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  1. thanks for the reply's . we weren't actually going to walk from there. We would have taken a taxi. I live near Chicago and would have no problem taking a taxi at one of the metra stations at night. So I wasn't sure if that area would be ok. Looks like we will cab it from the airport. thank you
  2. thanks for that information. I did find the link light rail and if we take that to University Street station our hotel is .7 miles away. Do you know if that area is safe at 10:00 p.m at night?
  3. Does anyone know how to get from SeaTac to Downtown late at night. Prefer the cheapest way possible. I saw on the hotels website to use the train but I am so confused. Is there a train right at the airport or do we have to find a way to the train? do you purchase your tickets on the train or before hand thanks!
  4. is there a place to smoke when the SKY is refueling? thanks!
  5. anyone recently on the Sky that smoke. My question is that upon embarkment they normally only allow smoking in the humidor. It doesn't look like the sky has a humidor. Where do they allow you to smoke until the boat leaves port. thanks!
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