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  1. I’m glad you did too. Spurred me into action to order something I’d been half thinking about for weeks.
  2. I see exactly what you mean, but it's adjustable and there's even a version for shorter people. The videos are useful too, as a guide to what it's like. Probably a bit of a risk without actually seeing one in the flesh, so to speak, but it exactly fits our needs and the research I've done this morning makes me confident that it will be suitable. Famous last words.........
  3. Really good to hear that, Dermotsgirl! Welcome back. Everyone's appreciated your posts, and missed you.
  4. Apologies to everyone for taking this a bit off-topic, but your earlier post made us both sit down and spend a bit of time getting this sorted out. We've been mulling it over for weeks, but decision now made and order placed. Might possibly be of interest to Indiana too. We've gone for this - a Rollz Motion 2. Pricy, but well designed and doubles up as a rollator and wheelchair. Easily foldable for the car too. Time for me to bite the bullet and start using one!
  5. Thanks for that - I'm very much after one of these myself, for similar reasons. What I'm struggling to find though is something that looks good - something that looks as if it wasn't designed in the 1940s! Found one or two that might fill the bill, but the search continues.......
  6. Here's a little extract from P&O which might help: "Suite guests can enjoy the services of a butler – your own private member of the P&O Cruises team. Butlers are ready to make your life on board that little bit more luxurious. They’re on hand, for example, to: unpack and pack your luggage; book spa treats; make dinner reservations; organise your laundry; assist with in-cabin snacks and food orders, and organise treats such as flowers and cakes. They can even help prepare a pre-dinner cocktail party in your cabin with fizz, fresh fruit and canapés." They'll do a
  7. Morning all, Only in the Mirror, but picked up on Radio 4 this morning: New pill could "kill" Covid within days and be handed out on NHS, scientists say https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/covid-pill-may-potential-end-23979994 Also in the Telegraph yesterday: Revealed: How a single pill home cure for Covid could be available this year Trials of first pill specifically designed to stop SARS-CoV-2 are under way at Pfizer buildings in United States and Belgium No idea whether there's anything in these stories, but if t
  8. I'm sorry to hear that you've been finding it a bit difficult lately - especially after all the earlier efforts. Firstly, may I say that I have absolutely no medical knowledge. Your GP's the best bet for that, obviously, and can make any useful referrals. I'm commenting only because, for very different reasons, I'm in a rather similar situation. Because of a rare long-term neuromuscular disease which only came on a couple of years ago I'm finding walking any distance problematic. The muscles just pack up, and breathlessness also becomes an issue. Not a problem at al
  9. Good to hear! I bet you really appreciate the arrival of Spring and Summer there too after the cold winter months.
  10. Incredible, isn’t it John? Trump was also an untrustworthy liar, and he had quite a following too. The stench of corruption yet again in the Conservative Party does hang around for quite some time, though, as before, and things change. I’m not tied in any way to Labour, by the way. I’ve voted in the past for various parties, often tactically. I just want to see effective government that isn’t corrupt, and this government is both ineffective and corrupt. The only saving grace is the vaccine programme, and 90% of the credit for that goes to the NHS, which the Conservatives have been
  11. The last family holiday before lockdowns included a trip to Harry Potter World near Watford. Children absolutely loved it. My wife made our grandson a Cloak of Invisibility afterwards. Four year old Charlie, after initial excitement but now deeply disappointed: ”Granny, it doesn’t work!” Should have bought the genuine article? 🙄
  12. Good point. Just out of curiosity, anyone know what line they’re taking on the round Britain cruises?
  13. Good news then - couldn't be more convenient for central Amsterdam. Unlike Ijmuiden! Have P&O switched back again then, I wonder?
  14. Speaking as one of them, I can only agree, Kalos! Thank you! It's somewhere between 1% and 3 % of the population. Small percentage, and if the report's to be believed the government's given up on us, but that's still 600,000 - 1.8m people.
  15. Interesting article in the New Statesman: Stephen Pollard's Diary: I have leukaemia, my immune system is in pieces, and so the vaccine is entirely useless for me For everyone suffering with compromised immune systems, lockdown easing remains a source of great anxiety. https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/health/2021/04/stephen-pollards-diary-i-have-leukaemia-my-immune-system-pieces-and-so
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