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  1. You will be given the choice of a 100 % refund or 125 % FCC. If you choose the 125% FCC you can still change your mind until a certain date or before the FCC is applied to a booking. If you choose the refund don’t expect that to be a swift affair. It can take months.
  2. Not much to wonder or speculate about... This is how the cruiselines already sailing have done it for months. Either rapid test upon embarkation (MSC) or PCR test not older than 72 hours (TUI) etc. The guidelines for leaving the ship are also the same - touring with the cruise line only.
  3. Not on Edge/Apex... Plus, the 4 dining room concept (menu/size etc.) is completely different from other ships. As mentioned above we didn’t miss Blu at all on Edge - despite being huge fans of Aqua and Blu on any other ship.
  4. Of course you can try the MDRs! For us Edge was actually one ship where we were glad not go have booked AQ as we usually do - because we liked the MDRs so much. Normandy was our favorite.
  5. There are rumors about two ships moving to Pullmantur if they should be revived... most likely Constellation and/or Infinity. I don’t think that‘s impossible. I don’t see three though. The itineraries are not an indication anyway.
  6. That’s the problem on Reflection. More AQ staterooms but not a larger Blu. Reflection was about the only ship on which we had to count in waiting times. And it did feel more rushed than on other ships like Silhouette. It is a conundrum, however... making Blu larger meant losing more of the small dining room appeal - which is the main reason for us and many others to book Aqua.
  7. When the first cruises started in Europe under very similar rules, b2bs were not allowed. Plus they started with 3 and 4 nights only. After the first two months or so longer cruises became available and b2bs were allowed. I am pretty sure we’ll see the same development with American cruise lines.
  8. 100 % agree! IMHO Concierge is not worth any extra money - especially on S class. Some book it for the extra loyalty points. We much prefer Aqua because of its own smaller dining room "Blu". But I would not book it for the diffrence in price you mentioned later on. Regarding Beverage Package... we have always been fine with the classic package - the one now included. If there´s that one rare special drink we would like and it´s not included, we just pay the difference. So my recommendation would be to not worry about it now. Wait till you go on b
  9. Silhouette was my favorite ship before we sailed on Edge. Now we love both equally. Don’t worry about a younger crowd on Apex. There is no difference - at least not on European cruises. Actually we found the guests on Edge a bit more sophisticated and wondered if it was because of the relatively high prices. Usually we book Aqua or suites for the quieter dining room. More often Aqua because we don’t care for a larger room or the other amenities too much. On Edge, however, we enjoyed the 4 dining room concept so much that we book a regular stateroom.
  10. I know! Was just asking! 😉 Because there are still people in different groups who think they get 20, 30... CC points 😂
  11. just because you mentioned 50 PUPS... you know they will only show as 5 CC points, right?!
  12. There´s a bit of both involved. Celebrity offered less and less 14 day cruises after LLP announced the desire to attract a younger clientele quite some time ago. Their logic was that younger people still work and can´t take that many days off. Instead many previously longer cruises became 11 or 12 day cruise. The current change to 7 day cruises, however, is due to the CDC restrictions. BTW: the same was true when the first cruises sailed in Europe again. Initially it was only 3/4 days, then 7 days (no b2b allowed in both cases). After a while b2b were allowed and some 1
  13. I accept your decision! I would choose where to cruise - currently not from the US/Caribbean! However, the mentioned worries are NOT really a problem and no stress. This has been proven on many cruises under the same guidelines by MSC, TUI etc. TUI sailed with a total of over 40,000 passengers before they were forced to reduce their offer to the Canary Islands only again due to Germany´s lockdown and Greece´s lockdown. And they still offer cruises there. Plus a 35 day cruise to the Caribbean and back - incl. 9 days on an island. Rumors say it might be Coco Cay. MSC is still
  14. One 2 night trial run in Singapore was with staff and family only - not volunteers as in the search for the US. Now, since 12/1, Quantum sails with paying guest - 27 % capacity. The 200.000 who signed up are for US only.
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