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  1. I know that’s not what steamboats is saying. You have to read the post in context to #258 where Germancruiser said that all people in Germany who now get infected are careless and negligent = which is nonsense! Yes, masks work, other measures work... However,. one can be careful and still be infected. That’s steamboats’ point as well as mine. This virus is tricky and not all people who get it can be called lax and ignorant.
  2. Travel and cruising are a different topic again... Germancruiser’s statement referred to Germany... not much travel or cruising there 😉😂
  3. Wow, I am surprised about such a generalizing and condescending statement. You are telling everyone who is getting infected in Germany now that it’s his or her own fault... that’s currently 25k people a day. I think the statement itself is ignorant! While there are no doubt too many careless people, ALL the people I know who were infected with Covid are reasonable and responsible people who were and are very careful and aware of the dangers. They either have no idea where they were infected or got it from their kids who carried it home from daycare without being symptomatic etc. et
  4. Not really... if you are interested in how such a tour goes look at the review I posted here when we did such a tour.
  5. It makes or better made sense because when the regulation was implemented late summer 2020 the only cruise line allowed to sail there was TUI Cruises. Their cruises started from Crete and ended in Crete. From the moment passengers (from Germany) boarded a chartered plane until the moment they arrived back home it was a closed bubble. Now it´s seems to be only about liability.
  6. sure, but the same regulations apply to other lines only stopping in Athens. They were invented end of summer last year when only few cruises with Tui Cruises were allowed. They started from Crete and ended in Crete. B2B were not allowed and you had to fly in and out of Crete directly on chartered flights. From the moment you boarded the plane - in Germany - it was one closed bubble.
  7. Nope, the number Fain keeps mentioning - even before Singapore - are indeed the TUI Cruises sailings... or at least the majority of them (around 75,000). And they are neither short nor cruises to nowhere! The 3/4 night cruises to nowhere were the sailings they started with in summer 2020. After a few weeks - in August/September 2020 - they switched to Greece, Canary Islands etc. - up to 14 days with stops and excursions. MSC started much later... So your info is more than just outdated.
  8. 👍 Maybe you had it confused with the Lawn Club Grill. Silhouette and Reflection are the only ships featuring the restaurant instead of the glass show. Personally I much prefer the Grill 🙂 Like I mentioned in a previous answer, we decline the upgrade to an A1 on S class and book one of the A2s under the Persian Garden. No overhang, nice and quiet and a good location for the Spa and gym. We just booked one for another Japan cruise in 2022. Looking forward to it!!!
  9. it‘s only Reflection, so only one ship, and it’s not an extra deck. I always thought so, too. However, it’s not an added deck but just a different layout - staterooms on one more deck. Count the decks on the deck plans, the number is the same.
  10. It’s a requirement by local authorities, not the cruise line. And Greece has had this requirement since cruising started there last summer - they won’t change it anytime soon. FYI: Celebrity don’t have the requirement on their St. Maarten cruises.
  11. On S class the A2s are actually better than the A1s. Which is why we decline the free upgrade and usually choose one of the A2 staterooms forward. The ones under the salon or Persian Garden are nice and quiet.
  12. You will find enough people willing to do exactly that... 😉 Some of them saying and thinking: I am vaccinated so why would I care...
  13. Some hotels offer transfers. Maybe you can share a ride after connecting with people on the RollCall. Japan is the land of trains. Traveling between Tokyo and Yokohama by train is easy and inexpensive. You can take a cab to Yokohama station and then take the train to Tokyo.
  14. Some ports still use their own, sometimes larger tender boats. Despite the fact that the new "launches" are pretty neat. It might very well be that not all of them are a perfect fit for the Magic Carpet tender platform. So exceptions can occur. But it´s definitely not a new general policy.
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