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  1. BallFour4

    At Sea

    Randoms from cruises to the Caribbean to Canada. The Elation is shown in a visit to Veracruz made possible by hurricane Wilma.
  2. Some afternoons you'll find a steel drum player with recorded backing tracks. It's usually a one man show. .
  3. BallFour4

    Captains Suite: All I need to know

    Except... it won't be. Please read the FAQ before you give out incorrect information. .
  4. BallFour4

    Rooms open at what time?

  5. BallFour4

    Carnival Vista - Not great reviews?

    Which explains why it sailed full at premium in-season prices before and after the fire. .
  6. BallFour4

    Cruising with a record

    There are two things in play here. Child support and if a warrant exists. Perhaps not all ports are the same, but here in Galveston the authorities run the passenger manifest while you are at sea. If a warrant exists they will contact the agency or city that issued it and inquire about extradition. Some will, some won't. Take a look at galveston.com and the cruise webcams. Almost every time when a ship returns to port law enforcement walks aboard and escorts those with warrants off the ship. About an hour later the county police blotter website shows the names, where the warrant was issued and what the charges are. Child support comes up often. Your call. .
  7. BallFour4

    Carnival Vista - Not great reviews?

    While I haven't cruised on the Vista I did spend some time looking around the ship Sunday. I carried the Nikon and have assembled some of my photos in a 5 min video. It's different, really different. Opinions are like... well, you know. https://www.dropbox.com/s/yilymwwdbplrses/Vista%20Tour%202018.mov?dl=0 Click the above Dropbox link, and then click guest. Full Screen is an option. Enjoy.
  8. Yes, I go to San Antonio and Austin for my job, so I’m perhaps more experienced in Buc-ee’s strategies. :)
  9. BallFour4

    Flooding in Galveston

    Spent all my high school and college summers surfing 53'rd to the Flagship. I was never good enough for the locals up closer to the hotel. We minded our own business further west. After a stop at Sunrise on 61st then the ride to Seawall Blvd to see if anything was over 2' and the racks were off! .
  10. BallFour4

    Flooding in Galveston

    Never type while on a teleconference. The number of hotel rooms I meant to say reflected on those on the mainland that facilitated a quick drive to the port the next morning. Those are the numbers the Bay Area Alliance talks about. I don't want to move to the hill country either, I was merely emphasizing the point that when you cruise then the risks of some street flooding on rare occasions happen. I should have been more specific about the flat land stretching from at least Mechanic to Harborside. Harborside flooding doesn't carry over to the channel. I've seen moderate street flooding there and the terminal area all the way down to the Pilots offices were not even close. I make a living in Galveston! We also spend most weekends down. I didn't realize the 17' grade. What a feat of engineering. See ya at Olympia. .
  11. BallFour4

    Carry On vs Checked Luggage

    As recently as Sunday we saw people carrying on suitcases as large as 25" and perhaps more on the Vista.
  12. BallFour4

    Flooding in Galveston

    There is one problem with Galveston and the area around the port for doing what you say. In 1900 the Great Storm hit Galveston. To date it’s the largest loss of US lives in a natural disaster. The first three streets from the harbor were covered in 6’ of mud. The city was thriving as a shipping port and they hastily decided to raise the street level to the top of the mud. Those buildings along the Strand and historic district are actually sitting on their first floor. The entities visible today are the second floor of the structure. The Historical Society is never going to allow those brick streets to be torn up for drainage improvements. Also, very little of the businesses along the Strand area flooded over the past two weeks. The lowest points of the island, or inland about a half mile did. Inland about ten miles is Texas City. Much of it is below MSL, and they have a series of pumping stations to push water back to the bay in the event of flooding. They didn’t slow down the massive rainfall totals from Harvey, Ike and one of the storms last week. I don’t doubt Galveston has a water problem. It’s not along the port area. The West End is eroding away. All those beautiful homes built back after Ike are seeing beach erosion after every major storm. Building continues there and along the Beachtown area on the east side at a frantic rate. I would like to see Harborside raised. It is exempted from the GCHD governance and could be raised 2’ within two years of construction. .
  13. I go to Galveston three times a week from the Clear Lake area. The travel times are varied and depending on my business, some of those are busy weekends. The worst delay I’ve experienced in all the new construction is about fifteen minutes. From the Beltway to the causeway on morning commutes takes about 45 min. Allow for a stop at Buc ee’s and you’re looking at an hour and 10-15 min. .
  14. BallFour4

    Lone Star Rally – Nov 4, 2018

    With the addition of the Vista over sixteen thousand passengers come and go every Sunday. I might be a little off on the math, but it’s a bunch of folks. Harborside Drive is never blocked off for events. Ever. Galveston is a shipping port, Del Monte has a large banana dock here and there is also a busy RoRo shipping business. Exit Harborside once you come over the causeway. It’s a two lane turn to the left, so don’t line up in one lane. Drive right to your terminal, unload your baggage and then draw straws as to who goes to park the car. Enjoy your vacation. . Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. BallFour4

    Flooding in Galveston

    Galveston is flat as a table top, a pumping station won’t help. Other than hurricanes the street flooding to the point of interference with cruise travel has happened twice in about two decades. It just hit close to the same dates. This fall has been one of the wettest on record, we’ve had more days with measurable rain than not, and the ground is saturated. The first day of flooding for the Valor departure there were monitoring stations on Pelican Island that recorded over 4” of rain in a short amount of time. No one was left behind, the departure was delayed until all passengers were safely aboard. We had some minor street flooding on Saturday. The water made parts of Harbourside impassable. Three other routes to the cruise terminals and dry parking were all open. All these are inherent risks of cruising from sea level. We’d love to move our little harbor here to the Austin hill country, but the sailing to international water would take a while. Carnival is hot on Galveston, there are over sixty-thousand hotel rooms that cater to a heavy drive-up audience. In the words of the immortal Sgt Hulka, “lighten up Francis.” .