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  1. I forgot to add (and it's too late to edit) that the photo above was on the Freedom.
  2. IIRC, getting in and out of that bench seat involved the wait staff pulling out the table then pushing it back in place. No way anyone (other than a child or small adult) could squeeze between those tables.
  3. I've posted this photo previously and it shows the typical distance between two tops that are side to side. The person at table 187 sitting on the bench would definitely have a tight squeeze getting in/out.
  4. Well, that would not be the first time (or last, I'm guessing) that a CSR gave out totally incorrect information. As others have stated, show up when you want. The official Carnival policy on FTTF boarding is as follows: "A dedicated security and check-in lane has been set aside for all Priority guests on embarkation day. FTTF guests will board after VIFP Diamond, Platinum and guests traveling in deluxe suite accommodations."
  5. The usual caveat about trying to keep cabins above and below you applies, and it appears the 8244 is below the Serenity Deck bar which should be relatively quiet most of the time. That cabin is just one deck down from the Serenity and the buffet so I think it's a pretty good pick. We've stayed in VS cabins and loved them except for the last night in the deck 4 VS this past Summer - there was some sort of party or event going on in the MDR directly below and it was quite loud until about 11PM.
  6. This is probably the main reason for lack of mention on this forum of the Legend. It has been spending five months in Alaska (as the only ship Carnival sends there) and seven months in Australia though, as alluded to, it's moving to Tampa in just a few days. Next June it's moving to Europe for five months before returning to Tampa. ETA: we've sailed Legend twice, once to the Western Caribbean and once to Alaska. We do like the Spirit class ships best.
  7. I agree about the Behind the Fun tour being informative but it doesn't cover the engine room (unless it's changed recently). It does however go to the engine control room where a question like this can be asked of the engineers on duty and I'm sure they will answer. Where's our friend Chief (chengkp75) on this??
  8. I will throw in my vote for a portable concentrator, specifically the Inogen One G3. My mother has one and it has really freed her to do all the normal things she needs and wants. It's lightweight (about 5 lbs.), and easy to carry with the accompanying bag but the only downside is the price. Something to definitely consider, as others above have mentioned.
  9. The S&S cards, as mentioned above, will be in a sealed envelope in the mail slot outside the cabin door. Once your suite friends can access their cabin (around 1:30PM), they can get their cards in that envelope.
  10. I've made wifi calls from a cruise ship and there was no charge - not from the cruise line or my cell carrier. If the phone is in airplane mode, then wifi only turned on to make calls, there is nothing to be charged (beyond what has already been paid for the internet package).
  11. Agree with the previous post, a good deal indeed.
  12. These look more like a GS than an OS.
  13. I have several photos from OS cabin 7282 on Conquest, the problem is that no single photo will be able to adequately show the totality of it. I would be glad to post what I have and perhaps one of them will suit your needs?
  14. Thank you for confirming. It's a shame it is that way since other cruise lines (I won't name the one I'm thinking of) makes it really easy to use GC's for pre-cruise purchases online. Oh well....
  15. We've never used Princess GC's previously but since the AARP program for discounted cards is ending next week, we're thinking of purchasing some. I've searched this board for an answer to this question and I "think" I know but need some confirmation. If you want to used the GC's for pre-cruise purchases (beverage package, excursions, gratuities, internet, etc.) do you (or your TA) have to call Princess to make that happen? There doesn't appear to be any way via the Princess web site to use the GC's for those purchases (credit card or PayPal only) so am I correct in assuming those pre-cruise type purchases with gift cards can only be made via telephone?
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