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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! What are the chances Mamma Mia will still be on in December?
  2. Would love to do it that way, korryp! So much easier.
  3. When is the last time you did this? This is their response from my question on March 28, 2019: Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Thu, Mar 28, 2019 at 12:09 PM, CelebrityOneTouch@celebrity.com<CelebrityOneTouch@celebrity.com> wrote: Dear Ms. Kelly: Thank you for contacting Celebrity Cruises. We are delighted you will be sailing with our cruise line. I am pleased to have this opportunity to respond to your inquiry. Celebrity Cruises offers a wide variety of beverages on our vessels. We serve Coca-Cola® products but allow guests to carry on any non-alcoholic drink of their preference, including bottled water, even if that particular selection is also offered on board. Regarding limitations, guests are only permitted to bring aboard what they are able to personally hand-carry onto the ship. Kindly note that any personal beverages you bring aboard must be stored in your stateroom, and your room’s minibar can hold a very limited number of items.
  4. You can bring as much as you can carry on, the porters won't take it. (I emailed the Captain's club last week for this info)
  5. I will be on the Solstice next week, so I emailed the Captain's club and asked about bringing on water and soda. Received a reply that said you can bring as much as you want, as long as you can carry it on yourself.
  6. I love them - usually get them with fresh fruit and some cinnamon - YUM! I've noticed most of the ships don't have a fresh fruit option, so I usually have to cut up my own and they toss it in.
  7. katke

    Blood Donors

    I'm a regular blood donor, and the last 2 times when I mentioned Honduras, they asked a bunch of questions and since I was on a cruise and spent less than 24 hrs there, I was able to donate. (Last donation was in October. Prior to this, I was always differed)
  8. katke


    We did swam with the manatees at Chank a couple of years ago, and LOVED it! Yes, they're caged in a large area, but watching them interact with the trainers, you could see the love there. We found a coupon online, and want to say we paid $45-55.00 each to get into the park and do the manatees. You can't bring a camera in, they have a couple of photographers there. Prices for the disc were a bit expensive, but as soon as I saw them, had to get them. People have said that if you "walk away" and say you need to think about it, you might be able to lower the price some. We also took a cab there from the cruise port, and there are cabs lined up when you're ready to leave.
  9. katke

    Macha vs blue Kay

    I was there in Feb. I'm not sure on the pricing because I usually get there early (from the ship) and I've only been charged $5.00 for a chair (I'm not a drinker). Sorry I couldn't help.
  10. katke

    Macha vs blue Kay

    I've been to Blue Kay several times and LOVE it. The water is crystal clear from the beach and pretty shallow for quite a while. Great view of the ships. Awesome snorkeling there, I bring my own equipment so don't know if they rent. There are a couple of areas that you swim over some sea grass, but nothing like other areas where that's all you see. Last trip I saw a massive sting ray and the trip before I found a flounder and loved watching it swim around and totally blend in with the sea floor.
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