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  1. I'm just a tad surprised to hear that all those people have contacted you privately because they didn't want to express their views on the forum - still, it's an odd world, isn't it. As you so rightly say, "just because you say it is so does not make it so". That's why we have something called evidence.
  2. For heaven's sake, move on. This was all done and dusted a long time ago - accept that you've got it wrong and learn from what others tell you instead of carrying on digging.
  3. Why? It shouldn't affect the percentage of negative/positive feedback reports - though I doubt they'll get anything like the numbers.
  4. Because the feedback system is now online. It's still possible, though, to complete the nomination forms for exceptional service - these can be had at reception. We nominated both the staff providing us with cabin service.
  5. I do very much agree with you, having once had a similar misfortune. The staff were excellent (as they always are) and turned a blind eye to a slight compliance failure on my behalf. I don't think I offended anyone (and apologised profusely to fellow guests) and certainly didn't look too casual, but I did appreciate the sensible exercise of discretion.
  6. Couldn’t agree more. An entirely sensible and practical solution. Not one which will appeal, though, to some of the current P&O customers. It will come, though, sure as eggs, after they’ve ceased cruising. I’ll give it a maximum of 5 years. Probably a lot sooner.
  7. OK. You stick to your view. I’m not naive enough to think that anything could ever change your mind, on this or any other matter.
  8. It’s entirely possible that they’ve reached the conclusion that it’s to all intents and purposes unenforceable.
  9. This was never supposed to start all that argument again - I thought, like most people, that the point had finally been accepted. However, since it seems to have passed you by, and just for the record, the auto-tips go straight into P&O coffers to increase profits and therefore dividend payments to Carnival shareholders (so as one of those, thanks for the contributions!). They do not go to the staff - staff are now paid according to customer feedback (which is why they're so keen to get 100% feedback) and what they get does not depend in any way on whether or not a customer leaves the auto-tips in place. In fact, removing the auto-tips and handing them instead to the staff (as we did) actually improves the very low pay of the staff because they get the money instead of Carnival shareholders - in addition to their bonus payments based on feedback.
  10. Wholeheartedly agree with that!
  11. I feel for you. This whole formal thing is fine for some people, who love it, but others loathe the idea of paying good money for a cruise and being told what to wear by an outfit like P&O! Here's the 'dress code': https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/life-on-board/dress_code Try to find something that complies with it, but don't bother about the 'black and white' and 'tropical' add-ons if you don't want to. I just wear a dark suit to comply with their outdated rules (they'll disappear altogether in the next few years) and that's perfectly fine. Women have a lot more scope. Just dress as suitably as you can, remember that you're the one paying, and be comfortable. Some of the smartest, most expensively dressed people you'll see on formal nights let themselves down as soon as they start speaking!
  12. Stephen Howarth - or at least it was a couple of weeks ago.
  13. P&O do handle allergies well if you've notified them in advance - if not, best let them know. A quite word with the people on the desk as you enter, or with your server, will resolve any issues. I'd avoid the buffet at all costs - it's a scrum at the best of times. The food's good, the staff are excellent - it's the passengers that are the problem. The main dining rooms available to you will be notified - you've chosen well to go for Freedom Dining. Very little waiting unless you want your own table, and you can even specify your chosen table size as you enter. The Epicurean often has a discounted rate for the first night. Exceptional dining by any standard.
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