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  1. We ( 8 of us) also stayed at San Giorgio and liked the location very much. Our transfer to the ship was free ( and very convenient) because we booked directly with the hotel but there were others who booked the hotel with a third party and they were charged for the transfer ( I think 10 euro p/p). That was last year in July.
  2. Hi, you will have a limited time in Rome and it will take some time to see things that you want to see. Even that you want to burn the extra calories, after few hours you will be tired and probably not enjoying Rome as much as you think. Sooner or later you will need to find a restaurant which might be crowded and maybe expensive. I would look at other option even if it will be more costly but maybe beneficial. I also would not pay the amount that you have mentioned either for the tour or the transfer to Rome. We used a smaller company for the transfer that we were happy with and it was a lot less costly. Some posters ( here on CC and Trip Advisor) used that company for transport to Rome and a tour. Write to them - it costs you nothing. Tell them what you want to do, see what they offer and than choose what you will do. If you used them ( or some other similar company) - you will have more time in Rome, you will not be dragging your luggage at the port as well as in Rome. You will have a chance to see a lot more and have more energy. You might spent time in some nice family restaurant away from the tourist center ( the driver will take you there) - maybe even save some money on the dinner or lunch.
  3. Hi, it might be worth it to compare more companies to see what they offer and what is the cost and terms. We used this company ( link below) for a transfer from FCO to port and a week later back to the airport. The price we paid was very reasonable and service provided was excellent. Write to them and see what they offer and compare with the other companies. There are hundreds of reviews on the TripAdviosor giving them very high marks. http://www.civitavecchiatransferlimo.com/full-day-tour-from-civitavecchia-to-rome.html
  4. I just printed mine and there were no questions about the air. It seems to me that the form got changed.
  5. I am glad that you found my post useful and it served your needs. I spent a lot of time in this section of CC last year ..... asking and learning .... and there were some helpful posts from others. So I want to post something useful for others that might find that beneficial for them.
  6. This is a link to the company. http://www.civitavecchiatransferlimo.com/index.html I suggest read some of the comments posted on Trip Advisor and see if the company will meet your needs. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g187791-d2370877-Reviews-Antonio_Cagnoli_and_Son_Day_Tours-Rome_Lazio.html They responded very quickly to my email. Drivers spoke English. They did not require credit card for booking. Enjoy your cruise.
  7. Hi, Last year when we were cruising out of Civitavecchia , I also did some comparison shopping for transfer to /from FCO to port and back . I also found the company that you have mentioned to be priced higher than what I wanted to pay. I hired someone else who provided excellent service at a lot lower cost. I also have seen their advertisement for full day tours. and it is a lot lower cost than your quote. ( a large van for up to 8 people - 450 euro , from port to Rome, full day tour and back to port). 8 passengers €450 euro. It seems to me that it is lower than what one of the companies have quoted you, and the price included RT from and back to port, so If you are going at the end of the cruise, perhaps the cost is even less. I have no interest to recommend the company for their sake but I want fellow cruisers to spend less if they want to. Some do and some do not. I benefited from getting helpful information here. If you are interested I can provide a link to TripAdvisor that has many comments about the company. I would write to them and ask what they offer, what is included). I and my family were very happy with their service.
  8. We cruised on Jewel OTS (RCI) last year in July and it was RT from Civitavecchia. The ship was docked at 5AM ....... but the first guests who were allowed debarkation started the process about 6:45AM.( they had their luggage with them) It takes few minutes to get off the ship and get into your private transportation. It takes about 1 hour to get to FCO (if there is no traffic). It takes few minutes to get to your airline station. 10 AM is really risky if you are going to US or Canada.
  9. Maybe ....... Maybe not. We were on the Jewel in July 2017. The ship was docked at close to 5am but the first passengers that were allowed to leave the ship started the debarkation about 6:45.
  10. I am looking at the crystal ball and I see him going to Adventure not GR
  11. [quote name=Wishing on a star;55868387.........location that would be the least walking to get around' date=' to get some nice Italian food and/or see any nice sights? Stamina and a bad foot could be a factor. Thanks![/quote] Hi, last year in July we had to make a similar choice. We flew to FCO a day early for our cruise and .....stamina ( connected with age) and also a 'bad foot' were factors. We took a booked transfer van from the airport to a hotel in Civitavecchia. Nice no rush 1 hour ride. Many restaurants, relaxing afternoon and evening in the port area.. In the morning they shuttled us to the ship and we started our cruise.
  12. Hi , our cruise on Jewel (RCI) ended in Civitavecchia ( July 2017). Our arrival time was 5am. The first guests (who were taken their own luggage) were allowed to leave the ship about 6:45am.
  13. Is the pay the same for the master regardless of the class of ship ?
  14. Hi, you did not get your answer yet ..... so I will try. We cruised our from Civitavecchis ( and back) last year in July. Our transfer company's van ( private transfer) could get us directly to the ship and picked us up at the ship. There were many other vans , cars that were doing the same ....... but some did not have access to the ships and they only took their passengers ( or picked them up) at the port entrance. So not every vehicle can enter the port. I do not know who can and who can not. Check with the transfer company that you hired and ask - they will know if they have access . It is very convenient to be picked up at the ship.
  15. Hi, I did not use them ...... but I did see some comments on this board. You may use the 'search' function. I just did and found some threads and posts with comments. Here is a link to one of them : https://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=2517407&highlight=smartcruisetours
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