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  1. If you are over 70, you need to have a doctor's note saying you are fit to sail.
  2. Doesn't matter what you think. Physiologically 70 year olds as a group are at far greater risk. There are exeptions, for sure, but they had to draw an arbitrary line in the sand. No different than voting age is 18, drinking age is 21, age of consent is (most states) 15, you get Medicare at 65.
  3. They treated you appropriately for the policies at the time. See if your credit card will cover some of it. You weren't treated differently because you are a senior nor because you've been on 5 other cruises.
  4. As someone who is high risk, I'm glad my next cruise isn't for 6 months. By then we will definitely know the full effect of the coronavirus. If my Italy cruise was next week, I wouldn't be going. I am going to Cancun next week as we'll be out in the sunshine. Whether or not we are going to San Francisco at the end of the month is undetermined.
  5. It's very nice to have the privacy... Impossible to have romance with kids in the room.
  6. It is actually the bartender's responsibility to monitor and not over serve patrons who are obviously past normal intoxication. And to the OP, I'm sorry you had to go through this. It's very worrisome to see a family member go through this. Now that you are back, are you or his father able to talk to him about it? If you had video evidence, that would be even better. However, people who drink to that level are often in deep denial. Good luck.
  7. If you are in North America, other areas have different rules..
  8. Excellent! And just as important, I hope your child is on the mend and that she didn't share it with everyone else in your family.
  9. You don't say when the cruise is. If it is all paid for and coming up shortly, your friend can just be a "no show", you go by yourself and have a great time, your friend gets back port fees, taxes and anything else that was prepaid. You pay nothing more, but you do qualify for double points. Up until, I believe, 72 hours before the sailing, you can change the name and have someone different come with you for sail no adjustment in price. If it's before the final payment, you both can cancel, you both lose your nonrefundable deposit. If just your roommate cancels, you may have to reprice the room for a single supplement at that cabin category's current price. I just went through this with a friend for a land trip. I pointed out that we still travel even though 18,000 Americans have already died of the flu this year.
  10. No, you have to go into every cruise and check it out. It is now much more cumbersome.
  11. After 44 years, I still like to sleep with my husband... It was worth hopping over the end.
  12. We did a sideways room because it was cheap. It was also incredibly small, and the bed was jammed against the wall unit, so I had to hop over the end when getting out of bed. There's no privacy when the door is opened. And there's not enough floor space for two people to be getting dressed at the same time. I'd do it again only if it was ridiculously cheap and it was a port filled trip. Otherwise, no way.
  13. I can't get bored! It's beautiful, whether it's sunny, rainy or foggy. We did sit in the solarium at times, we went to the movies, we went to the enrichment lectures, listened to live music around the ship, took naps, drank alcohol (or drank, then napped) enjoyed a leisurely lunch..
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