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  1. I have a cruise booked and paid for entirely with FCC, and that is without the NCL insurance, as I have a all-year-travel-insurance with another company. And the rest of my FCC (not all was used to pay for that cruise) is just "sitting in my NCL account" waiting until I book another cruise...
  2. Yes, you should be able to use those CruiseNext vouchers as deposit - because of the conversion "problem" you just have to book through your PCC instead of doing in yourself online. I had the same problem with a couple of CN certificates last year.
  3. Well, that cruise may be problematic for passengers to go ashore in various ports: Eg Denmark is until August 31st for the time being opening up their borders only to citizens of Norway, Iceland and Germany. The Danish authorities are currently in dialog with Swedish and Finnish authorities regarding getting mutual access across the borders and NO other nationalities- but not to cities with populations of 750.000 inhabitants or more (leaving Copenhagen out of the "question" for visitors, exept in transit from the CPH airport to other places in Denmark (if I as a Norwegian want to travel to Denmark, I am now allowed to do so without any quarantene in each end, BUT I would have to provide proof of hotel booked for my entire stay that is NOT in Copenhagen). And regarding Sweden - they have a very high deadly toll due to Covid-19 compared to the rest of the Nordic countries, especially the Stockholm region, so that is why Sweden is currently not in the "deal" together with Norway, Iceland and Denmark. Germany plan on lifting travel ban for people from the entire EU region from June 15th - but NOT for people from outside of Europe. So to believe that the Escape will be able to visit many ports on that itinerary already in July is a very unrealistic "dream" - unless you are of Nordic or German nationality....
  4. For more details (this is an European link, others may probably post the Amercan link if needed): https://www.ncl.com/fr/en/why-cruise-norwegian/book-with-confidence?cid=SM_NCL_PRO_BRA_FBK_LRN_WLP_WHYNCL_HEALTHSAFE060120_NA_NA
  5. BBQ as well, if I remember correctly...
  6. Why not just add some extra tip on the pay-slip you normally have to sign? Or, if you have a drinking package and therefore no paper receipt to sign, you can just go to the front desk on board and ask them to charge you for a certain amount of extra tip to the person(s) of your choice - and I actually believe that it will be listed as tip with their name on your receipt.... (At least that used to be the case a few years ago).
  7. OK. maybe it is time to get the facts straight. This is a "ferry", but the "luxury" type build and designed very similar to the smaller Royal Carribean ships (with permition from RCCL to do so). It will be sailing in a closed "loop" from Oslo with only Norwegians on board. So basically it would be like a domestic trip, since passengers are not allowed to go ashore in Kiel, Germany (the regular stop in Kiel is only 4 hours anyway, so only difference is that no-one is allowed ashore in Kiel and no Germans are allowed on board the ship before it returns to Norway. And this is now allowed because Norway is among the countries in the world that have had very good results when it comes to the spreading of covid-19 virus in Norway. So very few Norwegians currently are infected.
  8. Thank you - I truly appeciate your input and detailed tip, after many years here on CC I still learn something new almost every time. 🙂 Regarding e-mail notifications, I decided a long time ago to avoid them if possible - so my settings only give me notification when I am logged on to CruiseCritics (which I actually am at some time during the day pretty much every day).
  9. Hahaha - I didn't even realize it...... 😂 Thank's for pointing that out to me, I am indeed following it now!
  10. Is it new that if YOU start a new topic thread here, you have to "follow" your own thread in order to get notifications if others are posting on the same thread? I totally understand (and appreciate) that you have to choose to follow any threads that have a topic that you are interested in (or not follow if not interested). But to me it is not logic to not automatically get notifications if there are new posts on a topic I started.... Well, it is not end of the world - so I just have to "follow" my own threads whenever I start one... 🙂
  11. And this is the case for me - I always book and pay my shore excursions in advance. 🙂
  12. I have a cruise booked for next year (September 2021), where I have among other promotional perks the $50 per port shore excursion credit. I have had this promotion on a cruise in 2019, where the shore excursion credit was added to my ship account as OBC after the excursion was completed. Is it new that the $50 is now deducted directly from the online shopping cart before paying for the shore excursion? THAT is indeed a much better deal than the previous offer.... My cruise is still 467 days away, so do not plan on booking anything yet - I was just checking out the shore excursions that was already on offer as they have been added to the cruise very recently. 🙂
  13. I just checked and saw that I got 30 points for a 15 days cruise earlier this month that was cancelled (double points as booked as a "insider special"). My first reaction was similar to yours; that it was some type of "incentive" from NCLto get some goodwill from possible future customers. After all WE didn't cancel the cruise - NCL did.... But of course - I am very much prepared to see those points gone at a later time, only time will tell if NCL let us keep them... 🙂
  14. I have never purchased any data/internetpackage for use on board a cruiseship as I find the prices to be extremely high for just a few days use. If I have no onboard data available through a free promotional offer or any loyalty program from the cruiseline, then I just "survive" when using internet only when the ship is in port or when I am ashore myself. Just be certain to have the data roaming and wifi OFF while out at see, otherwise (as others have mentioned before) you will have to pay a very high price for "data at sea" and the use will come on the bill from your cellphone provider at home.
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