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  1. Barbieri is more boutique and lh Royal Suites are more run in a guesthouse style. Meaning at lh you get your own key to the building etc. - which makes you feel like a local. If there’s a big difference I would choose the lh. It’s great! If you are noise sensitive at night, request a room to the back. There is a tram on the piazza in front of the hotel. Didn’t bother us though. If I have time later, I’ll post some photos.
  2. As mentioned in recommendations by others, stay in Rome! We are in Rome frequently and love a central location. We can recommend lh Suites Hotel www.lhroyalsuites.it and Hotel dei Barbieri www.hoteldeibarbieri.com for their unbeatable location. You can reach all the interesting sites on foot and Trastevere for dinner is just around the corner - so is Campo dei Fiori. Both hotels arrange a pick up from the airport and transfer to Civitavecchia. Otherwise we can highly recommend Bob´s Limos www.romelimousines.com.
  3. If they are all confined to their staterooms how come different international news channels show videos of the ship anchored in Yokohama harbor where you can see people (passengers) walking around on the decks?
  4. We are on that cruise and we are looking forward to the new ports. Managed to book new flights to get back home. The offered reimbursement of $500 will almost cover the flights.
  5. Why should they! The passenger booked a cruise. The circumstances have changed but still the cruise line has no legal obligation to cancel and yet they give the passenger the choice to cancel, risking they will sail with an empty cabin. The least they can do is to make sure the passenger fills another cabin some day and maybe creates some onboard revenue - even if the stateroom is already paid for. Add it up... the cruise line is still at risk to lose one payment. FCC is good for two years.
  6. FCC is good for two years. It can be applied to any cruise with the exception of Edge and Galapagos unless specifically issued for those cruises. When we received certificates we received two certificates, one for each passenger. So we could have applied them to two cruises had they been lower priced.
  7. My 50 cents on the cost debate... FYI: we are on the 02/29 sailing and have been notified of a massive itinerary change taking us to Tokyo instead of Hong Kong. Overnight in Bangkok is gone. And yet, we choose to stay on board and we will enjoy our cruise. I spent the day rearranging our independently booked flights which were non-refundable. Celebrity reacted to something beyond their influence. They also gave everyone involved the choice to go ahead or to cancel. Despite the fact that it’s everyone’s own choice to book flights with them (and be on the safe side) or to take the risk and book independently, they offer $ 500 without any legal or moral obligation to do so. Same goes for tours, transfers etc. We all have and had the chance to book with them or take a risk and book independently. Now Celebrity did what everyone demanded - take us out of harm’s way as far as possible. It doesn’t seem good enough. They can’t just call a harbor master and say: hey, we’ll show up with 2,500 friends tomorrow. Plus the expectation all over the boards seems to be that X has to cover everyone’s full cost. Most people didn’t want to pay extra for the security but expect to be covered regardless...
  8. Negatives!? 🤔 I am not on her is the only one I could think of...
  9. We will be on the Feb 29 cruise. We are currently not on board. However, this question has been asked in many boards and FB groups and people currently on board have described the current situation as mentioned in my answer above.
  10. All tours are happening. Celebrity is handing out masks at the gangway. As always people are asked to wash and sanitize hands often. We‘ll be on Millennium in 4 weeks. Taking precautions but not overly worried.
  11. PS: More on the topic and the correlation to the Corona virus: https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-is-how-far-and-fast-the-coronavirus-has-spread-through-us-stocks-2020-01-21?mod=mw_quote_news
  12. It can hardly be called a nose dive 🙄 I own a large number of the shares for many years and gained over 500% not counting dividends. Contrary to Jim I am a long term investor. Looking at it over the years, the current drop is IMHO nothing to really worry about and not dramatic. Fluctuations always occur around quarterly earnings reports. See Jim‘s post... Sometime the reason is that analysts just can’t be pleased. Other times it’s that investors are selling to take home the profits. FYI the share was around an all time high... As a long term investor you invest in healthy companies so you don’t need to worry about short term volatility.
  13. I use it with day passes. Which I prefer over the monthly fee. So when I need it (on vacation) I pay, if I don´t use it for months, I doesn´t cost me anything. BTW: it is cellular based. So it won´t work far out at sea. However, especially in Japan, cruising around the islands, I was surprised about the coverage.
  14. Sadly this is not limited to cruise ships. You can see people sitting in restaurants not even exchanging a single word but constantly texting. Even if they do it in silence - I think it´s sad. As to minding one´s own business... sure. As long as others are quiet about their business. But please understand that people playing videos at full volume in a dining room or lounge does bother other people. Face timing at full volume and shouting back into the phone does bother people around you. Playing games with the sound turned on is annoying to other people...
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