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  1. Sorry Laffnvegas for your problems with no invite and problems with your bill. Should never happens, but it does. I have Billing issues on almost every cruise. One time we were not invited to the Mariners thing and found out we had most days on HAL on the cruise then anyone else! So things happen to put it mildly 😭
  2. Very nice shuttle service. A couple years ago I was in Sitka and the bus driver on the shuttle bus gave us a nice narration of Sitka along the way to town. Five minutes into the trip the bus driver told us, “Just over the hill, there is a McDonald’s on the right side of the road, and if things don’t work out, there is a hospital across from McDonald’s, and if things get really bad, there is a funeral home next to the hospital. I guess the funeral home was thinking outside the box 😁
  3. Maybe a better option would be to dine at the Pinnacle Grille in lieu of the MDR food upgrades.
  4. Has there been any discussion on passenger capacity for this first sailing ?
  5. Pre COVID I have had no problem getting to gate at FLL by 8:30 am. But I have pre TSA, and A List on Southwest.
  6. Seen everything at HMC expect whales. Use to snorkel on other side of island where there was plenty of fishes but storms have washed away beaches and only thing left is rocks. As in prior posts never wear shiny jewelry in water; attracts big fish as fish food or black flip flops. In 2019 in South Pacific on snorkel tour, man wore black flip flops in water and was bitten by lemon shark 😮
  7. HAL opens today to book cruises from Seattle to Alaska from July 24 to Oct 2; no stop in Canada. Yea! If it happens
  8. Oh no, no more mask! Is this the end of “Hi, ho, Silver, away” 😁 Does that help defuse some of the posts.
  9. If you are correct then I would not mind if my Equinox cruise to the Carribean in late October depart now from Bora Bora 😀
  10. For the OP. Buffets in Las Vegas are beginning to reopen. Clark County was scheduled to allow buffets at all hotels starting 5/1/21.
  11. Celebrity does dinner buffets. We eat there once a cruise. Last Celebrity cruise included in the dinner buffet a gyro station. Hum hum!
  12. My favorite Cruise Director was Eric Dowis. Maybe his southern accent or jokes fit my style, though I know a few of you were mixed about his presentation. He left HAL several years ago to do stand up comedy on his own plus his wife, who was a singer on HAL, performed with him. I understand he was doing very well before the pandemic. RNB
  13. Bruce was excellent. Was on our VOV cruise twice.
  14. The soup is warm if the fly in your soup is doing the backstroke. 😀
  15. Get that fingerprint and book um Dano! 🥸
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