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  1. Cans, but not freestyle coke self dispensers on the Pinnacle class ships.
  2. Yes, it's available now but it's not included if you have the Quench Package which makes no sense. I was on the NS with Quench and was told that while I could have all of the canned soda that I wanted i could not use the Freestyle machines nor have a cup. I would have had to buy both packages to get a cup to use the Freestyle dispenser.
  3. Had it on our transatlantic and was worth it for us. We figure with the mocktails pricing, sparkling water, specialty coffees and soft drinks we spent much less than if we did not have the package.
  4. Gabriel was our waiter, we asked for him each time. Best waiter we have ever had on our 10 cruises.
  5. Sel de Mer was so good on our 14 day cruise that we returned 3 times. Service was impecible, atmosphere refined and the food was wonderful.
  6. Our recent transatlantic the Nieuw Statendam had the best entertainment of our 6 HAL cruises (too bad I can't say the same about the food and GDR service). Music Walk with B.B. King, Rolling Stone Room and Billboard were filled to standing room for 14 nights. Dance floors were overflowing into the main walking aread. The band's were fabulous playing Cream, Janice Joplin (Big Brother and the Holding Company), Jimi Hendrix and some great R&B classics. i will continue to sail on HAL but only the Pinnacle ships for music walk and specialty restaurants and only for a specific itinerary. I am currently booked on Oceania and looking at Azamara and Viking for the immediate future for the food and service.I HAL lost me with luke warm food, dining service that left one of six at our table without food served until all of us finished and topping it off with missing gluten free pre-order meals. The GDR menu choices appears to be shrinking as well (no more chilled soups??? What's up with that?).
  7. Personally I think it's a terrible value for the product, poorly executed through the venues it's offered in. On the Pinnacle class it's like a fish bowl. Nothing special like competitors currently offer. Not should it be as currently designed. Get rid of it on the Pinnacle ships and use the space for something it was designed to be originally. Or, redesign of to be a special value for the money.
  8. I have to agree with you. We've been on 6 HAL cruises and will be leaving to try Oceania, but not due to the other passengers. We feel that the service and told have been slowly eroding over the past few years. I give them kudos for young the entertainment choices and have really enjoyed the music improvements. The B B King and Rolling Stone bands are wonderful. It's the GDR service on our recent transatlantic for example. The dining steward actually missed taking a dinner order from one out of our table of six one night. Another night five of the six of us received our meals and one person wasn't served until after the table finished. those were only two examples. We actually paid to eat at Rudi's for the last three nights. we're looking forward to new experiences and hopefully find a new favorite line.
  9. Princendam is gone, HAL sold her and she's currently in dry dock with the new owners making substantial changes.
  10. When you read very divergent opinions from people on the same cruise you can begin to realize that experiences are all very personal. What passes for great service for some may be viewed as lacking by others. Perceptions of food may be affected by personal taste and/or ethnic experiences. While I enjoy reading the variety of reviews of the same cruise by different cruisers, I take them for what they're worth, personal opinion.
  11. John, that picture of the Albatros looks like an old Sitmar Line ship. Fairwind maybe?
  12. Had a different one every night of our 14 day transatlantic in May.
  13. Oceania small ship Regatta with 640 passengers has a number of short FP itineraries and longer ones like the 18 day Tahiti to San Francisco I'm on next April.
  14. A secret promo, not on the website and not with a TA......how would customers know that it existed? This makes absolutely no sense.
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