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  1. I'd love to know that answer to this too. We have a cruise coming up in February. 🙂
  2. My niece is a high school senior and will be joining us on this cruise. I noticed that it says the teens club is from 13-17. She turns 18 two weeks before we sail. 😞 She's been on one other cruise and found so many friends through the teen club. Will she be able to attend the activities if she's already turned 18? Has anyone else had any experience with this?
  3. We bought the fun pass in December when we cruised on the Divina--and were so glad that we did! We purchased ahead of time. While there were sales on the ship, we never saw a rate as low as what we got prior to cruising. It may differ per ship or based how many are sold. However, on this sailing, we got the best deal by pre-purchasing-- we looked everyday because there was much discussion/debate about whether to purchase it beforehand. 😁 If you read the online description, you'll see that one pass is good for everyone in the family--which made it very cost effective for us. I can't remember the prices for everything,. Bowling was $8 per person per game, the simulator and 4 D theater were $9. Before we sailed we went back and forth about whether to get it so we began totaling what it would have cost us without it. We did a lot of bowling ($24 per game), watched most of the 4 D cinema shows, and rode the race car multiple times. At the end of the cruise, we realized it would have cost us over $300 for the 3 of us. That said, it was a longer cruise and we had several very rainy days that made outdoor activities less appealling. We are sailing the Meraviglia in February 2020 and have already purchased the Fun Pass. We had heard that they were discontinuing and it disappeared from options for the cruise my sister was taking on the Seaside, so we jumped when we saw it offered.
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