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  1. 7 day for sure. We just sailed on the Symphony (sister ship to Harmony) and it was awesome! I love cruising and if we only sailed on Disney we would hardly ever sail. Royal's pricing and availability allow us to cruise more and go more places.
  2. Thank you. That is what I figured about the connecting cabins, but I had to check since someone did state that when I was looking for answers before posting. Bummer about aft cabins as the extra extra big balcony would be awesome!
  3. I am looking at staterooms for an upcoming cruise, and cannot find connecting rooms for our family. I was thinking of getting rooms next to each other and opening the balcony partition but I read a comment from someone who said you can only open the partition if you have connecting rooms. Is that accurate? And is it also accurate that you cannot open the partition on aft balconies?
  4. Yes they are very powerful!!! Definitely a test of your strength if they get stuck to each other!
  5. Has anyone done both the 3 and 4 hour snorkel? Besides the obvious difference of 1 hour, do you feel the 2 are truly different enough to make the 4 hour worthwhile? Still struggling to find a tour that works with our 4 hour snorkel.
  6. Did you see a difference in the morning and afternoon snorkels? I always choose morning because I was led to believe the sea life will be more plentiful because they haven't been scared away and the water will be less murky from all the previous snorkelers. Is this totally bogus?
  7. Which tour are you doing after your snorkel? I am trying to plan this but none of the tours meet at times that will work with our snorkel! I guess I could change to the 3 hour snorkel, but is that even worth it?
  8. We have sailed on DCL and Royal (and Holland) with food allergies and I feel they were all on equal standing. We mostly avoid the buffet and dine elsewhere, and it has been fine. You have to be very proactive, though, and alert them in advance through their special needs department, and then talk to the head server on the ship and make sure they show you the menu for the next night's dinner so you can pre-order. DCL doesn't have kid-friendly specialty dining, so that wasn't an issue. I would use the same precautions you would use at any other cupcake shop for Vanellope's (didn't have that when we sailed). For us, I talk to a manager about their practices and that helps me determine whether or not I am comfortable with DD eating there. We ate at Chops Grille on Royal and DD had no issues getting safe food. Again, you have to be proactive and tell them about the allergy and listen to whatever they advise. DD ate at El Loco Fresh, Sorrento's, etc. and again, we avoided the buffet. With the allergies you mention I would completely avoid the buffet 100% and alert the ship in advance, and follow their guidance for how to manage on board. And just be proactive, the same as you do at any other restaurant anywhere else. Don't assume that everyone on the ship is looking out for your safety. Just as an example of how you cannot assume that anything is safe just because of what other people tell you: people RAVE about how AWESOME Disney is with allergies, right? Well they brought DD the wrong allergy meal. It was for a child at the table next to us, with completely different allergies. That could have killed my daughter, or the other child (assuming they had brought him the wrong meal, too). Disney also served regular bread and called it gluten-free, then came back 20 minutes later and said "Oh oops, that wasn't GF bread, sorry". So you have to be aware and check everything, every time.
  9. My kids and I sailed from Vancouver, round-trip to Alaska, in August 2018. For a full review please visit:
  10. Weird, since they also clearly stated that the price was valid.
  11. But if you already paid for it, like I did, it shows the discounted rate of $18 per person, per night. My CP order history shows the transaction as well. And Royal stated that drink packages begin at $18 pp pn, so...
  12. They also stated that it was the actual price. Hmmm. And it still shows as a purchase for $18 per night in my CP.
  13. 🤣 Hopefully people know about this perk before they get to their stateroom!
  14. Yes, you can transfer to a travel agent after booking. As others have said, must be within 60 days (for Royal) and not paid in full.
  15. We just sailed on Symphony of the Seas in March. My daughter has severe tree nut allergies and we absolutely notified them ahead of time. I noted the allergy in our reservation when I booked and emailed the Special Needs department before we sailed. Special Needs sent back a very helpful reply, with details about what to do on board. Make sure you behave the same way you would at any restaurant, and do your due diligence. I have heard people return from cruises irate that their child couldn't eat XYZ and that no one knew about their child's allergy. However, upon questioning, it turns out they never notified the ship, or they assumed that notifying the ship was all they had to do and somehow everyone on board would know their child had an allergy. Hopefully you have regular dining (Early or Late) and not My Time, so you can have the same serving team. Talk to them and go through everything on the menu with them. They will give you the menu for the next night so you can pre-order food for your child. But double check everything that comes to your table. They brought us bread that was loaded with some sort of nut (yuck!) and had an "Oh yeah, right" moment when I pointed it out to them. After that they just brought my daughter her own plate of her favorite rolls. But that's what I mean about not assuming that everything is safe, or that they will be as careful as you. Oh and we never once ate in the buffet. I will only allow my daughter to eat in buffets where the food is served by employees, not self-serve. People are disgusting at buffets and I just refuse to take chances that some idiot used the same spoon for the nuts and the cheese, or that someone dropped the Waldorf salad into the Caesar salad, etc. Luckily it was super easy to avoid the buffet on our ship as we had plenty of other options.
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