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  1. I've done this when I'm leaving the hotel to go to the airport, but from the airport to the hotel, I just go outside and get a cab.
  2. Y'all must stay in much fancier hotels than I do. 😉 Is this common practice with hotels in Europe?
  3. I've never cruised on AMA, but a quick check shows the shortest cruises they offer are 8 days. You would need to have transportation between your debarkation and new embarkation port pre-arranged. Are you working with a travel agent? They could assist with details like this, including overnight hotels if the 2 cruises they end/start on the same day.
  4. Did you book your cruise thru a travel agent? If so, they may be able to arrange a private driver. My TA did that as part of the pre-cruise pkg. she put together for me. Much less expensive than what was offered by the cruise line.
  5. A cruise thru Bordeaux perhaps? Just be aware that if you go off on your own, the ship may move so if you're not a ship's tour, you'll be responsible for getting to the next location. Most river cruise lines include excursions, so if you don't do them, you're not experiencing something you already paid for.
  6. Eastern and Western Europe are 2 different animals. Some people I talked with can't understand why I wanted to go to Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc. The tourist industry in the old Soviet bloc countries isn't nearly as developed in as Western Europe, and things are more rustic. I found it interesting, having grown up during the Cold War when these countries were off limits. They show the effects of 50 yrs. of Soviet domination and being cut off from the rest of the world. Still working to crawl out from under it. If things like that don't interest you, I would recommend the section that takes in Vienna and ports in Germany. More developed and more tourist infrastructure. I liked both cruises, but for different reasons.
  7. What section of the Danube are you looking at? I've done Budapest to Passau and Bucharest to Budapest. Two very different cruises.
  8. Until there's a downturn in the economy and they can't fill the berths.
  9. Whenever I tell people I've taken a river cruise, they immediately think I sailed on Viking. I assume this is due to all of Viking's advertising and sponsorship of Downton Abbey. Yesterday I was watching something on the Smithsonian network and saw a Uniworld ad, and this morning I was watching a program on Sundance and saw the same ad. Anyone else observe this or was I just not paying attention before? Uniworld keeps extending the deadline for a discount on their 2020 cruises. Prices are still too high for me. I'm looking at other lines and other options, including a land tour of Amsterdam and the Netherlands arranged by me.
  10. Which cruise lines are you looking at? Best means different things to different people.
  11. The Indian vegetarian dish is one of my most favorite things on the menu.
  12. Baf and Cathy, I did an Alaskan cruise on the Miracle and loved it. Best of my 5 Alaskan cruises. I'll be back on the Miracle in February doing the Panama Canal, right before it goes to dry dock. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. Sounds like a lot of fun. I've done several Coastal cruises and enjoyed them all. People are surprised I would fly from TN to do a cruise under 7 days, but there are good ports on either end - San Diego, Seattle, and Vancouver - so I extend the cruise by a day or two and it makes for a nice getaway. Not to mention that's how I met Canadianbear and Mr. Bear. 🐻
  14. Didn't know you could do that. Thanks for the tip.
  15. My river cruises have all been on Uniworld, and I had trouble spending the OBC from my TA. One cruise I bought 2 pairs of earrings from the gift shop just to use it up.
  16. Roz here....still waiting on Uniworld. 😎 I keep getting emails from them letting me know they're extending their 2020 early booking offer. Pretty soon it's not going to be early anymore. 😉 Maybe they're having trouble getting bookings at the increased fares they're showing for 2020. It looks like Viking and Crystal are still the only ones with early 2021 itineraries out.
  17. How could they not include Amsterdam? I'm not a fan of Lonely Planet guides. I'll read what they publish about the place where I live or places I've visited and just shake my head. A lot of wrong or misleading info IMO.
  18. Not picking on OP, but why do people book early flights, then come to CC to ask if they can make it? The time to ask for advice is before booking, not after. I guess if they don't make the flight they'll come back here and blame us.
  19. You can't go wrong with any of those itineraries. But be warned. River cruising can become an expensive hobby.
  20. Despite the glowing reports I read on Cruise Critic about how easy turnaround day is, my experience in Vancouver this past May was a disaster. I had 2 booking numbers and you would have thought I was the only person who had ever done b2b cruises and changed cabins. Originally I planned to do something in Vancouver, but after experiencing the chaos in Canada Place, I opted to stay on the ship. No one seemed to understand what it means to be an in transit passenger.
  21. Would you care to elaborate on exactly what aspects of the cruise you didn't care for? It may help others reading this forum who are trying to decide if river cruising is for them.
  22. Ouse456, I just got an email from Uniworld and thought of you. They're partnering with a company by the name of Butterfield & Robinson to offer bike/cruise vacations. Link to the Uniworld website below: https://www.uniworld.com/en/butterfield-and-robinson/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=butterfieldrobinson&utm_content=consumeremail-10-5-2019-us&utm_subscriberkey=0032000001SRgCIAA1
  23. Roz


    Bon Voyage, Lois. I know you'll report back when you return. Safe travels.
  24. With just a small number of passengers compared to ocean cruises, it's hard not to interact or come into close contact with fellow passengers on a river cruise. Itineraries are port intensive so there's really not much time for relaxation.
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