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  1. Well we're all in Lock Down in the UK - cant even visit my elderly parents unless its to leave food on the doorstep- 1 walk a day and only out for necessities such as food and medicine - having said that feel that we personally are doing Ok. Doing our best to assist those who need it - and sending positive thoughts to those who need it.
  2. Ooh what cabin number? - we have one in the autumn! Very excited!
  3. Ooh thank you for this - we will be doing our first ever back 2 back on the Sky in November so excited to follow your adventures. so glad you are well enough to travel, and so sorry to hear about your loss.
  4. Are Princess changing the drinks packages - the coffee card seems to be absorbed into a premium drinks package and the soft drinks package is discontinued - or is this just in the UK? Thanks for advice!
  5. Hi - can anyone tell me if the beds are under the window or against the wall in these cabins on the Emerald deck. Thank you.
  6. We have never used the sanctuary but are thinking of doing so for our panama canal traverse in November so I also would be interested to hear peoples opinions. Thank you
  7. Thanks for all the advice - very much appreciated. Only another 226 days :-)
  8. Hmm - perhaps I'll think about changing ...first time we have used a princess booked hotel overnight so all new to us!
  9. OOh thats good news - love a good burger.!!
  10. OOh so excited have recently booked the Coral for a full transit ...
  11. Aw we beat you - we fly in Nov 1 ! As my husband says it's only for 1 night 🙂 ! Seems ages to wait.
  12. I have just seen from our itinerary that we have been allocated Shula's hotel and golf resort in Miami - any thoughts? Or would Fort Lauderdale be better? Thank you for your above comments.
  13. Hi - we are flying in from the UK to Miami the day before our cruise in November. Princess have booked us a hotel for the night but at this point were unable to tell us which one. Just curious to know if its likely to be in Miami or Fort Lauderdale and which hotels they tend to use. Thank you.
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