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  1. I am confused. We are booked on the April 14th Cruise. We just cancelled and of course we paid in full. The cancellation fees are going to future cruise credits but what happens to the rest of the payment we made?
  2. We have already paid in full for our April Hawaii cruise but now getting nervous. Anyone else considering canceling?
  3. Thinking about downsizing from a mini suite to a balcony cabin for my next cruise on the Caribbean ship. I know there are no bathtubs but are the closets smaller than the mini suites?
  4. I was just on the Royal and there was no Walk For The Cure. We have been on 12 other Princess Cruises & this is the first time there was no walk.....and October is Breast Cancer month. Had Princess eliminated this charitable event?
  5. Just received our cabin assignment. Does anyone have any info on this cabin?
  6. Sailing out of San Pedro. Will a 22" x 14" suitcase fit through the TSA Scanner?
  7. If you don't have a cabin assignment yet, will your medallions still be mailed to you or will we have to pick them up at the dock?
  8. Our cruise is 30 days out and we still have not been assigned a cabin. We are guaranteed a mini Suite category MF but no assigned cabin yet. This has never happened before. Anyone else having this problem?
  9. We have booked a mini suite but have not been assigned a cabin yet. Are there any mini suites under the sky walk?
  10. Light clothing is fine for dinner. Maybe a thin sweater if it’s chilly in either the dining room or the theater. Most of my dresses are sleeveless and I was fine in the dining room on our Alaska cruise.
  11. Might be a silly question....but is there a how to video on how to scan our passports into our iphones Ocean Ready App?
  12. Do we have to wear the medallions? I prefer to wear a watch and nice bracelets, not the ugly wristbands. Can we just keep them in a purse?
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