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  1. I found cruise critic in February 2003. I booked a cruise for our 30th anniversary. It was a once in a lifetime vacation for our 30th anniversary. I spent so much time on the Royal Caribbean website looking at everything there was cruise wise. The Royal website had a link to cruise critic, so I checked out the site ….. low and behold they had everything, and anything related to cruising. I read every single post pertaining to Royal Caribbean cruises. I checked out posts on ports and received so much information about the Western Caribbean cruise that we were going on. then
  2. Good Morning. I am up 0.6# this week ... Not surprised!!! I have now gained 20# since covid started, and at that time I wanted to lose an additional 17# - so now I'd like to lose 37#, but I think I'm going to stick with losing about 25#. How I'm going to do it I'm not sure. Izena - New cars are always scary - My car is a Buick Encore and I love it - nothing fancy, but it does have the ability to pair my cell with the car - I was proud that I could do it myself!!! I've had the car almost two years and have all of 6,000 miles on it. Last Friday I parked it in front of my house o
  3. I too have insomnia - I am exhausted at 10:00 pm and go to bed and then toss and turn .... I find that if I read my kindle for awhile it makes it easier to sleep - I then wake up about 4 am and end up reading for a little while. I finally go back to sleep at 8 am and then sleep very deeply until about 10:30-11:00. Really odd. I have a hard time turning my mind off ... and its been really difficult trying to realize that I cannot fix everyone's problems - relaxing with a book helps. Jan
  4. Forgot to post that once I remembered to weigh myself, I stayed the same ! Jan
  5. I actually didn't remember that yesterday was weigh in day! (Only been coming to this board since 2003!!! I'm sure that I am either the same or up. Snacked a little to much this week. I will try to weigh myself tomorrow. Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Jan
  6. We went to the veterans cemetery on Monday and visited with DH's parents - we didn't get there last year due to the pandemic - everyone was there including the governor. It was good to spend some time talking with DH's parents. Spent some time in the garden and with the dog. Today I went with DD to her ultrasound and saw the baby - everything is going well ... about 1 month left. I need to start exercising more, I will meet with my trainer tomorrow. Welcome Optimusprime82. Hope everyone is doing ok. Jan
  7. Ombud - please stick around (or even lurk), but sticking is even better. Even when we get to the size we want ... it is always helpful to have friends to talk with!. Jan
  8. Jo - we have had the same weather - It actually got over 90 one day (it was wonderful) - then down to the 40's -- I'm going to wait a few days before I start planting. I don't understand about waiting 4 months for a second dose ... is it an additional after the first two? Chilly overcast day today. This is the year the dandelions are crazy wild and everywhere. I swear we can cut them and then an hour later they pop back up again! Izena - congrats on the new car - yes, I agree that life is a little boring now!! I'm amazed by your weight loss - wish I could (or woul
  9. Good Morning Belle! I weighed myself this morning and I am the same - which means I didn't lose anything I gained while in Iowa. I really need to get serious! We will not be having a family get together this Memorial Day - my youngest asked if we wanted to bbq, but had to say no - we are spending the weekend getting annuals in the ground and then are going to visit cemeteries in two different parts of the state to say hello. Its been a couple of years. Hope everyone has a wonderful nice long weekend. Jan
  10. Ombud - August 25th of this year? Doesn't it feel good to have a cruise booked!!! Jan
  11. You are correct about the exercising! I was with my trainer this afternoon - My legs and arms are so sore. I had gone to a flower/vegetable nursery this morning and got a lot of annuals - then after exercising I went to another nursery and got more flowers. I will have to go back tomorrow as I'm having a hard time finding basil - I called the last place I had gone to and found out they still have 3 basil plants - They are going to put them on hold until I can get there tomorrow. Can't start planting until after Memorial Day, as there is a likelihood that we might get a frost until then.
  12. Good Evening all - Missed last week as we were in Iowa visiting family - had a great time and saw one "bridges of Madison County" ... was great to spend time with my BIL & SIL ... but, I thought I was eating correctly (or even less) ... I seem to have gained 3.6# It really sucks. I am going to give myself until the beginning of June to get back on the bandwagon .... I have a big family reunion in October with my family. We are meeting in Charleston, SC ... I would like to be able to fit back into my cruise clothes (even if we aren't cruising). Donna - Welcome - I found this
  13. Don congrats on your loss .... please keep posting, it will help us all!!! Ombud - the cupboards look lovely!!! I am getting ready to fly to Iowa tomorrow. I tried on all my "cruise clothes" They have shrunk in the closet. Didn't realize that 0.2# per week or less or more over a year or so has made a difference. We will enjoy our time with family and then hopefully (with everyone's help on this board) we will get back on track. My next big get together will be in October .... I so want to be back to my normal weight then. I will hopefully, have the help with every
  14. Good Morning all - Belle, welcome back - hope you had a good time with your son! I too count calories - it keeps me honest - my problem is that I enjoy wine and that does add calories. I weighed myself this morning and I am the same as last week. I will take it - need to start getting more motivated. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and week. Izena hope you are having a better day today! Jan
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