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  1. May I give an example of a cruise line that acts much quicker and in a more customer-oriented way than several cruise lines mentioned in this thread: After numerous cruises with Seabourn (400+ days) and some less than pleasant cruises with them between 2015 and 2017, we decided to turn to TUICruises MeinSchiff fleet. Last year we had to cancel a cruise at short notice after final payment date, for which the cruise contract stated we had to pay 80% of the cruise fare, 20,000Euros out of 25,000 Euros. The 5,000 Euros we were entitled to claim back were paid by the cruise company. within just 1 day after cancellation. When the cruise started, our TA wrote a short letter to the company, pointing out that the cruise was fully booked and inquired whether the company might be willing to refund part of our 80% charge. Within 3 days, we received 17,000 Euros without any further exchange of letters etc. They did even better in 2020: We had to cancel a 42-day cruise due to an accident on February 2, long before a pandemic was declared. We lost our downpayment (25% of the cruise fare). After TUICruises had cancelled the cruise in March, we made a booking for a cruise in early 2022, and our TA was bold enough to politely inquire whether the company might be ready to transfer a small part of our lost downpayment (more than 6,000 Euros) to the new cruise, although we had cancelled without any reference to the pandemic. - Within two days we were informed that TUICruises would transfer the whole of our downpayment to the new cruise, thus relieving us from paying a single Euro for the cancelled cruise. I think this cruise company was both very quick and extremely generous.
  2. FWIW: In Germany, prices for Montaudon range from 41 Euros (same region as Moet or Taittinger) down to less than 20 Euros!
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