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  1. I really can't thank the kind cruisers that responded to my desperate plea for help. There is so much to learn but I am in good hands. Good to know that the lifts can't be heard in the cabin. I had a horrendous night in a hotel some years back. My room was across from the elevator that clanked literally all night long. I never got to sleep. Thank you once more.
  2. OurMay cruise has been canceled and Viking is offering 125%.
  3. We are taking our first ocean cruise ever with Viking. I know absolutely nothing about ocean cruising and cabin selection in particular. We are looking at Deck 5 towards the bow but I thought it was always better to be as low as possible and towards the center. But, the lifts are in the center and we don't want to be near them. Please share any insight or thoughts you have. Thank you. I should have added that our cruise is in the Mediterranean.
  4. I appreciate all of you taking the time to reply. I called Viking and I can pay the tips close to the sailing date. They would like 30 days for processing but even that is flexible. We will pay in advance -- one less thing to think about. I've only cruised on Viking but the favorable comments about Avalon have peaked my interest. Thank you.
  5. My daughter and I have signed up for a Viking river cruise in 2021. There is a your tips in advance option. It would be nice to have all expenses paid and not have to think about tips and if any crew member went above and beyond we would, of course, give extra. What are your thoughts about this? We really don't know what to do and appreciate your input. Thank you
  6. My daughter and I are booked next May on Viking's European Sojourn. I "think" things will be more settled by then but one never knows. Who could have predicted the disruptions of our lives before Covid 19. Has anyone had an experience with Viking's handling of disasters like this? I would think that Viking being a reputable company that either refunds or comparable vouchers for 2022 would be handled fairly. Am I right? We are excited and looking forward to the cruise as it is a celebration of one of those horrific significant birthdays for me. Thank you.
  7. I will be visiting many of these ports in 2021. I want to save this thread and/or individual posts but don't know how to do it. Can someone help? I knew how to do it in the past but the forum looks different now. thanks.
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