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  1. I think it may have been pulled at the last minute as it was going to impact some my family and they are OK now
  2. Same ruling in Scotland. If a mask is required in any guidance then it is not acceptable to be replaced with a visor. Any premises doing so can be closed down. (probably temporary but not heard of it happening yet). As soon as this was put in place all cafes and bars now used masks.
  3. Carnival have just pulled all Cunard sailing until March 2021 their press release has this in it "After very careful consideration and reviewing the latest guidance, we simply do not feel it would be sensible to start sailing again with our current schedule so we have reviewed future itineraries." Some friends in travel industry are expecting other carnival subdivisions to follow suit but the powers above them have not given any indication which ones.
  4. Hi it looks like your knowledge of this stuff is much more advanced than mine I only ever worked on the target drug substances and then latterly the drug product formulation. The mode of action of the drugs was always beyond me! lol. However, with my lack of Lymphocytes ( well near zero ) I have a personal interest in finding out how that impacts the function of this type of vaccine. Can you shed any light on this for me and for any other hopeful future cruisers in the same boat (no pun intend) as me?
  5. that's kind of what I meant. Costa and MSC usually have mixed clientele. Last Costa (only and last lol- amazing Itinerary and entertainment but the food was so poor) I went on last year had a lot of french as well as Italians along with quite a few UK people and eastern EU as well. MSC has similar clientele (but I think less french than Costa). I will be curious as what they will do with their UK clients, especially those from Scotland as our restrictions on travel are tighter than other UK nations, as virus levels here are now a good bit lower than rest of UK. I have quite a few Yacht club friends that are waiting to find out as they are booked in Sept /Oct. Meant to be sailing from Barcelona as yet no update
  6. I am just not that sure that this will go anything like as smoothly as they suggest. Just today one of the main ports towns Barcelona has just gone under restrictions. Some others areas in Spain already have gone back to lockdown. The Baltic and Adriatic ports along with some parts of Greece and now also under strain due to upticks in cases. Different countries have now created differing lists of allowed place to visit with 14 day quarantine imposed on either arrival or return to home country (for example I can not go to some Baltic or Adriatic countries or to Spain Sweden and Portugal without a 14 quarantine on my return . At best I can see cruises like MSC doing cruises round their own home country and a few select 'safe' islands. here is TUI lastest update and I have heard more are to be added in the next week or so Marella Cruises sailings on or before 27 August 2020 and all sailings detailed below– All sailings on Marella Celebration– Sailings on Marella Discovery 2 from Naples, Asia and the Middle East up to 30 April 2021– Sailings on Marella Dream from Palma up to 4 May 2021– Marella Discovery sailings on or before 31 October 2020, and from Jamaica in December 2020 and January 2021, and sailings on 2 and 9 February 2021– Marella Explorer 2 sailings from Naples between 5 May 2021 to 20 October 2021, and the 90s v 00s Sunsets cruise on 5 September 2020
  7. I was in Sandwich in R&D and later in Reg CMC Sandwich. We probably crossed paths either in Sandwich, Groton or at a DSTF lol 2 year Remission now, got to see my youngest daughter 21st her graduation and her and my elder daughters engagements and also squeezed a few cruises in - so all and all a very good 2 years.
  8. Yip, I owe my life to that drug and to the QE(II) Glasgow NHS staff who got me through a 6 month (bar the odd day out here and there) stay.
  9. Off - topic but just wanted to say I worked for them as a research Scientist my whole career but had to give up when my eldest daughter took ill. I was so proud to be doing my dream job of looking for cures, it was all I ever planned to do since about 12yrs old and I was so sad to let my career go but knew I had too. A few years ago I took ill with a rare form of ALM leukemia my chances were next to nill. I was put on a trial drug - nicknamed the Nuclear option as not too many people seemed to get through the trial but those that did make it seemed to do better than expected. It was a no brainer, I went on the randomized trial hoping I would get the new treatment. I did & that was now 2 yrs ago 😊 during my treatment I asked to be told nothing about the trial or my chances (I read the risk page only to sign and ignored the other pages). Being from field would have made it very hard to not start reading all the research papers I could find, and I knew mentally and physically I did not have the strength to do that. When my eldest took ill I did all that, and even fought her corner and won as my background allowed me to put a portfolio of a very convincing case together to get a treatment that was not yet available in the uk free. But I knew how much I got involved and how much it took out of me . Only after 1 yr remission did I ask for info about the trial I was on .... Karma.... it was a trial involving a Pfizer drug I couldn't believe it.
  10. My daughter got given a credit note for canceled Iceland air flights. She did not want that she wanted her money back but at that time the airline was just not playing ball. She contacted her bank (credit card booking) and they took up the case and she was refunded in full. The bank were fully aware that she had been issued a credit voucher she did not want & that did not make any difference to the refund.
  11. This is not just a problem for the elderly. I got Leukemia in my 40's now been in remission for 2 yrs. I was allowed to start cruising again last year. However, due to the treatment (trial drug that saved my life as without I had less than 5% chance so not complaining that its left a few issues) I have been left with no Lymphocytes. As a result there is a high chance vaccines may not work as I probably don't make enough T-cells. I am not allowed to travel anywhere that has endemic Rabies (it would be against consultants advice thus apart for being a stupid thing to do I would also not be insured) as post bite injections may not work. I am also not allowed to go in a swimming pool, as virus and mold would be too high a risk for me (I used to swim about 1/2 mile every week day too & miss it really badly). It won't matter how much vit C, D zinc or anything else I would take, I would still have very little immunity. I am sadly expecting to be told by my consultant team that my cruise days may be over at least for a few years until we see how this plays out. At the min (under consultants instruction) I have been in lockdown in my house (& garden) since 28th feb, no visitors allowed until last weekend and now only 1 other household in garden 2m away. So its not only the over seventies that will be affected if a vaccine that works without the activating of t-cells can't be found- There are a few being investigated but they always lag behind the main t-cell instigator type as the requirement to get a bulk vaccine that hits the spot for about 70% is understandably more of a priority right now.
  12. https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-tui-suspends-all-package-holidays-and-cruises-and-asks-for-state-aid-082549258.html All cruises cancelled now
  13. also asking for a bail out according to yahoo fianace Coronavirus: TUI suspends all package holidays and cruises and asks for state aid https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/coronavirus-tui-suspends-all-package-holidays-and-cruises-and-asks-for-state-aid-082549258.html
  14. You haven't been to Scotland in our Summer then
  15. UK government estimates that we have between 5000 to 10000 cases in the country . https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/health-51862922/up-to-10000-in-uk-likely-to-have-coronavirus-chief-scientific-adviser
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