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  1. The status of our refund changed this morning from “Under Review” to “Issued to credit card ....”. Thanks again for your guidance. Now. If we could be so lucky with United.
  2. Looks like I hadn’t actually cancelled before. I can see them actually denying our request bc we technically hadn’t cancelled just yet. I went back and followed your steps. I received a cancellation email this time. It says, “Don’t worry, the value of your ticket is safe. If you're not traveling soon, there's no need to call Reservations right now.” r Then I did step 2. Fingers crossed.
  3. Thanks so much for posting this NancyIL. American changed our flights in May to where we now arrive 3hrs later than originally scheduled. We need to cancel also and want a refund. It looks like from your post, the online process is two steps? First cancel and then request a refund? Any idea what would’ve happened if you stopped after the first step? Receive a voucher or just SOL? The cancelling part makes me a little nervous w/out knowing what comes next. I requested a refund last night without cancelling using the same website link. I think it was all one step (maybe it defaulted to cancelling automatically also, but I don’t recall). I used verbiage regarding the much later arrival. If my request gets denied, I’ll quote theIr language back to them too. Thanks again.
  4. When you’re not from a place, there’s always something to go do and explore. From my memory, it’s on the beach, the restaurants are good, and not nearly as crowded. Something different from Barcelona, but not too far away.
  5. Another great review John. Hello from up the road in Jacksonville.
  6. How many days have you spent in Barcelona? We’ve spent 10 days there over three years and found lots to see and do on foot and using their train/metro system. The best place we’ve been to was Montserrat (on our own for almost the entire day). Ironically, it’s outside of Barcelona, but we were staying in Barcelona at the time. We haven’t been to Sitges, but it’s on our list. Also, we’ve thought about flying into Madrid and then taking the train to Barcelona.
  7. Haven’t had the chance to keep up with this thread lately. From RCI’s response to motion to dismiss video filing, “The video provided by Plaintiffs’ counsel (to a national new organization, CBS news) showed Mr. Anello looking out the window for about a second (when in reality he looked out for eight seconds) and placing Chloe over railing for about 5 seconds (when in reality it was 34 seconds).” Why else would a plaintiff alter footage, but to try to get ahead of the actual facts to erroneously sway the public’s opinion in hopes of a financial settlement? I hope RCI doesn’t settle. Clearly the GF really messed up and is at fault. Whether he dropped her intentionally or accidentally we will never know.
  8. I do not have the post #, but I saw the link in this thread. The footage quality is not what you would see on CSI tv or Hollywood big screen. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Neither one of us will be on the jury most likely though.
  9. The problem with the above statement (and for the GF’s statement to the media) is that is not what actually happened. The video footage shows the GF dropped Chloe after dangling her out the window. The assertion the GF thought the glass pane was beyond the railing gets disproven when it’s shown the GF leans through the open window beyond the pane of glass with Chloe in his hands. At that point, Chloe is not banging on the glass and she does not topple.
  10. Very safe and very convenient. 2-3 minute walk through the parking garage one level above the ground. We stayed there in November for 4 Nts. Once we learned the route on the ground level, we took that instead (w/out luggage) back and forth from the entrance to the terminal. It’s very quiet in the room too. We could see at least one of the runways, but there was no engine sounds coming through the walls.
  11. The tailor will bring a replacement. When you’re done with it just hang it back up and they’ll retrieve it (usually sometime on the last day).
  12. I’ve rented a tux 10-15x on RCI ships, and as recently as November 2019 on Explorer. It costs about $100 and comes with two shirts. Depending on your Crown and Anchor status, there also is a discount available. It’s the way to go if you want to dress up and not have the hassle of packing a suit/tux from home. Look for an advertisement on the Royal Promenade or in the Cruise Compass, and you don’t see either go to Guest Services and get the telephone # to call on board. The tailor will come to your room soon thereafter or at an arranged time for the measurement, takes like 5-10 minutes. Your tux will be dropped off in plenty of time for you to try it in case there is a problem with the fit.
  13. Love your reviews twangster. Always very informative. We board Ovation in 79 days so I’m taking notes. Cheers.
  14. Another great review! We like the longer cruises too. We call the 3-5 day ones “practice cruises.”
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