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  1. vistaman, Congratulations on obtaining your preferences for 2020. With regard to my waitlisted cruise, HL has advised my TA that those who have been offered places have until the 23rd of this month to either accept or decline the offer, so I will not have long to wait to find out if my second cruise is available to me. Like you, I opt for Category 2 as my maximum on the Europa 2, but on my Europa cruise the solo price for Category 3 was the same as that for Category 2.
  2. Catlover54, The cruises for which I pre-registered are the Majorca- Venice, and the Venice-Athens itineraries, and it is the second for which I am waitlisted. With regard to the Category of Stateroom, I always opt for Category 2 as the price jump to Category 3 for solo occupancy can be quite substantial.
  3. vistaman, Have you been able to obtain offers on all your options?
  4. I note that the count down clock has been removed from the, German language, website.
  5. On the 19 September last year, I pre-registered, via my TA, for solo occupancy on back to back cruises in August 2020. On the first cruise I have been offered a place, whereas on the second I am number 3 on a wait list. Are Germans psychic, and booking before itineraries are released??
  6. American cuisine with a twist? Less than 40 days to the Hanseatic nature being christened.
  7. HL has posted a, German language, video on the Hanseatic nature's speciality restaurant 'Hamptons' :
  8. HL has posted a video on the Circus Roncalli which will be appearing on the Europa 2.
  9. Since my post of yesterday morning, availability, for both double, and particularly solo, occupancy has been rapidly diminishing.
  10. HL has now posted, on their German language website, the 2020-2021 Itineraries and Prices: https://www.hl-cruises.de/reise-finden#template=teaser&sorting=departureDate&filter:ships=9&page=0
  11. The revised minimum penalty for cancellation is still generous compared to those Cruise Lines that impose a minimum loss of deposit of 15% to 20%. Hopefully the full itineraries, and prices, will soon be published.
  12. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is owned by the TUI Group. According to Wikipedia: The new TUI Group has:[23][24] Over 77,000 employees 1,600 travel agencies 150 aircraft 16 cruise liners 380 hotels and resorts The Group's published Accounts for the Financial Year ended 30 September 2018 stated: EUR millions Turnover: 19,524 Earnings before Tax: 972 Group Profit attributable to Shareholders: 732 Another subsidiary of TUI, Marella Cruises does have it's own board, so why not Hapag-Lloyd Cruises?
  13. HL has posted a video on the Ocean Academy, and it's 'Study Wall' :
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