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  1. We booked at the beginning of July whilst on board but the 'perks' were the same as going through the X website - drinks, grats, free parking at Southampton and the balcony was slightly cheaper (~£100 or so) less than it is now. On our sailing the insides and ocean views are showing as sold out (preview cruise). Always worth asking - elite are allowed one change of booking for free.
  2. On the uk site, if you do a booking / dummy booking, it shows all the sub categories (eg C1, C2 etc) and the prices for those sub categories. Since I am a Captains Club member, I check the price for the sub category below the one I want, and then check availability in the sub category I want and then choose my cabin, then call X to make my booking so I get the one subcategory upgrade. I can also select any particular cabin and then get a pop up box showing the deck plan and location.
  3. downsmead

    VAT rates

    Any cruise where all the ports are within the EU does have VAT charged for purchases from the shops - 22% on our recent Constellation cruise. The alcohol shop was closed for the cruise. VAT was not charged on excursions, speciality dining or drinks.
  4. Ah yes, I can see the distinction between the two. This way the seat is assured 👍.
  5. Beware of buying 3 seats and not using one. If the person 'meant' to be using the seat is a no- show, the airline can reallocate the seat. We have been on a flight where this has happened - a family of 3 where the dad did not take the flight but the airline then put another person in that seat. Obviously the flight was fully booked / over booked as they often do. The mother tried to argue her case but to no avail.
  6. Just off the Constellation where it was plated but had no problem just getting the salmon and cream cheese without the bagel. Also you could get just a croissant!! Like always, different ships different way of handling things.
  7. It is the current promotion of classic drinks package, grats and $200 OBC. We have just booked whilst on board the Constellation as I am keen to see the ship, and got an additional $100 OBC. We are planning on staying on the ship mainly.
  8. Currently on Connie in Aqua class. No footstools but larger aft aqua cabins still have lounger and large table. No reed diffuser (no great loss), good robes 👍, no fruit, no wine but haven’t asked for either! Slippers and white bag but cheap blue X tote bag. Very harassed sommelier in Blu, food ok on first night. Crew very friendly as we have come to expect. Is it worth the difference - no with the perks being eroded but depends on what it costs compared to a decent veranda room. Enjoying it immensely as usual 👌.
  9. We are on the 28th July sailing. We always use the Olimpia pre- or post sailing as it is so convenient for the people mover, Piazzale Roma and station. The staff are lovely as is the breakfast. We use the people mover to get to or from the cruise terminal. I will look at for the restaurant you recommend, many thanks.
  10. I am UK based and I have the same issue with my iPad and iPhone, all that comes up is a blank screen. My way round is to log onto a non- Apple system ( my old dell computer or a work one that runs on Windows) and then everything comes up. It is the only way I can print things off 😱. Not to worry if you cannot as it can all be done at the port. The porters have luggage labels and check in can handle you booking in without an express pass!
  11. Beware, we were on one cruise recently where it varied from bar to bar. At one, it was included in my classic package, another I was asked to pay the dollar extra! Typical Celebrity inconsistency.
  12. * Ship: Constellation * Length of Cruise: 9 nights * Cruise Sail Date: 28th July 2019 * Date email offer received: 07/06/2019 and 08/07/2019 * Captain’s Club Tier [“PREVIEW” = first Celebrity Cruise]: Elite * Booked through Celebrity Direct OR via TA: Celebrity direct * Current Cabin: Aqua * Bid? Yes/No: No If YES - Bidding Details: * Cabin Category: place winning category, if accepted (all category offers, can be mentioned in comments) * Bid Offer: * Notification Date: * Accepted / Rejected General Comments (offer details, etc.) Sky suite: from £720 GBP pp, Celebrity suite: from £960, Royal suite: from £1,600 !!! Very surprised to be sent a second email. The suggested bid prices are from the second email. The prices were virtually the same in the first one. I thought they were sky high, perhaps so did most people and very few bids were placed.
  13. Thank you for highlighting how hot it is. We board the Connie in 3 weeks and although are used to the Med in August, it seems to be a particularly HOT one this year. Luckily this is meant to be more of a 'chilling' cruise so not too many things planned. I had decided not to get off in Athens and see on another post that the Acropolis was closed one day because of the heat!!
  14. We had some lovely meals whilst in Portugal, across a wide range of prices. In Porto we had a meal at Muu Steakhouse, #1 on TA, and could see why it was so highly recommended. In Régua we treated ourselves to a dining experience at Doc, a meal with wine pairings which was exquisite. At the other end of the spectrum, we had so many delicious meals where we just wandered around to find somewhere to eat. As the article suggests, Lisbon was excellent for this. The fish meals were especially good.
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