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  1. Thanks for the tip, we are excited as well. Unfortunately I don’t, while we spent a lot of time up there I didn’t interact with the bar all that often. Hard Ciders yes, I don’t recall any hard seltzer’s.
  2. Here are some final thoughts I’ve been working on, and thanks for taking the time to read along with our adventure! -MedallionClass. Love it or hate it it’s the way of the future. TBH I loved it. My door opened without fail every time I walked up to it, no fumbling for cards, it just worked. The OceanNow part was hit or miss. It’s pretty cool and I think as the technology matures it will get better. I honestly don’t care if Princess knows where I am, and based on my experience in ordering a drink, they cant track you THAT well. So they generally know about where you are. In the end all that data is just going to make things better. And if it improves what they want to sell me that’s fine, better than the 30,000 pieces of paper I get about the Spa, Casino, and Port Shopping I already get. Plus its really cool when they randomly greet you by name. -Princess has the best buffets (Royal class ships and newer, although I hear the Caribbean Princess’ is pretty good too). Hands down, no questions. The food quality, variety and hours make everyone else look terrible. It’s never closed during the day and you can walk in and get something from 5am-11pm. Most other lines have limited hours during meal times. While I wish for DW they would adopt the food allergen labeling that Celebrity has, they are still number 1. -Entertainment has been outstanding. While I love the comedy lounge on Carnival ships, no one does the quality and variety quite like Princess. Disney is a close second but Princess does such a good job with live music in a variety of locations, combined with their main shows. It was just wonderful. My only recommendation is that I love me a dueling piano, so if they want to throw one of those venues onboard sign me up! -They handle food allergies best. Compared to experiences on Carnival and Celebrity, Princess did the best job with DW’s allergies in both responsiveness and creativity. Kiddos to Princess! -Service was good not great, I think they were ironing out some wrinkles having just come out of wet dock. It wasnt bad, don’t get me wrong, but compared to past sailings everything felt a bit sluggish. -This Cruise reminded us why we love Princess, so we booked an 11 day British Isle cruise for next year. Can’t wait! -MedallionNet (Internet). Internet connection speeds were hit and miss onboard. Here is a breakdown of some speed tests i ran. TBH, not really noticeable if your doing cruise critic, social media kind of stuff etc. Yea sometimes it took a little longer to upload a photo etc, but it was always about the same and that’s to say mediocre. Royal ships have blazing internet, and if this is meant to complete with that good luck, You’ll likely never stream a movie from Netflix on MedallionNet, atleast not with the experience I had onboard.
  3. Still free on the Regal as of today.
  4. Yes you sure will. I just got off the Regal and have Wi-Fi calling. I got all my texts and phone calls. One caveat is that if the internet speed is slow it will be difficult to hear the other person. We had terrible weather in St Maarten and the call was a little broken up due to the poor internet speeds. But your phone will work just like you are at home with Wi-Fi calling (on AT&T atleast, cant speak to other carriers)
  5. Well it’s the day no one every wants to see, the day of disembarkation. Fort Lauderdale was it’s usual quite port. We got up and ready and headed to breakfast in the MDR about 6:45. It was darn near empty. Always love breakfast in the MDR vs the circus in the buffet After breakfast we headed to the room to gather our things. We went to the Vista lounge for the P/E disembarkation lounge and it was also almost empty. Not sure if people don’t pay more attention but I saw plenty of Platinums in other locations around the ship waiting. Oh well more room for us! lol. And let me tell you the other lounges/waiting areas were packed! We had Cream 3 and were called around 8:15, walked right off and grabbed our luggage. Terminal 21 has a Global Entry line and we had our cards so we walked right up to the customs official. To be honest the other line was relatively short and you maybe had a 5 minute wait, maybe. the hardest part of the process was getting a Lyft to the airport. There were so many people in port that cell service was terrible so it was hard for the app to connect, I had 2 drivers cancel on me and it ended up taking longer to get a ride than the entire disembarkation process. I think next time I will just do a taxi to the airport. So keep this in mind when planning your departure. I will post some final thoughts sometime in the next day or so but we had a really wonderful trip.
  6. Glad you were able to catch it. We thought he was very good. Safe travels home!
  7. I don’t but it must have been late in the cruise as it just showed up in the cabin on demand list the last night. I don’t remember seeing it unfortunately.
  8. God we wish we were doing a B2B but work obligations and cost are preventing that from happening. One day! We did just book an 11 day British Isles Cruise, but that is well over a year out and gives us time to save up the money and PTO.
  9. Nothing in the Patter looked all that interesting to us, Voices of the Ocean isn’t really our jam and with DW having eaten some dairy we wanted to head back to the room. Plus the evening was beautiful and who wouldn’t want to enjoy every minute of this view while you still can!
  10. Tonight is the All American Menu. DW ordered the creamy apple soup and a salad. And I ordered the chicken nuggets and the pork terrine. Unfortunately we had our first allergy issue of the cruise. They brought DW the wrong soup. She knew after taking the first bite it was wrong and they brought out the correct one which was very different. Mistakes are bound to happen. They apologized several times. I mean what else can you do at that point right? Just thankful that DWs allergies aren’t severe like others and she will just be a little ill tonight. For dinner DW preordered Pad Thai. I ordered the surf and turf and the Pad Thai. The surf and Turf was good. The Pad Thai was Very disappointing. It lacked flavor and had no spice to it. We love Thai food and this was a big letdown. Here is the dessert menu from tonight. DW got the chefs special which was the chocolate cake and DW said it was as delicious as it was the first night. I got the apple pie and it was good, would have been better if it were warm. And of course the night wouldn’t be complete without the parade of baked Alaska!
  11. At the buffet today we had the wonderful Chocolate Buffet. So many yummy choices.....
  12. It’s a beautiful morning out on the water today. The water looks calm but it’s still very rocky on board. I don’t know if they are having issues with the stabilizers or if the waters are just deceiving. Here is the Patter for today.
  13. After dinner we walked around a bit and debated about going to the show. The boat is still rocking pretty good and calling it an early night sounded very tempting. So we headed to the cabin and enjoyed a bit on the balcony before we called it a night.
  14. Here is tonight’s dinner menu. It’s one of my favorite that Princess does. DW got the Rice Paper wraps and a salad. I got the seafood appetizer as well as the Escargot, my personal favorite as long as there is plenty of Brad to soak up that delicious butter with! For dinner DW ordered pasta and I got the lobster and the shirt ribs. DW said her pasta was good after a little salt and pepper and was in some kind of squash based sauce. My short ribs were delicious and the lobster was perfectly cooked. Here is the dessert menu. DW got a passion fruit cake, she thought the chocolate cake was better, and the mandarin sorbet, I got the chocolate dome and sorbet as well.
  15. We went to the Q&A with the Cruise Director. I always enjoy going to these when they have them as I Learn something new each time. -3 levels of crew onboard. Crew, Staff, and Officers. -Crew and Staff eat in a buffet type setup and their menu rotated every 28 days. -Officers eat in a dining room setup and they can order off the passenger menu. -Staff and Officers can eat in Public areas and crew can with permission from their supervisor. -New waiters generally start in the officer’s mess before serving passengers in the MDR. -Contracts State they will work 13 hour days. -The minimum wage onboard is above the minimum wage of the country you are from. -There are 600 people staying on board for next weeks cruise. -The medical team trains and is able to respond to any location on the ship within 2 minutes of receiving the call.
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