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  1. Very happy memories of Scotney Castle Gardens - and all the NT properties in and around Kent/Surrey/Sussex. Loved Chartwell too, Sissinghurst, Bateman's, Sheffield Park Gardens - an almost endless list. Sadly, we're not as well served where we are now, but back then there was somewhere to go every weekend, and all included in the membership.
  2. I'm not advocating that approach, Kalos - just mentioning it as one of the options increasingly being pushed by some MPs. I'd be directly affected, and very adversely, but I can also see the other viewpoint, which is that if the economy crashes completely everyone suffers - including the old and the clinically vulnerable. I'm waiting for surgery at the moment (the fourth in three years) and I'm pretty keen to get it done before Covid really kicks off, if it's not too late already. I want the NHS to survive, and I don't want to see it swamped, as it has been. If it's swamped again, as it was earlier, huge numbers of people are going to miss vital tests and equally vital surgery. There is no right answer, but keeping the NHS functioning must surely be one of the highest priorities, and it certainly isn't functioning properly at hospital level at present. Not the fault of the staff in any way, or the managers - both are doing their level best. But it is the fault of the politicians for their constant meddling and interference, and constant underfunding, even though this pandemic has been predicted for years. Do we really need to have Public Health England replaced at such a critical time? And do we really want Dido Harding of all people, with failure after failure under belt, to head it? When I see headlines like this in the Telegraph, I despair. Maybe she'll do it in partnership with Chris Grayling? Health chiefs react with dismay as Dido Harding suggested as possible candidate for NHS top job
  3. I can understand that - it must be awful. The ability to sit down with friends in the garden, or even just chat to people as they pass by, has made life since the infection rate dropped much nicer, even though we can't safely go out shopping etc.. My concern about the new measures is that they'll do very little, unlike the Scottish measures, to stop the rate of infection from increasing - and increasing fast. That seems to be the consensus view of leading scientists, and if we're doing too little, too late again, as we did in March, a full lockdown and a dysfunctional NHS beckons once more. Time will tell, and I can understand the relief that we aren't following the Manchester example, or the Scottish one, but if it leads to an out of control infection rate again, which I suspect it will, what's been achieved in reality? There is another option - basically lock down the old and the vulnerable and leave everything else to function more or less normally, and the hard liners are pushing for that, but it's politically a high risk strategy.
  4. A difficult day for you both, Andy. Hope it goes well for you all, insofar as funerals can, and that you get dry weather for that contemplative walk. Harry
  5. Absolutely agree with you on Tristan. The only disappointment in the casting. Seems to come across as too arrogant, and lacking Davison’s natural charm, but to be fair to the actor, maybe that’s the way he’s been asked to play it.
  6. Here's a nice bit of pure escapism to cheer people up - on Channel 5, which has changed and improved enormously since being sold by the awful Richard Desmond (see Robert Jenrick) and was voted 2020 Channel of the Year by the Royal Television Society: All Creatures Great and Small - beautifully remade. About three episodes in, well reviewed, and available on My 5 to catch up.
  7. Me too. Especially when they, very occasionally, kept paying out pennies. I remember the horseracing game on Clacton Pier, and the Clowns you fed with ping pong balls. Was there one at Walton too? Best, though, was the dodgems - cheaper at Walton, like most of the rides.
  8. Walton-on-the-Naze to Southwold. Talk about contrasts! Visiting the pier? Aldeburgh has the best fish and chips though.........🐡
  9. I'm ashamed to admit that I'm useless in the kitchen, but my wife is a genius. Passata, yes, but a whole heap of other things. 40+ kilos so far, still producing, and nothing's been wasted. There was a year when it was courgettes arriving every day in a different guise - this year it's tomatoes. Which is good, because I get bored very quickly with courgettes, but never tomatoes. The Christmas new potatoes are looking good, and planning for next year's under way. She's a remarkable woman, and fortunately loves every minute of it!
  10. Good crop of apples here too, and huge quantities of tomatoes. Nothing goes to waste, but we could do with (yet) another freezer!
  11. Happy Anniversary! And a great breakfast choice too. Really love their breakfasts as a bit of a treat - great start to the day.
  12. I've never even seen GMB, and I don't care for Piers Morgan, but I do very much object to very well rewarded public servants - Ministers - hiding away and refusing to face legitimate media questions because they know they're going to make fools of themselves. This government has a track record of avoiding scrutiny - even during PMQs - and when you're expecting the public to comply with stringent policies and laws it's not a sensible or effective approach.
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