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  1. Ships are in already so I am hopefully their economy doesn't take another hit and you get to enjoy your dinner. As an aside - I notice many people mentioning when they are away, some with photos of who you are- Does no-one worry about advertising your absence. Sometimes I have wanted to ask about actual sailings, but always hold off, as not sure about saying when I am away and what effect that could have on any insurance claim if the worst was to happen,
  2. Carnival and holland have made it in today. But still ongoing reports of tremors and power out in some of San Juan along with other areas
  3. The main hospital in Jan Juan has just had power restored but the rest of the town is mainly still off the grid.
  4. And more info https://twitter.com/i/status/1214563473788555265
  5. I am watching cruisemapper, Carnival, Ncl Encore and Nieuw Amsterdam all still seem to be heading San Juan.
  6. Are the planned visits to PR going ahead OK - Can you report back if all is OK at pier and town mainly wrt electicity as weather.com reporting it is now out across the island. I believe not much damage to that area of island can you confirm this as well. Feeling very sorry for the islanders if this impacts them too much
  7. I just checked some other cruise ships on marine traffic and they still seem to be heading that way today. I think the main damage was on the south coast but have heard via weather.com that an almost island wide black out is underway as the power stations were shut down as a precaution. Experts are warning of a week of this continuing so not sure what the Cruise lines will do especially in the light of the disaster in NZ a few weeks back. Not really bothered what happens to our port more on the impact to locals both from the quakes and then from a potential hold on visitors. Having said that I am not a risk taker at all so if there is any risk I hope we stay away.
  8. No 4 - The Willow tea rooms Charles Renni Mackintosh styled tea rooms - nice little break in a traditioal Scottish tea room (the original design for these can be seen in the Glasgow art Galleries where his wife- Margaret Macdonald (and her sister) art influence can be seen in his designs No 5 house of Frasers shop city center near no 4 worth a look in as very unique building for a shop No6- Cup coffee shop- you can book amazing afternoon teas (my favorite place for this) in here - use Itison for discounts. The building is just stunning Make sure book/go to the Renfield st one 5 mins walk from frasers and city chambers (there are a few of this brand in glasgow) Others places to visit People palce Transport museum- and visit to sailing ship the Glen Lee And lucky the Waverley could be in its home dock and you may get a glimpse of her too but you can't visit her there You would also pass through Glasgow Central station there are also some lovely park areas that you would pass through see. Kelvingrove park separating the uni and the Art galleries. The Glasgow green where the Peoples palace is and George square where you will find the City chambers.
  9. No1 University of Glasgow (but I am biased here lol, All my family (dad father inlaw, brother, brother and sister in-law husband and both our girls studied here and to top that I met my husband on my first day here age 16yrs old lol.) - free The uni hosts a mock up of Charles Rennie Mackintosh home- Hunterian museum (original was knocked down due to subsidence) with his furniture - now the Glasgow school of art has been destroyed this is home to some really precious stuff for us Scots - there is a charge for this No 2 Right below the uni is the Glasgow art Galleries - amazing building inside and out- free No 3 City Chambers at Goerge square city center - free tours can be arranged here
  10. Good to know and a good reminder of that 'USA perk' to consider if prices are near the same. I even got a upgrade after final payment I just emailed my TA to say I know its after final payment but could she ask if there was anything X could do in way of a sweetner - obviously no price drop but got bumped a few grades (in same OV cat) as there was three rooms all bumped to next to each other in very large OV (could have put at ;east 4 beds in 2 of them)
  11. I noticed the suite thing for my next cruise I booked 7 nights on the edge from ft Lauderade for £1350 total for 2 in an IV cabin with UK TA but via US was coming out at nearer £1980 with same perks (but aditional TA obc of $250). However, the suite price was £600 less with more OBC using the USA TA - on saying that doing move up after UK booking would still have been less than the USA TA price.
  12. Same here, but rules are rule. I use a TA in the USA sometimes, just use google to find one - then to be risk free check that no money goes viva them instead straight from your bank to the cruise line. Also on line you can find a site that allows TA's to contact you with their best price and best OBC offers for a certain cruise. Recently, I have actually found on UK TA's offering better prices than the USA TA's (due to exchange rates) so check carefully also remember if you are not paying it all now the rate can change against you too.
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