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  1. We were in and out of San Juan last month on royal Caribbean and that would have been doable. We board Star Legend this weekend and anticipate it being even easier to disembark.
  2. Seeing whales in the Caribbean near Dominica was unexpected. I’m in search of a Narwhal in Norway or the Arctic. So much travel to do. Of course Hawaii is awesome for whales since they are so active there.
  3. Nothing yet..spent 3 weeks + 1 more week on Star Breeze and didn't see much, but always watching. Very calming for me to be on the water. I am a whale lover and have been lucky enough to see some in unusual places. Heading to the Caribbean on the Legend and will be watching...
  4. So did we!! See you on the 9th 🙂 We are staying on for 14 days. I usually like deck 4 because I like to be close to the water for viewing nature, but we will happily enjoy our balcony on deck 6.
  5. We are leaving on the 6th of October. Any tips or suggestions? We have been to all the ports before, so will likely do our own thing. Did you do anything in particular that you would highly recommend? Just booked 2 days ago so still in the planning stage for us...
  6. Thanks for quick response. I usually get something from rccl about what to pack, but not this time.
  7. Are there any formal nights? We are doing Southern Caribbean out of San Juan very soon...just booked. It's a 7 day
  8. I agree with everything you stated. The reason we didn't go for Haven is the lowest category was over $10,000 when we booked, even reduced it's $7000 now. I'm just disappointed, and I know this is real life, that we are not treated the same when we purchase the same cruise. I know everyone does it, but I don't have to like it. I'm having a bad couple of weeks healthwise and ....sorry to vent.
  9. You are 100% correct. I wish that had been available for this cruise. Also, if you are booking for a special occasion and book early, often those rates are not available. Right now the interline Haven rate is higher than what is posted on NCL.
  10. You do not know anything about me or what I go through in my life. You are lucky that people on this page will not be judging you in the end. Prayers for you!! Wish you only the best!!
  11. Over 50 cruises. Not new. I have been cruising for over 30 years. I know how it goes; fair or not. Also, my husband is an international airline captain....I know how to travel. All I am saying is, I think everyone should get the option to bid. I'm not special and I booked what we would be happy with. If my other Haven experiences had been remarkable, I might be singing a different tune.
  12. Pass by if you like, I am going to rant. We are sailing the Baltic this month and we paid full price ( no reduction because mini w large balcony sold out). We did not receive upgrade email. NCL said who receives this email is totally random and no reason why we didn’t receive it, other than random... Of course I can pay another 2,000 and upgrade to Haven for another full price cabin, but to be honest, I just don’t want to pay NCL another penny. Why would you make upgrades totally random and not just offer to everyone who is eligible? Well, we ended up with all kinds of extra time to vacation, so contemplated booking the cruise before ours and doing back to back. Well, it would have been a hassle as we would have to change cabins in between and they were not helpful at all. The funny thing is, if I had been able to upgrade to Haven, I would have booked Haven outright for the additional cruise. We have sailed Haven before, just to clarify, and we have never used the upgrade program to cruise Haven. So, we have planned a wonderful extended trip, but not with NCL. We are avid cruisers and are Platinum with NCL. Icing on the cake...it’s my birthday trip🎂
  13. Yes. However....We booked 9 months ahead for our cruise leaving next month and I didn't receive the offer to bid. Apparently, per NCL, the offer is random. Book what you will be happy with. Thank goodness we did 🙂
  14. I would choose the mini suite. We had a normal balcony on Escape and it was too small. Mini suites are the smallest I will do for a week or longer.
  15. I can find them from RCCL Royal UP, but only confirmations for a bid, not the invite from NCL....will have to keep looking. Thanks!! Update...found old invitations...did not work
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