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  1. I'd be very surprised if that happened - it's extremely unlikely that there'd be any form of organised tipping. But you can't stop individuals from tipping if they choose to, of course.
  2. P&O has its faults, but it is relatively cheap, and mostly I'm OK with it. What's being discussed here, though, is environmental policies. And P&O has to operate as instructed by the Carnival bean counters. I very much doubt whether the 'old' P&O (pre-Carnival) would have flouted international regulations in the way that Carnival companies now do, and I hope that the recent bad publicity forces Carnival and its operating companies to mend their ways. Past history suggests, though, that very little will change. It's cheaper to keep paying the fines than to switch to low sulphur fuel - until, that is, the ships start getting prevented from entering ports or even countries, and that may not be far off.
  3. How do you feel about room service?
  4. Actually, I think it's a fair question, given the changed policy - and I'm genuinely unsure as to what to do. Logically, there's now no need to tip anybody at all, including butlers and those who bring room service food to the cabins - and that would probably be the line I'll be taking. Are we all taking that approach or will some continue to tip?
  5. Or perhaps, more sensibly, customers and potential customers, and even shareholders like me, will put pressure on Carnival to clean up its act.
  6. No conspiracy theory. Just look at the facts, compare them with stated corporate policies, and read the court statements.
  7. The facts regarding Carnival and its attitude to environmental protection and the laws it’s subject to are just that - facts. Not opinions - facts. You can ignore the plainly reported facts and fines if you like, but some people do actually care about the environment we live in.
  8. Really? And just how do you know all that about the so-called armchair environmentalists? Maybe that's just what you'd like to think, and maybe they're genuinely concerned about the damage we're all doing to the environment - and not just by cruising. What does matter is that companies like P&O/Carnival do their bit and act responsibly, and that's very plainly not the case on the basis of all the evidence provided by the various court cases.
  9. I'm never going to convince you, obviously, but pollutants in the wash water include particulate matter and sulphur, as well as metals including lead, nickel and zinc. And as for Carnival following regulatory guidelines, try a few quick Google searches and you'll see just how compliant Carnival is! This for example, one of many: https://www.governmenteuropa.eu/carnival-corporation-air-pollution/93495/ And the Financial Times headline runs: "Carnival cruise ships more polluting than all of Europe’s cars" There are very serious issues here, and we owe it to our children and the planet not to keep sweeping them under the carpet - or under the sea!
  10. You're surely not making that comment seriously are you? The pollutants being dumped at sea include particulate matter, sulphur and metals such as lead, nickel and zinc, and you're happy to see fish that we eat feeding on that? This is a far, far greater issue than the comparatively trivial plastic straws issue, and that's why Carnival companies are sending out emails making it look as if they're doing their bit for the environment. If they really cared, they'd be swtiching to low sulphur fuel, but they're not.
  11. Good to see that some people in here can appreciate the issues involved and the damage cruise ships are doing to the environment. You’re obviously entitled to your own approach on this, however, but some of us are genuinely worried about the impact on the future world our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will have to live in. They’ll be the ones paying the price for our cheap cruises, when the environmental issues could be substantially reduced by the use of less polluting fuels, albeit at higher fares.
  12. There are still last minute bargains to be had, if you’re flexible about your requirements. Booking when prices are first announced is usually best if you want a particular cabin, especially a suite, but on some cruises there’s usually sufficient spare capacity to produce price drops towards the end. The very lowest prices are almost invariably at the end, not the beginning.
  13. There's another difference between CPS and P4C - the refund policies. I was able to receive a full refund from P4C recently for a cancelled cruise which wouldn't have been possible with CPS. In the last 48 hours the CPS refund policy is particularly hard-hitting - no refund at all. CPS Refunds will be made where notice of cancellation is received by CPS 48 hours or more before departure of the ship in question but we will apply an administration charge of 10% (minimum charge £9.00) per booking. P4C If you wish to cancel your booking, please contact us on 02380 232 582 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, or email us on info@parking4cruises.co.uk. If you have selected our Standard or Premium Meet & Greet parking options, there is no fee for cancelling your booking. If you have selected our Budget Meet & Greet package, there is a £10 administrative fee for processing your cancellation.
  14. And yet there's still this pretence that P&O has a different clientele from Butlins! Well maybe it does - I doubt you'd get that sort of behaviour at Butlins.
  15. I’d love to see P&O’s league tables of cabins and suites!
  16. I've used them without problem, and all the feedback on here has been good. I must admit though to being very doubtful about them before I booked and did a lot of checking. Let's see what others say......
  17. No problem. Puzzled by those bad reviews though. I’ve not been able to find them and I’ve never seen a word against them on these forums. We’re talking about the same company? Got me worried now! 🤔
  18. Any number of answers to this, as on previous threads. Best and cheapest might be very different things, too. Are you looking just for parking, or to combine with an overnight in a hotel? If just parking, the two simplest and easiest options are these: https://www.parking4cruises.co.uk/ https://www.cruiseparking.co.uk/ The former will probably be cheaper, particularly on cruises for a week or more, but they both offer very much the same thing.
  19. It would be intriguing to know how the booking algorithms work, but presumably - for whatever reason - C510 was the next cabin to be offered, either online or by P&O staff. It would be nice to think that cabins are allocated like theatre seats - the best available for the price first.
  20. I think you might be rather overoptimistic about P&O - they don't have a good track record (because of their ownership by Carnival) as here, for example: https://phys.org/news/2018-11-french-court-fines-po-captain.html Iona is, I think, the only exception, in that it's fuelled by liquefied natural gas. All the rest use the dirtiest fuel they can get away with. As you say, flying is considerably cleaner - but obviously not if it's a fly-cruise! Friends of the Earth take a very dim view of Carnival companies such as P&O, and they score very badly in most 'green' areas - which is precisely why they're pushing out emails like the one above trying to cover over the real facts. https://foe.org/dont-cruise-criminal-carnival/
  21. Tell me more - never heard of, or seen, this.
  22. We’ll all have received the same email I’m sure, but what really struck me about it was the triviality of most of the measures mentioned. The really big issue is the sheer volume of filthy pollution churned out by cruise ships burning the most polluting sort of fuels imaginable to minimise costs. That’s the real issue, but they don’t like talking about it. Take a look from the stern some time and you’ll see behind you in the far distance a faint yellow haze of pollution, and the soot that appears on balconies is another indication. Not just a P&O issue of course, but we’re all responsible for the high levels of pollution and this big announcement by P&O is just papering over the massive chasms: https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/cruise-ships-air-pollution-dirty-fuel-heavy-oil-europe-ports-nabu-a8502771.html
  23. The system should pick up your details automatically if the name and address details are the same - the passport details should also help. Contact them in the unlikely event that it doesn't - always worth keeping up the status, just in case. Unless they were long cruises, though, it's unlikely you'll get much, if anything, in the way of benefits this time round.
  24. Interesting. But if that means that the furnishings, showers and plumbing aren't renewed - as they would be in an hotel after that level of usage - it doesn't bode well. The suite we had was in a very tired state a few weeks back - uncomfortable saggy sofa etc, shower that refused point blank to drain, flickering lights that couldn't be fixed, and a sort of 'off' smell in the bathroom.
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