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  1. Princendam is gone, HAL sold her and she's currently in dry dock with the new owners making substantial changes.
  2. When you read very divergent opinions from people on the same cruise you can begin to realize that experiences are all very personal. What passes for great service for some may be viewed as lacking by others. Perceptions of food may be affected by personal taste and/or ethnic experiences. While I enjoy reading the variety of reviews of the same cruise by different cruisers, I take them for what they're worth, personal opinion.
  3. John, that picture of the Albatros looks like an old Sitmar Line ship. Fairwind maybe?
  4. Had a different one every night of our 14 day transatlantic in May.
  5. Oceania small ship Regatta with 640 passengers has a number of short FP itineraries and longer ones like the 18 day Tahiti to San Francisco I'm on next April.
  6. A secret promo, not on the website and not with a TA......how would customers know that it existed? This makes absolutely no sense.
  7. Oceania, the Regatta does both trips.
  8. I'm looking at Sydney to Bali cruises (or reverse). One route goes from Sydney up the east side of Australia with stops at Brisbane, Whitsunday, Cairns and Darwin among others. The other route leaves Bali with western stops including Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Burnie before arriving in Sydney. For those with experience cruising both sides of the continent, would you recommend one versus the other? We have never been to this part of the world before.
  9. My reservation is still there, hope this helps.
  10. 4 wheeler tour in Aruba is fun. It's a small island and you'll cover it all.
  11. I sure hope to see one on the SFO/PPT route. The United flight to Tahiti is a daytime versus an overnight on most Tahiti flights. I can do a PE seat during the day but I prefer a lie flat business class on the late ones. We're on the Oceania Tahiti to San Francisco cruise but not until April 2021 so will only need one way.
  12. According to articles it's a temporary situation until UAL can convert enough planes. Then they will become three class aircraft with true PE for those seats. Until then, enjoy!
  13. Are either of these methods available for a one way international flight?
  14. During 14 day transatlantic with 9 sea days it was never overcrowded. I was always able to get a ceramic lounger and the most people ever in the thalassic pool was 7-8 but usually less. My time of day varies from morning to afternoon to night and I used it every day.
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