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  1. Although Blu is the assigned restaurant for AQ - and the reason for most to book AQ - you are not limited or obligated to eat in Blu. You can also eat in the MDR. No problem! On some ships you can order MDR menu items in Blu on others you can’t. I can’t remember if S or M class... because I never tried.
  2. We did Fine Cuts and the Rooftop Garden Grill... both were OK but we weren’t wowed for the price. Maybe the reason was that the 4 MDRs on Edge were so enjoyable that the specialty restaurants didn’t really stand out.
  3. yes, all the ships sailing - TUI, MSC... - are sailing at maximum 60 % capacity. When we sailed on Mein Schiff 6 in October, which has a capacity of around 2400 pax, we were 922 passengers.
  4. Not necessarily... only to the traced contacts. MSC and TUI sail under the same agreements with the destination ports and authorities. TUI even has slightly strictly regulations on board. When cases occured (twice lately, 7 in total), the contacts were traced and isolated. To my knowledge the normal procedure is to take them off the ship at the next possible location where they are quarantined or treated. An insurance covering the cost -and even the lost cruise days- is included in the fare. With TUI the cases were detected during the disembarkation procedure/test, so ther
  5. You always have!!!... maybe not $1000/night, but the risk was always there. Once we learn to live with Covid it´s going to be the same risk as if you catch any other infectious disease on board - like the prime example of Noro.
  6. Exactly! It will take months and months before the first cruise will sail again with an itinerary as it was planned. Before that the same will happen what happened with all the lines alredy sailing: Original itineraries/sailings will be canceled - adapted, shortened and capacity reduced sailings will be offered wherever they are possible. One of the cruise headlines in Europe/Germany today: Aida cancel more sailings but extend the offer for the Canary Island cruises.
  7. Well, while I think everyone of us wouldn’t want to experience it, it’s not much different to what’s happened when Noro was suspected, other medical emergencies occurred and so on... in other words, a chance anyone cruising always took.
  8. To add another line sailing even longer to the perspective. TUI Cruises - over 70,000 passengers since summer last year. 7 cases (4 and 3) - isolated, contacts traced, no further infections. It can be done! With the protocols in place and onboard measures like masks, distancing etc.
  9. Richard Fain’s latest video... scroll to 5:25 for a statement about vaccinations.
  10. Geez, don´t get all hyper on this 🙂 The statement is about the sailings from Israel - local rules etc. etc. Also, the statement of Richard Fain in his video was something like: Our guest over 16 will have to be vaccinated... There was no exclusion of under 16 etc. But again... we don´t really know what the conditions for approval of these specific sailings are. And since we can´t sail on them, why would I get upset. In many parts of the world this is a disussion. How to deal with younger people or people who can´t be vaccinated (I am saying "can´t" and not the ones who "don
  11. Months ago, when I predicted that the first cruises to sail will not be the sacred and beloved Caribbean cruises form Florida, I was chastized and cruisified... Reality now... cruises in Europe, Asia, Israel... all first.
  12. Which is why it’s not a major concern and reason to reconsider for us... more like a possibility which might always occur. And we are prepared for that. By insurances for example. Our last trips where trips during the pandemic. A cruise under Covid guidelines and a land trip to Madeira. In both cases we had coverage for quarantine, medical cost etc. In both cases we asked ourselves before the trips if we’d accept the chance to be quarantined or in need of medical treatment at the destinations. But then again, the questions are not new. We asked ourselves the same ques
  13. Both itineraries are very nice. We have done the Jerusalem/Holy Land Cruise and absolutely loooved it. Although I am not religious, our overnight in Jerusalem was an unforgettable experience. It left such fond memories that we booked it again for September this year. Not betting any money on it actually happening 😢 Since Istanbul is also a very fascinating city we had booked an overnight cruise there a few years ago. Well, Istanbul was canceled and replaced by an overnight in Athens. Made the best of it and still had a great cruise. We wrote a travelogue about our Holy
  14. Risking a spread in such a closed environment... possibly because of the quarantined person not obeying the regulations. Better not!
  15. I hear ya! However, as mentioned by others above, this is not new... so if it is a major concern, one needs to rethink traveling or cruising.
  16. If there is a Retreat area on the ship the OP plans to cruise on... not many have been revolutionized yet.
  17. Looking at the development during the crises and the optimistic hope for the light at the end of the tunnel getting closer you might have to wait for the next pandemic or crash for that to happen.
  18. For me Royal Caribbean has always been a conviction buy. Bought a lot (not just the required 100 for OBC) for 25 $. Enjoyed good dividend payments and sometimes the shareholder benefit - which, however, was never my motivation to buy the shares. They were automatically sold with the corona crash last year at around 100 $ Went back in for even more around 30 $. For me it’s a long term investment in a business I can relate to. I am also convinced that the good times will return and RCG will still be one of the profitable players. Since I am not in need to sell anytime
  19. Sure, you can see a lot there or from there... like the Golden Circle We did all th tours in Iceland by rental car - waiting for us at the pier. Very easy! Get some ideas in our review: https://www.travelandcruise.net/travellove_en/Our-Trips/Eclipse-Iceland-1/eclipse-iceland-1.html
  20. All this is already done by cruise lines already cruising... TUI, MSC, Aida, Costa. TUI Cruises Germany was one of the first to start cruises again in Summer 2020. It is a joint venture of RCG and often mentioned as an example by Richard Fain in his videos. You can be sure that RCG are closely watching. So far TUI had over 70,000 passengers sailing under Covid guidelines - and only 4 detected and isolated cases. A proven system. The 4 cases were detected by testing positive during the disembarkation process. So exactly what’s asked here. The test is part of the requirements to fly
  21. You can be certain that it doesn’t sail... There are cruises in Europe already. However, Celebrity in June in Europe... no way! Unfortunately!
  22. Yep, TUI cruises had over 70,000 passengers cruising under the protocols and now had four cases. Detected, isolated, contacts traced and none infected... can’t really expect better numbers! The system works.
  23. MSC is not the only line cruising. TUI Cruises (cousin of Celebrity) was one of the first in summer 2020. They are still sailing (Canary Islands). Aida and Costa (Carnival Corp) are planning to sail soon. They wanted to start earlier. However, a hacker attack on their computer system led to cancellations of some sailings. The CDC has no jurisdiction in Europe. However, in order to receive the approval to sail in Europe the cruise lines have to comply with similar local regulations. TUI, MSC etc. sail under strict protocols - masks, distancing, 50% capacity, tour restrictions, tests etc. So
  24. Given the fact that sailings are or will be reduced to 50-60% capacity, they wouldn´t have to care...
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