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  1. This is a great review, thank you for sharing! We board the Symphony tomorrow and I cannot wait! Something I have wondered for a while: can you tan in the Solarium? It looks like it is almost completely covered. I know tanning is not good blah blah blah, but is that a place to get some sun?
  2. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. We board the Symphony tomorrow and this has been the best preview ever. The periscopes were amazing, and I wish there had been more.
  3. Help settle a debate: is the rule at embarkation that you can bring on 1 bottle of wine per adult or 2 bottles of wine per stateroom? IE if you are the only adult in the stateroom, does the rule at Royal say you can bring 1 bottle of wine or 2 when you board? I am not looking for personal anecdotes of people who smuggled in 8 bottles of wine (though if you did manage that we should talk...), just what the actual rule is. To phrase it another way, I am the only adult in my stateroom with 2 teens. How many bottles of wine am I allowed to carry on with me according to Royal's rule? I personally feel that the rule is stated very clearly, but someone else seems to have a different interpretation.
  4. Looks like a beautiful sail away! I have loved the periscopes so far from you and CLR. Keep posting! If you have any advice or tips for those of us who will be on the Symphony soon (less than a week now for me!) please do share! The ship is SO big, and this is my first time on ANY Royal ship, let alone the biggest ship on the sea. I feel like it is going to be completely overwhelming!
  5. I guess if you ONLY drink alcoholic beverages, then sure, you might have a problem. But if you like soda, especially the Freestyle machines that have so many sugar-free options, if you like bottled water for excursions, if you like premium coffee, and you also like a few drinks (one at happy hour, one or two at dinner, one or two after dinner) then the Deluxe package makes sense. I know I would get at least the Refreshment package on any sailing, as I like my Freestyle soda, bottled water, and lattes with SF syrup. The additional cost for the Deluxe makes sense, as I only need a few drinks per day to break even. Do the math and see if it makes sense for you. If you have on board credit, that can be used for the package, so you might be able to justify the package that way.
  6. I'll be on the Symphony with the Key next week. I can share my experience in the Key thread, and I am hoping to have either a live report or a post-trip report.
  7. Ok, I'll give it a try and report back. Is the suite line clearly marked when you arrive at the port? I have never been to Miami.
  8. I don't think you understand what happens after you eat 4 lobsters...
  9. Following along as we board the day you disembark! We are also from Chicago (downtown) and I am SO ready to leave this endless winter behind us!
  10. My son was one month shy of his 13th birthday on our HAL cruise and they wouldn't let him in to the Teen Club. Luckily he found a friend who was one WEEK shy of his 13th birthday who was also stuck in the same club so they and the counselors became BFFs for the week. You're in the sweet spot with Owen. My son's hormones are kicking in and it has been... interesting, especially as a solo mom.
  11. Following along, as we board the Symphony the day you disembark! I have silently followed a few of your other trip reports. Thanks for sharing your vacations! Will Owen be going to the kids/teen club? My teens are a bit uncertain as they LOVED the club on our Holland America sailing and were not as fond of the Disney clubs. DCL had too many kids and too little structure and the counselors didn't really talk to the kids. HAL had very few kids and more structure, and the counselors were WAY more friendly and interactive. The counselors on HAL were among *my* favorite people on board, as they pointed me to the best bars, best drinks, and best days, times, and locations for wildlife sightings (Alaska). Anyway, looking forward to this report!
  12. Oh NOW I get it, you would definitely benefit from having an accessible room but you were told you had to be in a wheel chair to use the accessible room. I totally missed the hip replacement part of your original post and thought you had just booked it because it was in a better location or something. I apologize, I have had the week from you know where and my reading comprehension skills are clearly lacking at this moment!
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