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  1. Yes, there is a long thread already devoted to this discussion.
  2. There have been various posts about this. It seems if you contact Celebrity and query the charge, it is almost invariably refunded. Phone number for X UK - 01932 834300 to avoid the premium rate number. I know what you mean re taking the edge off! Good luck
  3. This may be a specific Spanish issue as I have not come across it from other EU ports.
  4. It is similar to sailing out of Barcelona, irrespective of whether you are visiting a non-EU port, whilst still in Spanish waters the VAT charge applies. Though X tend to do everything on paper and put it through the tills once they have sailed out of Spanish waters to avoid the VAT. Our recent sailing with all EU ports had a 22% charge applied in the shops throughout the sailing.
  5. Apologies vt if my response came across as rude. The thanks were for posting this information for us UK users.
  6. Thanks, it is on the Celebrity UK website. It is a change from normal UK policy whereby we could not change a booking without losing the deposit. Elite were allowed one change under Captain Club 'rules'. I suspect if the new booking has better perks (benefits) then you may not be eligible for those (retain benefits!), but may be proved wrong. There are often comments on CC about the differences in booking either side of the pond, one would like to think that X does listen and has responded with this offer. Will it stop people using US TAs, I doubt it since the prices / OBC offered are often more favourable when booking through the US.
  7. Many thanks vtcruising for the heads up. I have booked the MDRs, now need to decide which speciality ones to book. We have one late night instead port do jay book the a Rooftop Grill for that night.
  8. I have often sat on my balcony with a drink wishing I had some crisps (UK for potato chips 😂) to nibble on. Now I know where to go and look for a supply ( too mean to pay the silly price for Pringles in the shop). Thank you 👍
  9. You may not be allowed to take the liquids through security / passport control, but you can buy most things at the shops air side, albeit at a higher cost tham n you normally buy it for. However they do not stock Downey!
  10. I think the ‘kids sail free’ was on offer in the U.K, I vaguely remember seeing it. It may explain why the cruise was so ‘kid heavy’!!!
  11. Daughter is currently on Presiosa and is not overly impressed. In a balcony cabin, the decor of which looked a bit dated by the photo she sent. Embarkation took hours, their check in was 2pm and by 4.30 their letter had still had not been called! The hall looked chaotic and jam packed with people. Announcements are in 5 languages so are quite long. She also said that they charge for ‘everything’, so obviously a lot of nickel and diming. Her overall comment was that they would not sail MSC again.
  12. This is interesting as we did the Constellation Greek Isles cruise July / August and although the ship was ‘over’ capacity, it was very, very quiet of an evening. We only had 2 sea days and the pool area was busy then but at no time did the ship feel over run with youngsters. I agree that it may be more of a thing with Southampton departures. We avoid those during the kids school holidays, though a Norwegian fjords cruise a few years back was fine.
  13. We booked at the beginning of July whilst on board but the 'perks' were the same as going through the X website - drinks, grats, free parking at Southampton and the balcony was slightly cheaper (~£100 or so) less than it is now. On our sailing the insides and ocean views are showing as sold out (preview cruise). Always worth asking - elite are allowed one change of booking for free.
  14. On the uk site, if you do a booking / dummy booking, it shows all the sub categories (eg C1, C2 etc) and the prices for those sub categories. Since I am a Captains Club member, I check the price for the sub category below the one I want, and then check availability in the sub category I want and then choose my cabin, then call X to make my booking so I get the one subcategory upgrade. I can also select any particular cabin and then get a pop up box showing the deck plan and location.
  15. downsmead

    VAT rates

    Any cruise where all the ports are within the EU does have VAT charged for purchases from the shops - 22% on our recent Constellation cruise. The alcohol shop was closed for the cruise. VAT was not charged on excursions, speciality dining or drinks.
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