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  1. What, another hate Hal thread. That makes the fourth thread of this type in the past two weeks. That means their are more hate HAL threads than Dress Code threads. I know, I don't have to read, but it is quite entertaining. Have sailed HAL for over 40 years and believe me their have been plenty of changes both good and bad but as I said in the first hate HAL thread 2 weeks ago; "as long as I am on a boat at sea, nothing else matters to me" or something like that.
  2. Well, you sound like me. RedneckBob hear. I admit that I am a little late to this thread and did not read all the posts but hear is my take. A successful cruise for me and the Misses is if the boat return to port afloat. Don't ask to much, just get me home. Since my first cruise years ago, can't remember which ship, either the Ninadam, Pintodam or Santa Mariadam, there has been lots of changes, both good and bad, but never to date had a disappointing cruise. Sure I might like the way the Captain is driving the boat but we always make it to our destinations, maybe sometimes an hour late or a day late or never. SO what. I am on a boat at sea and that's all that matters to me. Maybe I should get a t shirt with that printed on it. "That's all I have to say about that" (quoted Forrest Gump)
  3. Excellent thread. Having sailed on HAL for over 37 years I agree with every post except I would like to add one more thing. The best thing for me is that HAL lowers it standards to allow someone named RedneckBob to board the boat.
  4. Ditto; let see I can get free Diet Cokes and bottled water on Oceania and I only pay $300 a day per person for a balcony while on HAL I pay for the drinks and pay $130 a day for a balcony. Economic 1 on 1! Say hello Walmart.
  5. Great to here. We were both very lucky!
  6. Could not said it better other than the thrill is gone. I find people want to talk about other things than cruising. I can't believe how people talk about so many personnel things hear, like medical conditions, don't like my job, and on and on. On our recent South Pacific cruise I set up some great tours and everyone was pleased. Have in the past tried to set up tours and was like crickets out there; more interested in not upsetting their dog while they are gone. Oh well.
  7. If you measure air miles port is just over a mile from airport but there are so many loop to loops 3 miles is about right. If you arrive on Dec 01, there are eight ships in port and it may take a little longer to get to airport.
  8. I felt crowded. Ships too small for number of passengers. Celebrity has same passenger load of several of their ships like the Equinox but ship has 25% more tonnage than HAL. Can really tell the difference in public areas.
  9. Did you see my Bass Pro Shop cap. Just call me Gator Bob, short for RNB
  10. And I thought that was reserved for me. Well, I be dogged!
  11. Your BS line is being too restrained. All HAL ships except the two new ones can go under the bridge. The Oosterdam was here two years ago. A dock will be built outside the Skyway some time this century.
  12. Ditto, but I think they got upset when I ate one pound of samples
  13. Just there a week ago with blue skies. Try the "Doughboy" at a local eatery. It was great!
  14. I live in the Tampa area and are very upset with HAL leaving after 25 years. They always had a great 14 day cruise. I have requested from Corporate several times Why? with no reason given.
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