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  1. I was on Royal Caribbean for my honeymoon. Using the flowrider, I fell off as happens to just about everyone eventually. The water pushed me back to the top. I waited up there for the board to come shooting up and get it for my wife who was going next. It whacked me on my toe pretty hard but I didn't think anything of it. I stood behind and watched her go. Glanced down at my foot and saw a decent amount of blood. Went to the little guard station they had next door. Asked for some paper towels and a band aid. She saw the blood and gave me a towel. The moment that I put the towel on my foot I knew something was missing... My big toenail had been ripped clean off. Haha. They immediately ran me down to the Med Center. Doctor grabbed a huge syringe I thought he was gonna inject me with, before I realized it was just to spray antiseptic around the area. Then made sure it wasn't broken and wrapped it up nice and professionally. Told me to come back the next day and they'd rewrap it. No charges whatsoever to me. Had some kind of guest services manager stop by the room and make sure everything went fine and wrote down my version of what happened for the incident. Probably to cover themselves if I was to sue. Honestly the worst part is that we still had 2 1/2 days on vacation and I was told I couldn't get it wet. That meant the excursion we had booked for speedboats in Mexcio was out. Swapped it to ATV's in the jungle instead. Worst idea ever! It meant my foot was squished into a sneaker. It also meant I had to shift the ATV with the foot that of course was affected. Even worse was that it had rained a bunch the prior day in Mexico, so it was very wet and muddy. Probably got just as wet if I had done the boats 😄 My favorite part was going to the buffet and asking for some saran wrap on the last sea day because I was so jealous of everyone going in the pools and stuff. Got some odd looks when I explained what I'd be using it for...
  2. Going on Carnival Sunshine next month stopping at Princess Cay. Don't see parasailing listed as an excursion. Also going to Nassau where it is offered, but we're doing an all day excursion that will not allow time to do this too. Anyone know if it's offered there?
  3. My general rule of thumb is I need to have at least 2 days "at sea" where I'll be able to really enjoy the balcony. I wouldn't think I'd get my true money's worth if I was i a port every day, not being able to really take advantage of the open air nothingness. Just my opinion though. I'm sure there's some folks who love a balcony for people watching in ports 😋
  4. I feel like this is a great Freudian slip 😋
  5. Hmmm, what if I wanted to wear my birthday suit on my birthday?😂
  6. Yeah, money isn't the issue. Right now I'm actually wait listed for traditional dining. If we end up stuck with your time dining, I may take the advice here and book two nights in specialty restaurants. Travel agent said since I want the 8:15pm time, my request will most likely go thru, as that's the less popular choice and more people would take your time dining. We'll see.
  7. Taking my girlfriend on her first cruise. Only planning to do one specialty restaurant night, so she can have the traditional main dining room experience with the sing along's, and familiar wait staff, etc. I haven't been on Carnival in a while and never tried any of their offerings. Was leaning towards Ji Ji as it seemed different than what would most likely be served in the main dining room. But I'm open to advice and being swayed...
  8. Cool, I'm the "turn the phone off and toss it in the safe for the cruise" kind of guy. But my girlfriend has kids that won't be with us. So she understandably wants to stay in touch just in case. Figure I'll just start with the lowest tier plan and if it doesn't work, can always upgrade.
  9. Forgive my ignorance, but would the social plan allow you to use regular text messaging if your phone supports wifi texting?
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