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  1. On Oct 6th Celebrity cancelled all Japan sailings on the Millennium and we received our entire $900 deposit 10/13. This was a non-refundable deposit and the second time Celebrity has refunded our entire deposit. During this pandemic, Celebrity has been great concerning deposits. Booking a refundable deposit does not make sense as of late. Enjoy, Kel😀
  2. Very ugly for sure! We also booked her NYC to Barcelona in the spring of 2022. The interior seems to have some unique spaces as well -- I kind of like the set up in the cabins with the sink outside and a nice enclosed shower. We will eat all our evening meals in the alternative restaurants, as the MDR is okay for lunch, but lacks quality for dinner. We rate NCL equal with RCL and MSC, but better than Princess. Celebrity, HAL and Cunard are our go to lines. Crystal, Oceania, and Azamara we love, but it takes a very special deal to get us onboard. Enjoy! Kel😀
  3. Great. Thanks SPC! I've had a cabin in the aft area of the Volendam and remember a fair amount of vibration. Azipods smooth out the ride overall.
  4. Does the Volendam and the other R class ships have Azopods, or did this feature come along later?
  5. Hi Rick, I too, got my second Shingrix shot this past Sunday at Walgreens, in addition to my yearly flu shot. One in the left arm (Shingrix) and the other in my right arm. Out on the golf course Monday and the left arm hurt a bit and nothing from the flu shot side. The copay for the shingles shot was $45 and the flu was at no cost to me. Enjoying your insight on this subject -- keep it up! Enjoy! Kel
  6. As I stated in an earlier post, the YC seemed better in the Seaside compared to the Meraviglia. Having said that, once you leave the YC area of the ship, I would give the nod to the Meraviglia. The Seaside is nice, but the open atrium area of the Meraviglia is wonderful. If you are a gym kind of person, the basketball court on the Meraviglia is the best at sea! Indoors, A/C and a full court with a great rubberized surface. Enjoy! Kel
  7. Hi bf, Both ships are great in their own way. As for the YC, I much prefer the Seaside for the following reasons: --there are a few less people in the Seaside YC (at least it feels that way). --the two story lounge and dining room on the Seaside is a better design. --the buffet outside near the pool is much better on the Seaside and we felt the selection was better as well. --the staffing seemed about the same on both ships. --both have outstanding service. You can't go wrong with either ship. Enjoy! Kel😁
  8. Well I did some math concerning the "Likes" and "Dislikes" on this thread only. I didn't count anyone that had not traveled on the Edge; didn't count anyone more than once; didn't count anyone who had no opinion and was off topic. Here is the summary of this group: Didn't like their IV experience -- 16 people -- 53% Did like their IV experience -- 14 people -- 47% Since every ship sailing has traditional balconies, except for the E-class of Celebrity, I'm sure they will have no problem filling these cabins. For the ship engineers out there -- does this type of cabin decrease the amount of "drag" along the sides of the ship while sailing at high speeds? Not sure this is an issue? Seems, traditional balcony cabins would create more drag with their open spaces? Just curious. Kel
  9. Good point! We loved the privacy aspect, as you can walk around in your underwear, and unless you are in port, no one can see into your cabin. A/C kept the room cool, even with that glass wall. Enjoy! Kel😁
  10. The above photo shows the seaside view of an IV cabin. This is a glass-walled cabin, with the ability to lower the top half of the wall. Not a typical balcony, like 99% of the ships sailing, but something new and different. We like it and some people do not. Nice to have choices. Enjoy! Kel😁
  11. Paul, I agree with you 100%. Head to head, I would always choose Celebrity. We are back to HAL in our rotation, as they have fixed most of their objectionable qualities (smoking guidelines...,), and their product is, dollar for dollar, one of the great deals to be had in cruising. I've always thought Celebrity's major failure was the lack of a wrap-around promenade deck, but the new E-class has this wonderful two story walking/running deck that winds in and out of the upper decks of the ship. Much more interesting walk compared to the traditional promenade deck. We have completed 33 Celebrity cruises (306 days) and 12 HAL cruises (103 days), so except for four Cunard cruises (109 days), and 15 RCL cruises (117 days), Holland America is pretty popular in our cruise repertoire. We have 28 days on the Noordam coming up and 15 days on the Millennium, so we feel pretty good alternating between these two great cruise products. Enjoy! Kel😁
  12. First, let me state that we are not really balcony people. We've had dozens of veranda cabins and we really spend very little time outside. Wasted expense for us. Having said that, the IV on the edge was wonderful. It gives the cabin so much more room and acts as a very private "glass wall" at the end of the room. At any time, you can lower the electric shade and have a dark, quiet cabin. The Edge is different, modern and our new favorite ship. People resist change, but we feel like Celebrity hit a home run with this new concept. My wife and I have spent 7% of our total time together on cruise ships (752 days), so we know what's out there. Enjoy! Kel😁
  13. Hi fellow cruisers, My wife and I booked a 14 day transatlantic cruise for 2022. We got the Beverage Pkg + the dining Pkg. My question is -- how many nights are included in this promo dining package? The service charge for the dining package was $22.80 per person. We usually buy more evenings in the Specially restaurants, but it's been a while and I don't know what they charge for the additional service fee. Thanks, Kel😁
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