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  1. Given the earlier discussion on the topic, why the failure to mention the other luxury lines, on which I believe you cruise , that not only welcome families but also have on-board facilities for children?
  2. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is definitely a luxury line, and is not all inclusive.
  3. The following link provides access to Gary Walther's four part review on his Europa 2 cruise from Sydney to Bali. https://www.forbes.com/sites/garywalther/#7ff34e5354e6
  4. Thank you for posting the article. I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Walther on one of my Europa 2 cruises. Your linked article led me to another of his articles devoted to the Europa 2's dining experience. https://www.forbes.com/sites/garywalther/2019/05/06/luxury-cruising-dining-on-the-europa-2-from-sydney-to-bali/#48bf20191e09
  5. I now use a phone App which enables one to input, amongst other things, details such as generic names, and required dosages, of one's medication
  6. In the late 1960s I was working in Zurich, and one day I mentioned to a colleague how difficult it was to interact with the locals. He said that one should regard them as having a house with a front garden. They would invite one into the garden but not the house. Having said that, on my Europa 2 cruises I have found Swiss passengers to be more gregarious than the German ones.
  7. You were lucky. I had no one to help me in a pharmacy in Romania, but a combination of hand gestures, and sign language produced a successful outcome.
  8. It amuses me that people who are prepared to independently tour a country whose inhabitants speak a language they don't understand refuse to contemplate being on a ship on which the majority of the passengers speak another language.
  9. Ah, Fred Olsen. A Norwegian shipping Company founded in 1848, and still family run.
  10. Travelcat2 has made it quite clear that she would not cruise on the Europa 2. Is there still an International Hostess on board the Europa 2?
  11. It has been stated on more than one occasion, that the Europa 2 is Hapag-Lloyd Cruises International Ship with the official on board languages being German and English. There need only be one English speaking passenger on board for the full array of facilities, including the Captain's announcements from the bridge, to be made available. The 'international' Expedition Ship is the Hanseatic inspiration whose maiden cruise is due to depart on the 14 October this year.
  12. But then why say 'and children are welcome and catered to (again, not something that the "big four" luxury lines cater to).'?
  13. According to the following article both Crystal and Regent have programmes for children, and while Silversea, and Seabourn do not have programmes, children are allowed on board. https://www.avidcruiser.com/2019/06/traveling-with-children-on-premium-upper-premium-and-luxury-cruise-lines/
  14. You omitted to mention Hapag Lloyd Cruises in your list of luxury Cruise Lines.
  15. My last cruises were in 2016, and they were on the Europa 2. With one exception, I have found the English language skills of the staff to be excellent, and of course daily programmes, and menus are available in English. What would be lacking, given their formal nature, would be an easy interaction with fellow German passengers. An additional point to bear in mind is that the entry level staterooms are approximately 300 sq ft plus a 75 sq ft balcony.
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