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  1. For those wondering how your daily gratuities break down here you go. FYI they hit your account on Day 6.
  2. welcome to Freeport. Not the nicest port to pull into in the Caribbean. Quick day today. We pulled in and disembarked the first folks around 7:30. All aboard is 1pm. First time here but DW and I decided early on to make this a ship day especially given the short day. we grabbed breakfast in the buffet. Sorry this morning will be light on the photos. Was too busy relaxing and completely forgot. Haha. still had some OBC to burn so we both got massages. DW got the same therapist as yesterday as she really liked her. I had Jennifer today. She was amazing. Probably the best I’ve ever had. I get a massage every cruise we go on, it’s my thing. Some people like to drink, some gamble, give me some hot stones! I would highly recommend her if you’re in the market for a massage and will be on in the next 5 months or so. we grabbed lunch around 12:30. Busiest I’ve seen the buffet all cruise. But still was able to find a table. DW continued with Guys and I grabbed a Buffalo chicken sandwich from the deli. Their deli in the lido is 5 star all day. Great selection and fantastic sandwiches. Harry Potter trivia is coming up. See you all later!
  3. Yup they should be the same rotation. Formal nights on Monday and Friday.
  4. Tonight’s dinner was at David’s steakhouse. Before we get into that here is the menu for the MDR tonight: MDR Night 5.pdf TL;DR: despite several issues would definitely go back. our reservations were for 6, we got there about 5 min early and were seated right away. Got a nice seat right by the window. I’d say the restaurant was already a quarter full when we arrived, maybe a little more. Menu at the bottom. Anne, the steakhouse manager had greeted us and seated us and let DW know that the chef had her soup ready to go. Anne is wonderful, so attentive, personable and on top of everything in that place. Our service throughout the night was inconsistent. My water glass sat empty for the majority of the night, and the team looked slightly overwhelmed. I’m gonna chalk this up to it being the second trip for them and then still working out the Cobb webs. the night started off with an amuse-bouche style special from the chef. It was a hallowed out potato filled with a kind of cheese soup. It was delicious. we placed our order and it took about 35 minutes for the starter to come. The wait for the second starter was much shorter. DW had a spinach salad (it was ok, no bacon pan drippings like the menu said so that was disappointing) with her French onion soup (it was delicious). I had the pork belly (delicious) and shrimp cocktail (it was good, if I had to do it again I would have gotten something else). for entrees DW got the filet, with garlic rapini and a baked potato. Unfortunately despite us asking for them to sauté it in olive oil they brought out steamed rapini with nothing on it. We again asked for them sautée it with garlic and olive oil, they took it back and brought out a new one a few minutes later. They had also forgotten our steak knives so we had to wait a few minutes to get someone’s attention for them to bring it over. DW said everything was great, steak perfectly cooked and full of flavor and the new rapini was just what she wanted. I ordered the Wagyu beef, mushrooms (prepared so DW could have some) and the mashed potatoes with wasabi. I got my meal and tried the steak and it was terrible. I have never had Wagyu beef that didn’t immediately melt in my mouth. This was like shoe leather and had 0 flavor. It was quite literally the worst steak I’ve ever had. I let our server know and the team immediately jumped into action with Anne leading the charge. I asked for a filet with the same sides. She apologized for the issue with the steak and asked no less than 3 times to bring me something while they cooked the filet as it was going to take a bit. I thanked her but declined as I didn’t want to get too full. It didn’t take but 10 minutes and I had a brand new steak and sides. Let me tell you the wait was worth it! Easily the best steak I’ve had on a cruise ship (We have been to the steakhouses on most of the major lines and most are just ok). Probably one of the best I’ve had ever. Perfectly cooked, seasoned just right, tender and melt in your mouth delicious. The sides were good as well. The mashed potatoes were a weird consistency but tasted ok. I wouldn’t get them again. The Mac n cheese looked amazing btw. The mushrooms were very good. on to dessert. DW had mixed berries which she said were good and nice break from the usual fruit plate in the MDR. I got the cheesecake. people let me tell you. This cheesecake is worth the price of admission by itself. It’s a MASSIVE piece but sooooooo good. If you like cheesecake in any way, shape or form you gave to get this. I would pay $40 just for the cheesecake (ok I wouldnt really but you catch my drift!). On a side note a table down from us got the art at your table dessert (I had asked about this but was told I couldn’t get it since it was just me and it’s designed for the entire table to eat) and that looks amazing. I would recommend getting that as well as the dessert looked good and it looked beautiful as they painted and laid out everything right in front of you. So final verdict? Yes we would and will definitely go back. The food was great and when issues arose they resolved all of them. Can’t ask for much more than that. Also, because it’s been asked the $38 charge includes tip. You will see a line on your final bill that says Optional where the gratuities normally are, we left additional tip as they were wonderful despite a few missteps. and with that we bid Bimini a good night. Steakhouse-menu.pdfsteakhouse-wine-menu.pdf
  5. I noticed that as well but no I didnt see. My guess is no but I’ll see if I can find out.
  6. We complained on Day 2 when it was down all day. 30% refund for us which was just fine. It’s worked since then with only some short periods (1-3 hours) where it was down.
