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  1. That’s a shame. Vesuvius is one of the most closely monitored volcanoes in the world, and there’s likely to be some notice if it looks problematic. If it did erupt, the ship would probably go too, along with Naples and the whole area. Pompeii and Herculaneum were tiny by comparison.
  2. Yes - you can have both: https://ask.pocruises.com/help/PO/before-you-sail/more-info-share-holder
  3. There’s been a lot of discussion in these forums about the changing demographics of people cruising these days with P&O, manners at the table, newspapers read etc.. Maybe the officers don’t like dining with P&O customers any more........😎
  4. I'm never ever going to make it to Ligurian, but I'd hazard a guess that this will not be much appreciated by those who have. It's not as if there was any real cost to it.
  5. I hope you’ve fully recovered. Nasty thing to have. True, though. It’s popping up everywhere. Particularly unpleasant, and particularly easily spread on a cruise ship, especially when proper precautions aren’t enforced - though since handwashing is the only effective way to do that (gels aren’t effective) I’m not sure how you do that.
  6. According to Facebook earlier this afternoon: "We were advised last night we have norovirus on the ship, personal hygiene so important, not sure how many affected but buffet is on service only and dining room was packed and slow this morning, lots of cleaning for last couple of days... Stay healthy peeps" Also a lot of discussion about the celebrated bad smell: "The Azura still has bad smell.. Been reporting it but just getting fobbed off.. As in another post there is supposed to be around 600 affected with norovirus (informed by crew member)" That bad smell has been going on for months, probably longer - unresolved despite all the complaints. People are beginning to link the two problems - perhaps unfairly, but who knows?
  7. Disappointing news about Cunard then, though I suppose the Grill restaurants will be better. At a price. P&O is the budget brand. That's an inescapable fact. But maybe Cunard's little better, in which case it's plainly a Carnival issue. All these cruises are marketed as luxury, which is very plainly not the case (though that depends on your own particular view of luxury). The P&O cheeseboard selection though is more consistent with a pub than a decent restaurant.
  8. Doesn't this thread rather highlight the mismatch between old-style expectations of what P&O used to be, and used to offer, as against the new-style Carnival version which has an entirely different target market? P&O is now the budget brand (with, to be fair, prices that match) and if people want more than that they need to move either to a better Carnival brand (Cunard perhaps?) or to another brand altogether where they haven't pushed things relentlessly downmarket to appeal to customers who aren't looking for what P&O used to offer. Saga is the obvious choice - infinitely better than P&O in every respect, but probably twice the price. P&O does need to watch it, though, because Marella and the like are starting to offer a better all-round experience at much the same price it seems.
  9. Perhaps the thinking is that it will reduce the quantity of food that people can carry to the table?
  10. It’s difficult enough getting hold of the Stilton! And even then it’s frequently of indifferent quality, due to poor storage. With you all the way though on the cheese selection, or lack of. I suspect, yet again, it’s the customer profile.
  11. Same problem here. Almost certainly from the binoculars provided, which I stupidly used without thinking about the risk of eye infection. Never again.
  12. Good to hear that - perseverance, coupled with knowledge of the relevant law, can win through once P&O realise that they're better off settling than risking an adverse precedent which others can use against them.
  13. It's usually Londoners in my experience. It's pretty civilised up here, most people are polite, but if there's any rudeness in the shops it's usually Londoners who've sold up, moved here to a much bigger house, and think they can throw their weight about and be rude to staff in shops. Came across a charming group on Ventura a while back. Drinking soup straight from the bowls and boasting about their wealth. Lovely.
  14. Excellent news for anyone lucky enough to be going. New Year's Eve in Amsterdam is absolutely incredible. One of the best places in the world to be that night. Wild, noisy, amazing. Don't expect a lot of sleep but just a fantastic place to be that night. Used to go almost every year.
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