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  1. That’s great! Hope they have it on the Summit. I have some OBC to burn. Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. We haven’t been on X before, is this actual Sushi or is it 10 variations on a California roll? NCL has been the only line i have been on to offer actual sushi (Princess did in limited fashion) vs everyone else that serves artificial crab meat with rice a seaweed and portraying that as sushi. Thanks! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. We sail in her in November on our very first X cruise so I am excited to hear about your trip! Bon Voyage! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. I’m sorry this is still not correct. All of the USB chargers on the market deliver consistent amps to each port no matter how many devices are plugged in, period.
  5. This is incorrect. I am not sure why you think a USB hub would act any differently than your power strip, they are drawing power from the exact same source. To the point, most USB hubs will state what the output is on each individual port. Yes, many of them have 1.5 amp ports, but a majority have smart ports that regulate the output based on what is plugged in. I know for a fact that if I plug 4 devices into my USB at a time it doesn’t drop everything down to .5 amps, things would never charge. ETA: With many of the newer ones, especially the USB C hubs, you have to be careful as they are starting to come with surge protection. With the older USB A hubs it was as prevelant.
  6. DW and I will be taking our first X cruise on the Summit in November. We are really excited she is getting a refresh.
  7. Subscribed topics do not show properly, I still have to login every day, only displays the first page of posts and then you get the spinning wheel. I think I’m going to start the #RollBackTheUpdate. If I hadn’t invested over 7 years into this site I would definitely bail and move on. I mean most forums allow you the option when you go to the thread to skip to unread posts, unless Ive missed it I don’t even see that option.
  8. Exact same issues for me as well. Very frustrating. I hope cruise critic thinks these upgrades through a little more next time. The issues have been numerous and long lasting.
  9. Well here’s to hoping for better guests on the next one! Glad to hear it was an isolated incident, hopefully. We loved the Cabana, and will definitely try and get one the next go around as well. Glad you guys had such a great cruise. I wish I had stopped by the piano bar, it was on my to-do list, but I never got over there.
  10. Thanks, gave it a try and still the same issue. I’m sure it will start working one of these days!
  11. Yea me too, I’m hoping this update that I supposed to drop soon will resolve the issue.
  12. Saw that and just tried it, I get the invalid password issue and have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, changing pw, all with no joy
  13. I just finished a Live From I did this past week and here is what I posted there, Ill post it here as well so hopefully they will take notice. I love doing Live Froms, mostly for myself as I will use them as reminders as to what we did, what we liked etc. My memory is terrible, lol, so they really are great to refer back to and relive the experience. This is the first live from I have done without the tapatalk app and it was a horrible experience. The forum is almost unusable if not on a fast network connection. For example: I had to repeatedly log back in each time the web page loaded. Every time I went to add a post I had to refresh the whole page and wait forever for everything to load including all the previous pictures. Then I had to scroll somewhere near the bottom, but not quite the bottom, to find the box to put my text in and photos to upload. The experience is so bad I don’t think I will do another live from until they bring support back for an app. I never had any of these issues when using tapatalk. I don’t care what solution they implement, and I understand it was an issue with the board’s software upgrade not working with tapatalk, but they have to do something as this is just a terrible user experience.
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