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  1. You mean the location on TUI? The Spa Cafe on X offers great views. That´s the one on Edge... hard to resist 🙂
  2. It sound like the Spa Cafe with the custom made smoothies is similar... But I have no comparison, since I have never been on a TUI ship. On Celebrity some use it, most don´t. The main factor holding people back seems to be that the smoothies are extra and not even included (any more) in the premium packages.
  3. I have to disagree with in that point. That´s not quite what happened with TUI and AIDA - despite them having time to plan. Their problem was to get enough crew in time to start the voyages. Because of that sailings had to be postponed even after being advertised for many weeks. When crew got to Germany on short notice, some were tested positive before boarding although they had been tested negative before flying to Germany (tricky little sucker that COVID-19). So some sailings (TUI MS1) had to be postponed again. AIDA (not TUI) had infections on board due to the same problem and until now did not sail at all.
  4. She did! Even three of her tours I think... at least two. One time she left Edge the day before we boarded. That was end of September last year.
  5. OMG! If you think you flattened the curve you are holding the chart upside down!
  6. One can debate about the term warm or cold or "colder" ... layup as long as they want. Fact is the ships are not going anywhere soon and they know. But does this still actually come as a surprise to anyone?
  7. Celebrity Edge had a bit over 100 crew on board in the past weeks. They themselves called it warm layup. Whichever term you prefer, fact is that with a further reduced crew a restart will take even longer. They know they are no going anywhere soon. So for everyone still keeping their hope up for an October, November... cruise (maybe not you) - that doesn´t look so good. As if the signs had not been obvious enough 🙂
  8. I guess that depends on where the cruise might be. A cruise from the US... yeah, I would have my doubts. We have one booked for Asia in April 2021. I am not completely losing hope for that one.
  9. Warm is what they did up until now. Now they are going "colder" to save cost. Only they know if they do something in between warm and cold...
  10. Yes! First we are a few months further ahead and we know more than we did that time. Second before sailing, the countries have to agree to policies how to handle such cases. That’s another requirement before sailings can start.
  11. Yep, but Edge cruises are also not officially cancelled 😉 Regardless the signs are clear... Do you expect any American cruise line to start cruising in Europe as planned any time soon? With a majority of Americans? I don´t think so. Plus, if any cruises are to start again, they won´t start with itineraries planned before. Look at TUI, which already did some sailings. They had nothing to with the planned sailings. Everthing will be reset and started from scratch for a long while....
  12. FYI: MSC was planning to start cruises again. However, they have not received permission from Italian authorities yet. The ships are registered in Italy, so they can´t sail without the permission. Same goes for AIDA, which is a German branch of Carnival. Aida ships also planned to sail in August and had to cancel the cruises because their ships are also registered in Italy and did not receive permission. TUI cruises on the other hand have their ships registered in Malta. They were able to sail in July.
  13. Captain Kate posted a message on Instagram. She reported that all but 77 crew are leaving Edge. This means they are transitioning to cold layup to save cost. Smart move, but it can take weeks for a ship to return to service from cold layup. So they know they won´t start any time soon 😞
  14. 🙂 I am well aware that the product is very similar to Celebrity in terms of ships and quality. I always said that if I was ever to be found on a German cruise ship, it would be TUI. However, under regular circumstances you wouldn´t find me on a German ship. Now... well, we´ll see. At least distancing would come automatic for us LOL. At the moment we have other plans and will spend a few days at the Largo di Garda. But since our September Holy Land cruise is not happening (as was to be expected), we are still looking into alternatives. If TUI still offer these cruises then - maybe. Yeah... the good old hotels of Motel Row - Pan Am, Suez, Bel Aire... Sunny Isles has changed into an impersonal collection of monstrosities 😞 My second home for over 40 years is still the Thunderbird. As run down as it is, it´s still my refuge and santuary. My personal memory lane. It hurts my heart and soul to know it has like two more years or so. Plans to build a 794 ft tower on the spot have been approved last year. My only hope is that Corona has brought one little positive thing. With the crash of the economy the Thunderbird might live for a year or two more. We canceled our flights for December a few days ago. As homesick as I might be, it makes no sense at all to leave the relative safety of Germany to spend time in Miami. Anyway... thanks a lot for your report! I hope I did not hijack it too much by providing some input and background. I tried to hold back as much as I could because I know how it feels like when others answer questions directed at me. Safe travels on all of life`s journeys!
  15. Tragic - plus unacceptable because Hurtigruten obviously neglected some regulations. However, different circumstance and, compared to the TUI cruise Germancruiser reported from, apples and oranges ... 100 people on a small expedition ship hardly allows for the same distancing as 1000 on a large 3000 passenger vessel offering more distancing spacious areas etc. While I could have been tempted to sail on a cruise like Germancruiser, I was very skeptical about the Hurtigruten cruises myself.
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