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  1. That's better than what I was told. I called and was told my sailing (that I had booked 15 minutes earlier) had been cancelled. The phone rep was insistent that it had been cancelled. Then after talking to someone else he said Cruise Planner would be open to start booking excursions on Saturday. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  2. If a trip to Walmart/Publix/Home Depot lasts as long as a cruise, you're doing it wrong. I cannot any more with these people who compare a vacation to a trip to Walmart. What the hell kind of vacations do you people take??? My vacations are NOTHING LIKE WALMART! Good lord, find a new travel agent, people.
  3. Are we all understanding this to mean they are suspending all sailings until April 2021? The paragraph goes on to describe sailings on all the other ships in the fleet post April 2021.
  4. On our sailing on Symphony, Wonderland was fully booked by the first night.
  5. Thank you for reading and commenting! I sure wouldn't mind being in the alcohol sales business right now!
  6. Hey, you tried!! Some days I just can't find enough brain cells willing to work together to attempt humor. 2 more days of whatever you want to call this thing that used to be called school, then 3 months of being home with my kids with no camp, no travel, nowhere to go... send wine!!!
  7. Thanks for reading! Now I need to get on a cruise again so I can write another report!
  8. You will receive an email, but your TA can look for it in the TA portal. It won't show up there until it has been issued, but they can check for it in case you think you've missed an email.
  9. If it was cancelled by the cruise line the commission is protected.
  10. How did you book the cabana? Did you call the resort or is there an online option? Do you have to book a day pass as well or is the day pass included in the price?
  11. Well that was interesting. Always good to revisit this, especially a year later, when Facebook keeps reminding me of what I was doing a year ago. Thanks, Facebook! Me right now: I should be on a ship right now, heading to the southern Caribbean. But nope. I am here, planning "distance learning" for 1st grade students. So... That is all.
  12. https://presscenter.rclcorporate.com/press-release/89/royal-caribbean-extends-global-suspension-of-cruisingrnnbsp/
  13. I like how this schedule is so easy to read. Plain black and white typing, and all capital letters so you know how important everything is. But I have to ask both you and York... what kind of sorcery are you using to share these images with us from the ship?
  14. Slow down on the free food! You want to stay svelte for those beach days in the Bahamas!
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