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  1. Do you remember which night was the chocolate buffet? Which nights were formal nights?
  2. Thanks to everyone who answered. You guys are the best!
  3. Was hoping to find out before we are on the ship.
  4. Can anyone tell me where this muster station is? Inside or outside? Tried searching for the location, but am not finding any information. Thank you in advance.
  5. Thank you. I was hoping someone who had stayed in these cabins would see the post and post on their experience. I know it is a long shot but I could not find out this information.
  6. Thank you. After having no luck finding an answer that is exactly what I did. lol
  7. Harmony cabins 7688 and 7677, can someone advise if these two cabins would be assigned the same lifeboat. I have tried searching but can not find anything that tells me how they choose which lifeboat a cabin is assigned to. How do you figure this out before your cruise?
  8. Good for you!!!!!! You are a great advocate for your son! My daughter cruised with her service dog, often, and she encountered some very rude cruisers. I mean really RUDE. Even swore at her! The only good thing I can say about some of them is they helped her develop a thick skin which a special needs person needs to survive, sad to say. Keep advocating for your son!
  9. You have Marc Walker on both the Harmony and Mariner. Anyone know for sure where he will be on September 22?
  10. Would you please post the 340 level list? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for all the posts, but am so confused by the conflicting reports. :confused::confused::confused: Any one know for sure?
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