete makeover with new equipment & flooring.
  4. This is part of the reason that the Casino cannot open in CocoCay any more. The ship used to tender, now it docks so the regulations are different.
  5. No pinball machines on any RCCL ships. They offer are a range of arcade video games, prize redemption games & also air hockey.
  6. To open at 7:00 pm the ship will had to go to CocoCay as per local regulations. However sometimes the port agent will get the ship an exemption but it will always be 7:00 pm.
  7. It's not $6 to everyone. Gold gets $2, Platinum gets $4, Emerald above gets $6. The guest must be 18 or older to redeem.
  8. Not even close to that. $6M - $9M on an average size ship including on board revenue & cruise fare. Plus the running costs for a ship are massive.
  9. Who told you that Casino Royale or Club Royale for that matter is separate from Royal Caribbean? That is 100% incorrect. The Casino is in house & has been for decades.
  10. The RCCL offer states it's a limited time offer. Maybe RCCL were pushing this as a special. There is a huge difference stating something is an offer as opposed to heavily discounted. If you majored in criminology & you called someone a criminal based on an offer then I'd say you're not that smart. I'd block you as well.
  11. I've played & managed in plenty of land based Casinos all across the world. Casinos on board ships are run fundamentally different mainly due to the staffing levels. On ships the number of tables are also drastically lower than most land based Casinos giving less options. If you offer $5 tables during the day then try to increase to a higher limit it becomes a massive issue with many players. Just a few players betting $100 a hand far outweigh a full $5 table. So therefore management on board will weigh that up & sometimes will not offer low limit tables as they will generate less profit - table yield. Like I said previously if the ship has a high number of VIP players on board it will effect what table minimums the Casino offers.
  12. A $100 table is set up for that specific cation with high value chips. It is not practical just to turn a $100 minimum table in to a $5 minimum table.
  13. It's called table yield. If a casino has a $10 table instead of a $5 table they have increased their potential profits by 100%. It's absolutely no different than if you go to Vegas when they have a big fight on. All of the Casinos will increase their table minimums.
  14. You can disagree but I know this for a fact. Maybe the Mariner was not $99 but they struggled to make revenue for that class of ship when other on different itineraries were.
  15. It had nothing to do with the H1N1 virus or violence in Mexico. There simply was not the supply & demand for cruises out of San Pedro. I worked on the Viking Serenade & Monarch of the Seas out of San Pedro & the cruises were going for $99. No way is that profitable........
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