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  1. The servers just go out of the lounge to the bar in the night club next door and get your drink. They did did that for all drinks when I did Mariner last September. That lounge only had beer, wine and soda. On AOTS they set up folding tables with all liquor on the free menu. They start cleaning up about 7:50 so be prompt!
  2. Just off AOTS 3/16/19 I saw cards picked up but it was to pay for drinks that were not on the limited free drink menu. The diamond concierge was was very caring and even called my cabin to make sure I was having a good time on the cruise because I only went to lounge twice. I told him I'm o.k. but the lounge hours don't fit my schedule. Plus I had the drink pkg.
  3. Got some great massages on beaches in the Caribbean. Haven't been to Orient Bay in 20 years. What are they asking for a massage? Paid $30.00 for 45 min in Barbados, $40.00 for over an hour in St.Croix and Great Bay beach in St. Maarten.
  4. Still a free steam/sauna in mens locker room on Mariner but not on Navigator.
  5. The cruise this poster was on (2/03/19) was a charter cruise from a company that does all gay charters. These cruises have been in the news before because of excessive drug use including O.D's. If you do a search "Allure of the Seas drug bust" you can read about the men that were arrested and the drugs they had on this cruise. So don't act shocked that this happened. I've seen this happen in cabins near mine on 2 Carnival cruises, 1 Princess cruise and 1 Royal cruise.
  6. Is anyone still waiting for an inside gty? Thinking of calling HAL to give up my spa inside. What kind of compensation could I ask for?
  7. Is anyone still waiting for an inside gty? Thinking of calling HAL to give up my spa inside. What kind of compensation could I ask for?
  8. I sailed on the Kdam when she first came to America Nov.2016 . It was a 4 day cruise and I got the email to check in at 1:30 as the USCG had to inspect the ship. I live 30 min. north of the port and usually arrive for a cruise check in around 10am. For this cruise I arrived 11:30 and boarding had already started and I was on about 11:45 there were no other people waiting to board. But cabins were't ready till 3pm. I got the same type of email about a USCG inspection for my 12/03/18 cruise on Majesty of the Seas saying not to arrive till after 12 noon. I ignored it, got there at 10am and was on board at 10:45am. I'm on the Kdam 1/04/19 and am getting to the port about 10:30. If I have wait I will, if not fine! My son is droping me off so this is the time that works for him!
  9. Why is the Liberty in Port Miami this morning? She should be on her way back to Port Canaverl.
  10. I took my cruise this past April. I brought 2 clip on umbrellas and never used them. We had only 2 real sunny days( San Juan and St. Maarten) so we were off the ship those days. But the front of the ship was very windy so they would not have worked. The pool boys were good at moving chairs into shady areas. You can also sit under the sun shades where people eat for shade. This area won't keep you dry if it rains as the rain still gets in. As a side note the pool boys ran their asses off on my cruise so I slipped them $$.
  11. The cruise lines seem to think we really want to go to Cuba. I live in South Florida and have many Cuban people( that I love) and many Cuban restaurants to eat at but do you really want pay extra and jump through hoops just to go here?
  12. I'm sailing on the Seaside 4/28 and have already started gathering up my $1 and $5. I'm in the YC. And will tip there and elsewhere for service I deem as above average. I too worked in the service industry and know what it's like. I agree that it's your choice but if you choose not to tip(any or extra) then expect what you get. I've never removed my DSC from any cruise (I've done 71). I know from engaging with the crew you learn alot! Yes they perfer Americans because we tip! If you hover your curser over a user hometown you can see a trend(you can figure out what I mean). I work as a chef at a high end resort in SoFlo. My staff is also not happy serving non Americans especially those from the French parts of our northern neighbor. I also tip per drink. I found I receive faster service and a heavier pour!
  13. No. As far as I know on closed loop cruises from Mia or Fll the only port that requires a passport is Costa Rica.
  14. Thanks to all of you for your helpful replies!
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