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  1. Stevekc you make a good point - forgot to mention we are a family of 4. Myself, DH, DS1 (8) and DS2 (6). So 2 bathrooms would be nice and the more space the better LOL
  2. Hi All! We have been on several cruises, including a couple of Sky class Grand suites, but this will be our first experience in Star Class and we want to make it as wonderful as possible. Right now we are booked in the 2 bedroom ATS on Harmony which looks really neat. My only concern is privacy/noise from the shows below. We tend to be folks that enjoy whiling away the hours sitting and enjoying staring out into the ocean from our balcony. Though the ATS balcony looks huge, is most of that space overlooking the theater area? Or is there still plenty of oceanside space? And can people sit and stare at you relaxing on your balcony all the time? Not that we are doing anything nefarious out there but it seems weird if we will be "on display" all week. For those of you that have sailed in this type of cabin what were your thoughts about it and pros and cons? Also, we have the option of upgrading to the Grand Panoramic Suite which has a little hot tub for another $1,456. This doesn't on the surface seem to be worth it to me given the jump in price, although the hot tub is quite intriguing. Any thoughts or suggestions on whether this would, in fact, be an upgrade that is worth it or are we better off where we are? Lastly, we would be very interested in any Star Class tips/tricks or ideas of things to ask for that you may want to share as we are new to this whole Star thing. Thank you all SO much!!
  3. We will be traveling on RCCL Harmony with two kids ages 6 and 8: They are both obsessed with wildlife and they are also all about the beach. We are considering doing the Maya Key Excursion but also know the boys’ minds would be blown at actually getting to touch a sloth and monkeys, which seems like more of a once in a lifetime sort of adventure. So we are having a very tough time deciding. We also considered doing one of the private tours but there are 2 other ships in port that day evidently so we are worried it will be super crowded at the beaches we could get to that way. Any thoughts, suggestions or experiences on which would be better would be very much appreciated. Is there any way to do both in one day? Thanks!
  4. We are booked in 2 side by side balcony cabins, one for us and one for our sons. If we purchased it for us in the one cabin would the boys still be able to do the priority boarding and departure with us if they don't also have it since they are both too young to be expected to do those things without us? Or would we have to purchase it for all 4 of us? Thanks!!
  5. I know that the UDP offer lunches on sea days, but does anyone know if you can use it to get sushi at Izumi to go? Sushi is my absolute favorite food but everyone in my family hates it so there is no way I could get them to sit through a lunch there and I really want to try it.
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