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  1. We are retired also. But, if we lived 5 minutes from one we could easily spend that much on gas. We would never have that much in OBC. We sail in inside cabins so $400-$500 from them even on our long cruises is about tops. I get the Canadian’s reasoning. Totally enjoyed the savings when we took our trip up there last year...sorry!
  2. I am confused about this. If you have a membership you obviously spend money at their store or with them online. The amount of “money/OBC” you are given is the same whether you spend it on the ship or at/through the store. I just don’t get the big deal....oh, and I live 5 hours from the nearest one but, I order online so I am looking for other reasons why it is such a problem.
  3. It depends on the airline. Some allow it, some don’t.
  4. We are in the Caribbean and have had major wind for over a week. Port closed to boats less than 40’. No diving or fishing. Supposed to last a while longer. Glad I am not on a ship.
  5. We have flight ease coming home from Amsterdam in May at $425pp. I would say the $800 credit could come close to covering your cost.
  6. TAD2005....our flight is from Amsterdam-home. We already had seats. We wanted to upgrade. Couldn’t do it until the flight was paid for.
  7. I was not worried about the price going up but we wanted to pick different seats. Had to be paid to do that so I went ahead and paid a couple months ahead of time.
  8. Three years ago my mom passed away while we were on a South American cruise with Hal. My husband was at Machu Picchu(not on a HAL excursion) The supervisor of customer service was a gem. She helped me get a message to the company to tell him to stay at the airport in Lima instead of coming back to the ship. They got me a transfer from the ship to the airport. They made our airplane reservations to get back. It was at our expense but, we had insurance. They were very kind and I appreciated everything they did for me. I realize this was not an accident but, they really went all out to help me. I would hope it would be the same if it were an accident situation.
  9. We too (although jealously not retired yet) spend at least 2 months between Isla Mujeres and Cruisinsusan2....well, well, well. Wonder if I know you. Our time in Mexico is also on Isla Mujeres....
  10. We cruise for the ports. It is the best way to see a lot of places that would be too expensive for us to do on our own(flying, motel, car rental, etc). Don’t get me wrong, we like sea days, too, and all the other things people have mentioned already. We like 25+ day cruises and really look for repositioning ones. They seem to give us the best bang for our buck. We cruise once a year. We are retired...live in Wyoming, spend 4-5 winter months in Mexico for obvious reasons...lol. We also have a small RV and spend time traveling around in that also. We are having a blast!
  11. We tip extra to our room stewards. We rarely eat in the dining room so do not leave any extra for them. On one of our cruises I tipped a gal at one of the breakfast stations in the Lido extra. After the first morning she remembered what I wanted and always greeted me and asked if I would like that today. I can’t even remember what it was now (lol) but I was so impressed with her friendliness and the fact she remembered me everyday that I thought she deserved something extra.
  12. Not everyone has to fly. I am also willing to bet that some people who had this week scheduled off work will stay for the week. Many people cannot reschedule vacation.
  13. Thanks for the kind words. I actually booked this one with my 14 year old because we don’t have any family left after my mother passed away last year and we didn’t want to spend the holiday at home alone and sad. Losing our vacation over Christmas would be devastating for both of us this year. Hoping for the best and that we sail as planned. I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that if your cruise is cancelled you will be able to come up with an alternative plan. Helping your son deal with his grief will help you deal with yours. Maybe a last minute cruise on another ship, another cruise line? Enlist the help of a TA and ask for suggestions. Please don’t let it be devastating. Make a memory and teach your son that things don’t always work out as planned. The best of luck to you.
  14. While I would probably prefer OBC also I am sure that even though we do not live close to a store we do travel where there are stores sometimes and I certainly order on line for delivery. They have everything from tires, appliances, clothes, sheets...the list goes on forever. Sooner or later I am going to need tires, an appliance, deck furniture, a new computer/IPad, etc. If you already have their membership you probably spend some money there besides travel. The OBC is great but, I am not sure this change would cause me to change TA’s.
  15. I am curious to know if the passengers were sent a letter about what time to be there for boarding. There is so much talk about everyone disregarding the assigned times. If they were told when to be there it might have been a good time to heed what the letter said.
  16. I stopped going to the spas years ago. When I get a massage I want to relax...not be bombarded with sales pitches.
  17. I guess the thing to do is decide how much both packages would cost you and then decide how much it will cost you to drink what you want. That should make the decision for you on which way to proceed.
  18. Ours show up that way a lot...no big deal.
  19. FYI...there is a charge when you get chips at the table. Maybe there was a communication error in understanding the question?
  20. The safety drill on all the ships could be a breeze if people would follow the directions.
  21. Not living close to a BB store is not a big deal. Our closest one is 5 hours away. We order online all the time, stop when we are traveling, book travel, etc. it would be interesting to know if the card can be used when you book travel.
  22. Our Advantage program reimburses us for medical outside the US. You must pay and then present an itemized statement in English.
  23. We choose our cruises for the places we want to visit. We are perfectly happy reading a book, visiting with other passengers, playing a game in the Crow’s nest or watching a movie in our room. If I can’t find something to do I just walk around the ship. We do not have to be entertained. If the show is something that interests us we will go. Totally enjoy having someone to do the cleaning, cooking and laundry. I hope I never get to the point where I complain about a lack of entertainment. I am just thankful I am able to cruise...many people are not.
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