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  1. Check out R746. It’s a wonderful location...may be exactly what you’re looking for. We had this cabin and it was really nice - lots of privacy, well covered, a bit larger than others, and close to back pool with only one flight of stairs to Horizon Court.
  2. Yes, however there’s very little info out there about Costa in comparison to the other lines - sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  3. Thank you for the detailed review. Sounds like it will be a true “adventure “ for us.
  4. You may want to check out the post here entitled “Alaska Pilots concern about Royal” as someone currently aboard is discussing this topic.
  5. Well it’s good to know they at least offer you coffee. I plan to take some coffee and tea bags - assuming hot water is available. No one on the ship would want to live with a decaffenated me !! 😂
  6. Thank you for your feedback. While I definitely want to try to see the glass half full, sometimes expectations can be too high. So I find it’s easier just to know the pitfalls beforehand and then work around them. Enjoy your Alaskan cruise!!!
  7. Yes, however there is little to no response on those boards. As Costa is mostly used by Europeans, it appears very few are ‘Cruise Critic ‘ members, thus little info available which is why I thought I might get some response here....just hoping. Thanks!
  8. Can anyone who has recently used both lines for cruises advise me of the differences between the two lines. We have been on NCL, Celebrity, and Princess - mostly Princess. We have an upcoming cruise with Costa and just curious what to expect. Anyone out there with experience on both Princess and Costa? Would love your feedback.
  9. If early TD was at 5 pm on Crown, do you know what time late TD was? We know it is different with each ship. We’ll be on the Crown in September and just wondering. Thanks!
  10. One side of the ship it’s near Effy and the other side of the ship it’s by Crooners Bar.
  11. I believe that your travel insurance costs if booked with Princess is also based in the cost of your cruise. If you reface for a lesser amount, your insurance costs also decrease.
  12. Thanks for your responses. I’m sure all will be fine. I’ll go to Plan B if need be. We really would not purchase other drinks enough and I drink black coffee only, to be concerned about “drink” packages.
  13. This is our first cruise with Costa. Are you able to make coffee or tea in your room? Do they serve tap water at least with meals in dining rooms? Is regular coffee (Americano) or ice tea provided in dining rooms or buffet? I love my coffee and tea (not specialty coffees - just plain) and would like tap water with my meal, bottled not necessary. Appears even water may may not be served?? Do they offer something other than packages for espresso or lattes? If not, how much is a cup of offer (Amercano style)? Any info would be appreciated.
  14. Anyone recently on Royal know which book they have been reading/discussing for Princess Book Club? Did they have meetings for the book club?
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