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  1. No, we're on the 5/1 LA to Vancouver repo cruise on Royal. Assuming we actually get to go on that cruise. 😒
  2. Yes. For some reason, that itinerary had a 90 day final payment window. I was surprised when I booked it that it wasn't 75 days.
  3. We're in almost the exact situation: the final payment date for our May 2021 California Coastal cruise is 1/31/2021 and if things haven't significantly improved (including the availability or very near availability of a vaccine) by next January, we will likely have to cancel. We would hate that but need to feel safe as well.
  4. Same here except it's not for the entire month of July. Looking forward to it while also hoping our May 2021 cruise still happens. If not, well it may be another beach house next summer! 😁
  5. Alrightey.... like I mention, I've been wrong before and here's another example. Thank you for the info! 🙂
  6. After reading this thread (and others on this topic) I have to really consider if cash flow isn't the largest issue right now. I don't know the internal financials of any cruise line but with the top line virtually cut off for now I don't know where the $$'s would come from. NCL obviously got a nice infusion from a big investor but I haven't heard of anything like that happening for Carnival Corporation.... but I've been wrong before.
  7. I certainly hope your hunch is correct. We're booked on the Royal early next May for the last CA coastal prior to it moving to Alaska; while that's six months further out than the OP's, it's encouraging to think that these coastal type cruises may well go as scheduled.... assuming there's not another big spike in Covid-19 infections prior.
  8. Maybe. Or, perhaps, since a lot of us only travel with enough meds for the planned length of our trip (those little daily pill boxes) and those folks are probably running out (if not already), they are making sure those passengers have continued medications.
  9. I was responding to the OP's specific question about being denied into port, I said nothing about the virus being detected on Westerdam. Perhaps my "same situation" phrase was misleading or was unclear? Apologies if so.
  10. HAL Westerdam was in that same situation in Asia at the same time as Diamond.
  11. Thank you for doing the research and clearing it up but I wasn't concerned. The reason for my post was in response to several other comments (long since deleted) accusing Princess of having CC delete that entire thread because they didn't like the negative content (including the letter you mention). The conspiracy theorists were out in force that day, I guess. 🙄
  12. Put me down as skeptical of this notion that Princess had anything to do with the "On the Grand" thread being deleted. The cruise lines do purchase advertising space on this web site but as far as Princess "sponsoring" this forum, well, right now there are a couple of items above advertising a "Win a 7 Night Cruise on Royal Caribbean...." and I don't believe Princess would stand for that if they truly had influence with CC over this forum and it's contents. If anyone wants to know why that thread has disappeared, just email the forum moderators and ask (community@cruisecritic.com). When I've done that in the past, I've always gotten fairly prompt and reasonable responses.
  13. You could have left off your last sentence. COPD is not a contagious situation and it seems you're equating it with an airborne disease. My apologies if that was not your intent.
  14. There is an article here on CC that was posted earlier today with each cruise lines current status on policies and cancellations - the Carnival section mentions nothing about the type of considerations listed in the TMZ article: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5016/ TMZ sometimes appears as a sketchy or questionable source due to the types of stories they report but, generally, they do get the story right. I just don't know where they got that information on Carnival, especially in the absence of any other publicly available stories to back it up.
  15. Cabin 11268 I think for sure would be problematic in terms of noise but 11264 is under cabin 12218 so it might be OK. If you like that deck and area of the deck, I would try to move a few cabins further forward, like maybe 11254 and 11256 or move to the starboard side with 11257 and 11259 or 11253 and 11255.
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