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  1. In response to the "friend of a friend who spent some time in Florida" comment: I wanted to assure all of our fellow Seabourn friends, we Florida residents are social distancing, wearing masks and getting 'the shot' in record numbers. And despite what CNN is reporting we are even washing our hands after doing #2 :). We are living the "new normal" like everyone else and not dropping like flies. Please stay safe and we'll see you on board in 2023.
  2. Thank you for your kind and well worded reply. I was Seabourn’s #1 cheerleader because I thoroughly loved every day I spent aboard their ships (until this cruise). Up until this experience Seabourn never disappointed us - ever.
  3. In my case, there was a leak under the tile floor in the bathroom that was permeating up through the grout. That is why the grout would never set up.
  4. That was the issue exactly. Ship was full for the first 14 day segment.
  5. Good point and thank you for bring up the HVAC issues. It was day 5 before the room would cool below 76 degrees. Maintenance worked on the HVAC for the first 4 days and finally replaced the main blower on day 5. (I carry a digital room thermometer when I travel.) I guess when I was living in the sewer, I stopped noticing how warm the room was.
  6. Why now? Why not now? No one is on any Seabourn (or any cruise) now.
  7. Odyssey 637. Ship was full for the first 14 days so I couldn't be moved. "Problem Solved?" Would you trade getting an OBC of $1200 for a ruined $18,000 cruise and the choice experience of living with a sewage smell for 14 days of your life? An added bonus to this experience is; I developed an upper respiratory infection during those 14 days which hasn't been resolved yet (7 months later).
  8. Ship was full for the first 14 days (first leg). One day turns into 2 and then 3 and so on. If I knew it would go on for 14 days I would ha left the ship day 3 or 4.
  9. We've been long time loyal Seabourn cruisers and I'm 3 days short of Diamond. Our last Seabourn cruise was a 21 day Caribbean holiday cruise last December. Until this last cruise, Seabourn almost never disappointed us and, when something did go wrong, Seabourn immediately made the situation right. Sadly Seabourn did disappoint us our last cruise on the Odyssey, . Starting day 2 our suite had a strong sewer smell or odor that was, at times, so bad we dreaded going into our stateroom. We immediately engaged our room steward's manager who assured us the situation would be taken care of posthaste. Sadly for the next 2 weeks the odor in our suite vacillated between the sewer smell and/or industrial grout smell. The odor was so demoralizing I began to check for flights back to Miami everyday from next port of call. On the morning of day 14 I noticed wet tile grout on my socks. Water (or sewage) was permeating from under the bathroomfloor preventing the grout from ever drying. I had enough and got the hotel manager involved. We were finally moved to a vacant penthouse suite for the remaining 7 days of the cruise and given some OBC for our inconvenience. By then, however, our holidays were ruined, our spirits were broken and our love affair with Seabourn came to a screeching halt. We decided then that was our "last Seabourn cruise". Being "pre-covid" at the time, we didn't know our cruising days were over forever. Over the years, we met many of you on Seabourn. We wish you all well. Stay safe.
  10. Hi islandchick saminina raises a good point. We’re you specially asking: A. where to get the best hunk of meat on the ship or B: did you want to know the specific grade of beef SB purchases in a specific country at a specific Time of provisioning? If you are interested in discussing B then I can help. I’ve worked in the US beef industry for over 10 years, am currently on a SB ship and consider myself an honest person. In short A: Quality of beef is good everywhere on the ship. The answer to B is a lot more complicated.
  11. Not sure I understand the laugh part but I totally agree with Dans post.
  12. I’m no political expert nor do I have a crystal ball but i don’t see this situation the same as in Peru where the leftist party wins an election and antifa stops rioting and goes home. This isn’t going to end soon or end well for HK. If I were a betting man I’d bet heavy on the favorites - the PRC. The world has abandoned Hong Kong IMHO
  13. I’m currently on the Quest too... and I’m speechless. This is my 15th SB cruise since 2012 and I find SB to be consistently excellent. . As for the TP issue: - so far not one TP malfunction yet. My face likes soft. My caboose likes strong. And, just maybe, a little sand on the paper may help get job done.
  14. I absolutely envy you on your upcoming ‘first time on Seabourn’ experience. I don’t want to over sale this but our first SB Cruise was ‘the’ special one. I’ve taken 30+ cruises on the big box cruise lines and didn’t really know what to expect going on SB for the first time but ‘OMG’ it was so different and so excellent. I’m currently on #15 and they have all been as good as the last BUT the 1st one... kind of like the first time I saw my wife 35 years ago. I’m hoping it goes well for you ;0
  15. Plastic, about 500-750 ml,, very wide mouths(to wide IMO) and yes on the shore excursion bottles thank God.
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