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  1. I wasn't really thinking of security. I was thinking more of self-help.......
  2. I'll be amazed if you have any problems. In our experience the people who travel to Iceland are very different indeed from those who head for the sun. Altogether more civilised.
  3. And yet there's still this pretence that P&O has a different clientele from Butlins! Well maybe it does - I doubt you'd get that sort of behaviour at Butlins.
  4. There's a simple answer to that one. Since it's clearly a H&S risk, the offending buggies and prams are best moved out of harm's way to a safer area of the ship - perhaps the lift area, or perhaps further afield. Hunt the buggy's a recognised ship's game, isn't it?
  5. There's a serious message here for anyone from P&O watching these forums (Bazrat) - this needs to be stamped out, and quickly before it starts really to affect bookings badly. There are probably ways to identify large troublesome groups at the booking stage, but even if not such behaviour can certainly be stopped onboard if resources are coordinated properly so that individual staff aren't put at risk.
  6. Best described as large groups of people voyaging together if this thread is to remain.
  7. I’d love to see P&O’s league tables of cabins and suites!
  8. Is there any pattern to where these problem 'guests' choose to stay? I'm assuming they need a block of cabins together - balconies? inside? outside? suites? deck? for example?
  9. This gets more and more worrying. We're booked on Azura, but since both ships are much the same I can't imagine the problem's confined to Ventura. I see it was a sunshine cruise you went on, and these seem to be the worst affected.
  10. I've used them without problem, and all the feedback on here has been good. I must admit though to being very doubtful about them before I booked and did a lot of checking. Let's see what others say......
  11. No problem. Puzzled by those bad reviews though. I’ve not been able to find them and I’ve never seen a word against them on these forums. We’re talking about the same company? Got me worried now! 🤔
  12. Any number of answers to this, as on previous threads. Best and cheapest might be very different things, too. Are you looking just for parking, or to combine with an overnight in a hotel? If just parking, the two simplest and easiest options are these: https://www.parking4cruises.co.uk/ https://www.cruiseparking.co.uk/ The former will probably be cheaper, particularly on cruises for a week or more, but they both offer very much the same thing.
  13. It would be intriguing to know how the booking algorithms work, but presumably - for whatever reason - C510 was the next cabin to be offered, either online or by P&O staff. It would be nice to think that cabins are allocated like theatre seats - the best available for the price first.
  14. I think you might be rather overoptimistic about P&O - they don't have a good track record (because of their ownership by Carnival) as here, for example: https://phys.org/news/2018-11-french-court-fines-po-captain.html Iona is, I think, the only exception, in that it's fuelled by liquefied natural gas. All the rest use the dirtiest fuel they can get away with. As you say, flying is considerably cleaner - but obviously not if it's a fly-cruise! Friends of the Earth take a very dim view of Carnival companies such as P&O, and they score very badly in most 'green' areas - which is precisely why they're pushing out emails like the one above trying to cover over the real facts. https://foe.org/dont-cruise-criminal-carnival/
  15. Tell me more - never heard of, or seen, this.
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