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  1. Hi MarLieb, I haven't sailed on Ama, but have you considered Uniworld's Generations Cruises? https://www.uniworld.com/en/themed-cruises/family-friendly-cruises/ Roz
  2. Roz


    I paid $800 for the deposit on a solo 13-day Journeys cruise on Carnival. Roz
  3. I got mine yesterday. I'm reading the Panama Canal article, as I'll be doing a full transit next February. Roz
  4. Welcome back, Rev Neal. Good to see you again. Lots of changes, some good, some not so good. Entertainment has definitely gone downhill. Roz
  5. I'm anxious to hear more details, Pat. Welcome home! Roz
  6. To add to what Frank just said, I felt like I was penalized for booking the Seattle transfer prior to boarding. Roz
  7. Yes, the 14-day ones. Wonder what the deal is? Roz
  8. I haven't received the hard copy in the mail nor the digital version via email. Roz
  9. Thank you for the link, Sppunk. The Indonesian cruises I was thinking of were the ones that were round trip from Singapore. Roz
  10. Follow up......on Monday, July 8 I received the following email: Dear Roz, Thank you for your recent correspondence with Holland America Line. We apologize that an unexpected increase in email inquiries resulted in a delayed response time. Our system put all of your onboard spending on your first booking, XXXXXX. You received 2 bonus days on your Mariner profile, XXXXXXXXX. Thank you for contacting Holland America Line. Please feel free to contact us if we may be of additional assistance or visit us online. We look forward to welcoming you onboard in the near future! Kind Regards, Arjean Mariner Society Holland America Line 800-547-9139 206-626-7359 Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm PST Savor the Journey On one hand, at least they took the time to respond. On the other hand, the reason they give is bogus. It doesn't matter if they put my onboard spending on the first cruise or the second cruises or both cruises, it was the same amount. Roz
  11. Thanks for the follow up, Frank. There were several issues with that cruise that left me shaking my head, this being one of them. I couldn't believe how we wandered around Canada Place with our suitcases and were misdirected as to where we needed to be. I bought a Future Cruise Credit, but don't plan on booking anything with HAL anytime soon. Like you, I'm exploring options. The last few years I've done some European river cruises and am also looking at some land tours. I posted some info in this thread about our experience on turnaround day: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2679106-changing-cabins-on-b-to-b-cruises/ Roz
  12. Tgetz, I was on the Nieuw Amsterdam. My original plan was to get off the ship, walk around for a bit, and have brunch in Vancouver. When we finally got into the terminal with our "in transit" cards, no one knew what to do with us. It was bedlam in Canada Place and we went around in circles after being in a holding pen on the ship for a long time. As we were being led off the ship to go thru immigration, a crew member came running after us and gave those of us in different cabins new key cards. I was right! The other people changing cabins didn't even know to ask the right question, and thanked me for pressing the issue. I just knew that since I had 2 different booking numbers and 2 different cabins, using the same key card to get back on the ship was going to set off all kinds of alarms. I could have ended up at Guantanamo Bay! 😪 I talked with one couple that went into Vancouver and then re-boarded. They told me that the in-transit cards were basically worthless, and it took them over an hour in the terminal to get back on the ship. There were several things wrong with this cruise, this being one of them. Roz
  13. After reading the glowing reports on this board about how easy it was to change cabins on turnaround day, I had high hopes. Guess I'm not in the popular girls' clique, because it was anything but smooth. The HAL staff acted like this was the first time they did this, and I was an anomaly. This was in Vancouver, and I was even told I could get off and then back on the ship with the same key card. 😱 Not! Hope you have a better experience. Roz
  14. HAL used to do cruises through Indonesia. No more. Anyone know why? Roz
  15. Interesting post. I've sailed Uniworld 3 times, in 2015, 2017, and 2018. All 3 times I didn't pay extra for any excursion, including the Jewish Heritage tours on my Rhine cruise last year. In fact, the only onboard spending I had was for postage stamps for postcards, and a little extra I spent on some jewelry from the gift shop in order to use some OBC my agent gave me. Lois, I'll be interested in hearing about your experience and how it compares to the AMA cruise you took. Roz
  16. Thanks, Crew News. I noticed Roger labeled it as Indian Vegetarian, but in fact there's a non-veg entrée each evening, such as Lamb Vindaloo. Regardless, the menus look delicious. Shudie, I've sailed on Carnival, and each evening in the MDR there's an Indian vegetarian option on the menu. Most cruises I have that once or twice for something different. It's very good. As you said, it's a different curry each night. Roz
  17. I come from a family of smokers, and am a non-smoker. I've seen first hand how addictive it can be and how difficult it can be to stop. Logic has nothing to do with it. Many people do things that they know are bad for them, but are compelled to do them anyway. My mother was an RN and developed emphysema from smoking. She started smoking at 15 during WWII, when she and her sister would stand in line with ration coupons to buy cigarettes. When I think back over my mother's life, it's a wonder she wasn't smoking something stronger than cigarettes. Roz
  18. Where on his website do you see Indian menus? I couldn't find them. Roz
  19. This morning I bought $700 worth of cards thru AARP for $630 and a very nominal shipping fee. Roz
  20. In the US, I don't think you can prepay the gratuities when you book. What Atlanta Cruiser said seems like a lot of trouble. I wish HAL would handle prepayment like Carnival does. Roz
  21. I hope you're able to spend some time in Amsterdam post-cruise. It's a wonderful city. I did the reverse, and started in Amsterdam. I was so enthralled with it I'm planning a land vacation there. Roz
  22. Me too, Sail. I go straight from mailbox to the recycle bin. Roz
  23. Dave, Please don't tell me airfare is going up. 😪 I'm waiting for August 15 when Southwest is supposed to extend its schedule so I can book my flights for my February Panama Canal cruise. Roz
  24. I've never paid a TA for booking a river or ocean cruise. Roz
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