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  1. Real journalism. There’s not many real journalists still out reporting, unfortunately. A lot of them just push a narrative from one side or the other.
  2. Here’s something to ponder. I am at one of the Baptist hospitals in Jax, FL right now for someone. I was told by one of the nurses that they have approx. 100 Covid patients total in the their campuses in NE Florida. Most of them are asymptomatic. So I asked why they are in the hospital if they’re asymptomatic and the nurse explained that they’re in the hospital for other ailments. They test everyone for Covid, and if positive they are segregated from others. Just bc a patient is in the hospital with Covid, doesn’t mean they’re in the hospital to be treated for Covid.
  3. Some states are erroneously including positive antibody tests in with the current positive test results. A recovered person is no longer capable of still spreading CV19 correct?
  4. The incubation period is two weeks? Surely it’s a lot shorter than that. I’m not for contact tracing, but if it were in play, talk about a major cluster tracking back two weeks.
  5. When they were still living, we lived across the street from a lovely elderly cpl. They loved to talk about their son, Sheck, who had passed in a diving accident long before we moved in. I had no idea who he was. Then, one day I was in their house and I saw a picture of him all geared up with four tanks in the water. I thought to myself that’s not normal. After I saw his world record depth dive plaque on one of their walls, I went home and looked him up on the Internet. OMG.
  6. In the grand scheme of things, how many different types/brands of the CV19 test are there? Has anything been done to confirm their accuracy? It’s something to consider. I’ve read several stories over the past few months of false positives and false negatives.
  7. I don’t know when it opened, but Quantum OTS is now open for booking re: EB TP cruise, HNL-SYD (18nts, 5 ports). It doesn’t show up in the list of transpacific cruises on Royal’s site (if you use the filter), but it’s the only Quantum cruise when I looked at October 2021. I thought the rates were good, especially for junior suites, under $2k/pp for the NRD cruise fare w/out any C&A discounts.
  8. We did the online request on Wednesday also, but haven’t seen where our sailing was changed as of this morning. Our TA received notification of our L&S submission right away, but we didn’t receive anything other than the notification box after the submission. We have a guarantee type room and the two sailings we picked were not advertising guarantee type cabins so maybe our request will need additional review.
  9. Did you select just one cruise to change to? Did you have the option to select multiple sailings to change to? I don’t see where anyone else mentioned it, but we did.
  10. With everything that is going on, if things don’t change, I don’t see how cruising will resume. Regarding “until after 2021,” I don’t know how any business can shutter its doors for 20 months and still survive. RCI’s debt is piling up. We’re hoping things get better, so we’re keeping our RCI cruise reservations for now.
  11. Is anyone else getting the option to pick three sailing preferences for what you want to L&S to when using the online link?
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