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  1. Thank you Mr Fudge, I have just looked at Sweetfield Manor it looks very nice, thank you so much.
  2. Thank you Mr and Mrs Fudge, you do make us laugh, Happy New Year, Pauline.
  3. Can anyone recommend a hotel near the port in Barbados please.
  4. Thank you so much Catlover your reviews have been very helpful and interesting, I hope things have improved ie large groups, we are joining the cruise on the 26th so fingers crossed.
  5. Is it possible to book the Thomas Keller restaurant before our trip, if it is how do we do it?
  6. Again thank you Catlover for the photos and your information on your ports of call it sounds chaotic in Barbados I hope it is all sorted by the time we join the ship. Looking forward to your next port of calll.
  7. Thank you to everyone with your help, I think the bus trip is the answer at least we can see some of the island which sounds lovely. Best wishes, Pauline.
  8. Thank you for you help Catlover very interesting about the East side a few people have mentioned that, also the church is on the list, I wanted to go to Hunte’s garden but it will have to be another time. Thank you for your reports and photo’s on your trip very interesting also seeing the wine list, I have never seen one on any of the Seabourn boats we have been on. Kind regards, Pauline.
  9. Has anybody done the Seabourn tour after the cruise round Barbados then dropped at the airport. We had a trip booked but apparently the rules have changed at the port and private companies aren’t allowed in, it only happened a couple of days ago. We are debating the Seabourn option or a day pass at the Hilton Hotel.
  10. Thank you Raphael it sounds good, I love getting all these tips from you.
  11. Read the answer in Raphael360 reply to PAULINELESLEY
  12. Thank you so much Raphael, I feel much better now.
  13. Hi Hellohjw How nice is that being on the same cruise, on our itinerary it said we can board at 2pm, but I have read of passengers getting on at 1pm and having lunch! Happy New Year, see you on the boat. kind regards, Pauline
  14. Hi Raphael, i hope you enjoyed your cruise of the Carribean, I have just read the latest review from a passenger who has just done seven days and had a terrible time, did you take all the crew with you when you disembarked? It really doesn't sound like Seabourn, I would love to know what you think of the review. Happy New Year, Pauline
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