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  1. FWIW: In Germany, prices for Montaudon range from 41 Euros (same region as Moet or Taittinger) down to less than 20 Euros!
  2. That's a great plan. Dine at the TK Grill, then come on CC and complain about the portion sizes. Does complaining work off calories? That is neither a helpful nor a polite comment. Do you really advocate wasting food?
  3. All I asked for was sugar free sorbet which is available in the MDR every evening. I would not really rely on a "sugar free" tag with Seabourn. I tried the "sugar free ice cream" in the Square a couple of times. Only a week or so later I bothered to enquire in detail. After some hesitation the person responsible revealed that the prepare their sugar free ice cream with glucose !!! I find it absolutely disgusting that diabetics or other people who should monitor their sugar intake are being kept in the dark about the meaning of "sugar free" with Seabourn.
  4. I hope I am not being rude. I am curious what the Syrian situation has to do with cruising in Europe? This is not necessarily about war, but even one isolated missile attack may affect travel severely. European airlines have been warned that there might be problems when flying across the Eastern Mediterranean ( re-routings etc). https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-airspace/braced-for-air-strikes-on-syria-some-airlines-re-route-flights-idUSKBN1HI01E
  5. Today we received a colourful brochure from Seabourn (62 pages) with interesting special offers including cruises starting in early March ,2018 and up to April,2019. - The booking deadline for all cruises was March 13,2018.... What a waste of paper and money, and of course no good service to loyal customers.
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