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  1. An extract from the latest notice on H-L Cruises' website reads as follows: 'Therefore, all of the fleet’s voyages are suspended temporarily, probably until mid-July. In addition, all cruises calling at a US port will be cancelled until the end of July.'
  2. According to a report on today's BBC News , 200 members of the crew are confined on board with the virus. The report also stated that 10% of Australia's infections, and 30% of it's deaths relate to passengers disembarked from the ship.
  3. I think HL would be wildly optimistic in thinking that cruises could be reinstated within the next 3-4 months. If nothing else, surely crews would have returned home, and being able to leave would depend on the situation re the virus in their respective countries, and national Governments' exit strategy for safely relaxing measures that have been introduced to deal with the virus. Then there is the uncertainty as to which airlines will have survived when the pandemic has run it's course , and how quickly flights can be re-established. Already, Virgin Atlantic has made it known it will be approaching the UK Government for financial aid, which is rather rich considering the speed with which it laid off staff, and Richard Branson's personal fortune of $5.1 billion.
  4. The Company has published a revised list of the first envisaged cruises: MS EUROPA: May 9, 2020 from Hamburg (EUR2008) MS EUROPA 2: May 13, 2020 from Hamburg (EUX2011) MS BREMEN: May 23, 2020 from Otaru (BRE2008) HANSEATIC nature: May 30, 2020 from Porto (NAT2010) HANSEATIC inspiration: May 18, 2020 from Boston (INS2010)
  5. Cruise Critic is continuing to block the posting of a direct link to HL Cruises English language website. HL Cruises posted yesterday a series of Q & A topics.
  6. To be honest I think that being able to resume cruises within the next 2-3 months is wildly optimistic. Admittedly the UK is 2-3 weeks behind the rest of Europe, but our Government is talking about the peak of the virus outbreak not being until May/June. It has already advised elderly people not to go on a cruise. Plus for some time, with the policy of recirculating air within the cabin, flying has been a lottery re catching a virus.
  7. H-L Cruises announced today that it is temporarily suspending cruises until the 28 April 2020. Estimated resumption of cruises MS EUROPA: April 28, 2020 from New York (EUR2007 MS EUROPA 2: April 30, 2020 from Lisbon (EUX2010) HANSEATIC nature: May 19, 2020 from Sao Miguel (NAT2009) HANSEATIC inspiration: April 28, 2020 from Belem (INS2008)
  8. Given the UK Government's latest advice that people over 70 should not go on a cruise would it be wise to book one before that advice is rescinded?
  9. Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has posted a promotional video, English subtitled, on it's Expedition Class ships:
  10. Personally, I find the American concept of AC more suited to cryogenic chambers.
  11. Given the joint 50% shareholding, why would the German half wish to see HL Cruises become 'Americanised'?
  12. My very first luxury cruise was in 2003 on the Seabourn Pride. One evening after dessert I asked if they had After Eight Mints. I was told by the Maitre D that they did not , but they would obtain some the next day while Copenhagen. The following evening, without my enquiring, after dessert I was duly offered the mints.
  13. In 2014 I took a river cruise from Bucharest to Amsterdam with Tauck, and a varied selection of local musicians, and dancers, were brought on board at various stops, and in Vienna a gala dinner, and entertainment, in a Palace was included.
  14. Although the newer Hurtigruten ships have become more luxurious it is not a cruise line but a service for coastal communities. Some stops are only long enough to land, or take on board, passengers and freight.
  15. I switched off after 25 minutes. As for the frequent reference to cost, perhaps it was an attempt to justify Regent's per diem rates ( even for the entry level accommodation).
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