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  1. Personally, there's no way on this earth that I'd book with an agent not accepting credit cards. Much less consumer protection in the event of problems, but apart from that there's often a very good reason (actually a bad reason) why cards aren't being taken. The card companies may not be prepared to allow the use of the facility because they're aware of potential problems. Or it could be that the company simply wants to avoid S75 and chargeback claims. Either way, bad signals.
  2. If you liked that one, you could try a German Eiswein perhaps - supermarkets rarely have it, though Waitrose have had one, and I did once find some in Aldi. Really good for a treat.
  3. Sorry to hear that. It's a horrible thing to happen, and an unpleasant clearing up job. Hope you soon recover from the shock. 😒
  4. Yes - that was my point. The situation in the summer and early autumn was much better. It's deteriorated rapidly since then, and the Christmas proposals will make it even worse still. Madness.
  5. Absolutely! That was a real morale booster. And yet another vaccine on the way for the immuno-suppressed. Next summer is looking a lot more promising.
  6. Graham, I apologise for the discussion of risk and statistics. It’s not intended to be insensitive, given your current situation, but just to understand what the risks are, and how to minimise them. I know you were doing that, but unlucky enough to have needed hospital treatment at just the wrong time. For what it’s worth I’ve just completed 12 days following a similarly risky hospital procedure. Potential incubation period nearly over but it’s been a niggling concern since the procedure. Only an understanding of the statistics persuaded me to take a chance on it. Lesser of two ev
  7. No need, please. Always good to get a second opinion. You and John have provided what appears to be the answer I couldn’t find elsewhere. It makes sense. So the most likely figure is 1 in around 80 people, plus or minus according to where you live. Could be worse, but nothing like the 1 in 500 earlier in the year.
  8. That's the way I look at it. We've modified our behaviour to take account of our local figures. They may not be perfect, but they're better than nothing. From those figures I can gauge what risks we can take, and the situation now is very much worse than it was in September so we act accordingly. I see it as responsible behaviour, as I'm sure you do, but without figures to go on (statistics has unfortunately become something of a dirty word - unfortunately) it's impossible to make those judgments. It's not statistics per se that are the problem. It's the interpretati
  9. You may be right - I have no idea. But if you are, as you may well be, that's quite a discrepancy between two sets of government issued figures.
  10. I absolutely take your point, Avril, but from my point of view, and doubtless countless others, I use those statistics as one of the only avenues open to me to avoid contracting a virus which is likely to be fatal. I could lock myself away completely, never venture even onto the drive or into the village, but the stats allow me to work out an approximate risk of various activities. At the moment there's apparently a 1 in 85 (ish) chance in an average area of meeting someone with the virus. That's a pretty small risk outside, distanced, but if that figure became 1 in 5 (unlikely)
  11. He's right. You can, and accountants do it routinely. No fiddling of receipts and expenditure necessary - just the timing at which they're brought into account, and profits can be brought forward or pushed back to suit. Tesco was a case in point. But you're obviously running a very successful business, and that counts an awful lot more than an accountant shunting profits around between accounting periods!
  12. I see we have some people here as interested as statistics as I am. Can anyone help me out with this Covid conundrum please? The average number of infections across England is around 210 per 100,000 at present. That would suggest to me that you have a 0.21% chance of meeting someone potentially infectious. But the ONS says that it’s 1 in 80/85 people with the infection. That’s around 1,2% - 6 times higher. Where am I going wrong in trying to understand these figures?
  13. You’re right, as usual, Andy, and it’s a very sad story. Statistically, the chances of dying as a result of a Covid infection at that age are extremely small indeed, but it can and does happen. Much the same with heart attacks, or for that matter crossing the road. It’s a tiny percentage incidence rate overall, but 100% if you’re the unfortunate one.
  14. Literally, anything over Strictly in this house. Really can't see the appeal, popular though we know it is. Pretty much anything with 'celebrities' in is a no go area. Than you, Humax - and for allowing adverts to be skipped!
  15. Sorry! Can’t imagine where I heard that little phrase. Or maybe I saw it on the side of a bus. 🙃
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