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  1. Correct. Does NOT have to be a parent or guardian. Relatives are A-OK. The age of the child is what determines how close the room needs to be to the relative.
  2. As long as you are dry and covered up, all is good.
  3. Suggest posting in the Florida Departure board as there are many suggestions, etc. there. Have a great trip.
  4. This does stink. If you still want to cruise, in 2 rooms, consider Carnival. Their policy would allow it given you are a relative. Just an option and may not cost you any additional money.
  5. Yes, if purchasing the deluxe package, both people, if over 21, must purchase. Some people have been able to purchase the refreshment package for one of the people based on medical reasons instead of the the deluxe package. Also, double ck cost, as most times the listed prices per day is before the automatic 18% gratuity, but UK/Canada website might be different. I do not believe if purchasing the refreshment package, both must purchase however....others will know about that.
  6. For us, spending close to $900 or an additional 45% on our cruise is just not worth it. I will save that and go on more cruises or take new excursions. To each his own...but I know I am a cheapskate.
  7. To add, the disembarkation process can begin at earliest 30 minutes after docking. This does not mean you will be off the ship, through customs and in a cab/transfer within 30 minutes of docking. Just didn't want to confuse you. Yes, Carnival has self-assist. You can line-up/wait in a designated area. Also, depending on day of week, Orlando can have LONG check-in and TSA lines.
  8. The time listed is the estimated arrival time. Disembarkation can occur at the earliest 30 minutes after this, but is does vary quite a bit.
  9. That is related to venues that are ala carte, not cover charge places like Chops, etc.
  10. Yes I do, and boy do I miss them. Nothing like getting a hot, fresh cookie right as they pull them from the oven. The whole Windjammer smelled soooo good.
  11. Johnny Rockets on our November Anthem trip did not serve breakfast. Maybe this has changed? Also, note it is an ala carte fee vs cover charge like other RCCL ships.
  12. I tip for excellent service going above and beyond the normal. For example, keeping ice bucket full, bringing additional pillows, serving MDR food quickly when in a hurry, etc. When applicable, this was for a room steward and MDR Head waiter and helpers. I do not normally tip additional at specialty restaurants as I personally feel the cost of the meal + 18% is already appropriate. My opinion and I know others feel differently.
  13. TK10.....As for gratuities....you can prepay them prior to cruise.....or wait and they will be automatically added to your account around day 3 for the week. The cost is the same either way, unless they increase the daily charge prior to your sailing. In which case, you can prepay prior to increase going in to effect if you want. Depending on service, we normally end up tipping our room steward additional given they fill an ice bucket for chilling our wine each day, extra pillows, etc. Just us, and by no means a requirement. Let me know if you have any other specific questions. Have a great cruise.
  14. Yes, we have stayed near the atrium (aft of center glass elevators many times with no issues and enjoy the quick access to the elevators, especially the center ones that have 4 glass and 4 regular ones. I do avoid rooms with a blank space across from door given I do not like guest laundry rooms nor crew work areas.
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