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  1. Like all cruise lines, not all ships within a fleet are the same, leaving out the obvious. We sail both Princess and Celebrity, and on our last but one sailing on Princess (Sapphire), we came away feeling that something was missing but couldn’t quite put our finger on it. It was sufficient to not sail Princess for a few years. However we did return because of an itinerary that really appealed to us and found that once on board we enjoyed the trip very much. The ship felt happier to us and everything ran more smoothly and the crew were very friendly. It renewed our ‘faith’ in Princess again. We
  2. Though there is some talk that the USA and Spain may be added to our red list!
  3. The Vaccine Minister said vaccine passports (and therefore any equivalent) will not be issued by the Government (I.e. NHS) and therefore any letter from a GP would be deemed a private request. An example would be getting a letter saying you were fit to participate in a given activity such as scuba diving or sky diving if you were above the accepted age limit for automatic qualification. In such cases the GPS charge for such a letter. I think my husband paid ~£30 for the last one he obtained (to go parachuting 🤦‍♀️).
  4. That was my thought, the surgeries charge quite a bit for such a letter! At least, our does, they do not write them for free, and quite rightly too.
  5. The evening news has reported that Sir Tom Moore was in Barbados with his family in December. BA paid for the flights.
  6. To the OP and BelfastSnapper - I would read the U.K. cruise with confidence / terms and conditions as Princess U.K. may deal differently with this scenario than Princess USA / Canada. Do you cruises fall within those whereby final payment has been reduced from 90 days to less? I would suggest calling Princess U.K. to find out.
  7. Sitting here in the U.K., we are following with interest the situation between the EU and U.K. with regards to the various COVID vaccines. President Macron of France has claimed the AstraZeneca vaccine is 'almost ineffective' on people who are over 65 years of age, this was prior to the EU approval. It will be interesting to see if France and Germany will then only use the Pfizer vaccine for their over 65’s. On the plus side it looks as though there are two more vaccines with promising results on the horizon to add to our arsenal.
  8. And yet Germany have approved the vaccine for all age groups 🤷‍♀️
  9. The REACT study here in the U.K. provides a picture of the levels of infection in the general population I.e. not tested because of symptoms, and therefore indicates the proportion of asymptomatic people in that group which can be extrapolated to the general population. Looking at the data coming out of the study, I am not sure if this figure is released but it will be there in the figures.
  10. Not sure if this has been posted? Saga cruises in the UK are asking for passengers to be vaccinated prior to cruising https://travel.saga.co.uk/travel-updates/coronavirus-cruise-passengers. For those not familiar with Saga, they offer cruises and other holidays to the over 50’s (or ?55 not quite sure if the age cut off).
  11. We love PV and visit often though it is an 11 hour flight for us. We were hoping to visit the East Coast last year, both on a cruise and a land trip 😞.
  12. I would imagine that a) mooring at Newcastle is cheaper than Southampton, b) Newcastle has contractors to do the maintenance work and facilities, c) nearby airport. It makes sense to carry out the work now while not sailing, the only issue being if the dockyards are open to do the work, which is seems they may be during this lockdown.
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