  7. We are dining here tonight on the Pride and had the same question. Thanks to @ALWAYS CRUZIN for the link but to make it easier on everyone here you go right from Carnival: Reservation fees are $38 per adult and $12 for kids 11 and under. This includes an entrée, appetizer, salad, side, dessert and a gratuity for your wait staff.
  8. Random facts about HMC that we learned from a gentlemen yesterday that did an excursion/tour of the island: -there are 51 or 53 full time residents (I couldn’t remember which one he said) -they live in very nice looking mobile homes on the other side of the island. -they can do basic medical care on site up to standard broken bones, anything more complex requires a 30 minute helicopter ride to Freeport which costs them $700.
  9. Welcome to Bimini Another lazy morning today. We got up and worked out for a little while before heading to breakfast in the buffet. We timed everything perfect today. This morning it was cloudy and cool with a slight breeze. Perfect for our laps around the track. DW snagged the breakfast potatoes and sausage which were both safe for her to eat. I was stoked they had POG juice, my fav! Who needs Cheers when I can grab this and lemonade?!? We got ready for the day and headed to the spa. We had a bunch of OBC we needed to spend so DW got a massage and I got a shave. I was expecting a hot lather straight edge shave, got a double dose of Gillette instead. Don’t get me wrong the skin treatment and shaving cream they used left me super soft, just wasn’t what I was expecting. By now it’s pouring rain. It lasted about 30ish minutes then subsided leaving a perfectly cool morning. Afterwards we headed down and grabbed the tram. This open air tram circles the Resort World compound where the cruise port is. It’s it’s own little bubble on Bimini. They run continuously, for free all day. You never wait more than 5 min at any stop for the next one. The stops are: 1- Place to rent golf carts, get a taxi into town and 2 excursion starting points. 2- Beach 360 (this is the paid excursion off the ship) 3- Resort World beach and pool 4- Public beach 5- Hilton Hotel and Casino 6- Golf cart stop again. 7- Back to dock we rode it around and I think in total was 15-20 minutes. Nothing is very far. 1) golf carts are $60 for a 4 seater, $90 for a 6 seater for the day. They had plenty of them. A taxi was $5pp to town. 2) beach 360 looked nice but when we pulled up a couple was getting on that said it was terrible. Uncomfortable chairs and the water had about 3 feet before it dropped off like a cliff. Take it wraith a grain of salt but we heard a lot of complaints so far about this throughout the day. 3) Didn’t see or hear much about the resort world stop. 4) the public beach was free as were the chairs and umbrellas. This looked like the place to go. There was a small food and drink trailer that was open for guests to purchase items. 5) Not much to see here at the hotel. But a bunch of people got off for the casino. 7) back at the ship! the waters here are soooo crystal clear! after getting back we lounged around a bit and grabbed lunch. DW grabbed a guys burger and I got a pizza. DW of course said the burger was excellent, my pizza was so so. It’s no Alfredos from Princes. By now the heat and humidity have returned and anything resembling a breeze has left. So we headed down to deck 2 to relax.
  10. Looks like we were coming in slowly this morning because the Scarlett Lady was just leaving. Hi Lucy!! There is a crew member on board, Lucy, that has a YouTube channel called Cruising as Crew. She is delightful to watch and really informative on becoming a crew member and what it’s like being a crew member.
  11. this was definitely a hard close, I haven’t seen that in the activities either this trip.
  12. It’s a beautiful morning, slight breeze and we seem to be crawling into port. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen us move this slowly. The water is as smooth as glass. PS, that’s the moon in the upper right part of the photo.
  13. MDR menu below. Tonight was appetizer heavy for me, too many good sounding options. DW was rocking her salad and I went with the mozzarella sticks (kinda sad, not crispy but had good flavor), the meatballs (they were good, but I was expecting one large meatball), Ox Tongue (my first time having tongue, it was good it was tender but the consistency reminded me more of patte), and the mango soup (very Ginger forward so if you don’t like ginger you may want to pass, I thought it was delicious). DW and I both got the beef tenderloin. She said hers was cooked perfectly and with a little A1 sauce it was great. Mine was excellent, the sauce they served with it was delicious. The chef had prepared DW a special dessert for tonight. I forgot to grab a picture, sorry, but it was delicious and best described as a pana cotta. It’s too bad that it took them making a mistake for them to provide some variety, but also on us for not asking if they could. DW is one that doesn’t like to make a fuss but I try and tell her it’s not making a fuss and these people are literally here for this kind of stuff and you just have to ask. They will do it if they can and if they can’t atleast you asked. So In that spirit we headed to David’s as we are having dinner there tomorrow night. She asked if she could do French onion soup and they said they could make that for her and she was super excited. MDR Night 4.pdf
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