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  1. Thanks everyone, I was worried something had happened to my booking 🙂
  2. Is the MSC website normally like this? Everytime I log in I have to link my cruise, is it my browser ? Chrome in this case.
  3. Ya because like nothing is happening in Seattle right now with regard to COVID-19
  4. I thought with all the Corona stuff and the cruise ships getting quarantined etc that there would be some really cheap deals on Suites for the next couple of weeks, I guess I was wrong. Prices for Suites are still pretty high.
  5. My wife and I loved the Porch when it was I think $5 on embarkation day for lunch, but to me the only thing on the menu now is the Tower and at $30 PP it is simply not worth it, who wants to stuff that much food down their throat at 1 PM on embarkation day? It might of changed since our last cruise though
  6. To me it would depend on my age/health and where the heck I was going, even then I would not cancel until the last minute unless there was some financial benefit. Does it really matter if you cancel 3 weeks before the cruise if nothing is refundable? Nope, just wait and hope for a change by either the cruise line or the airline. I know if you are flying say AA and the flight gets delayed by more than 2 hours you can cancel then for a full refund.
  7. I'd snag the YC Balcony in a NY minute
  8. I think it sails at 7 PM out of Miami, our cruise does anyway
  9. That would totally suck feel bad for them
  10. My wife and I used to sail only X, the price for a Sky Suite - the lowest level - used to be around 5K give or take for both of us. I was looking at 2021 cruises and saw it was now 7K+ (Yes they now give you free WiFI, the Premium Package and prepaid grats. none of which we use except the grats, that's 1K a day to stay in a cabin about the size of my living room) that is why we booked the YC instead and saved 2K. I was so concerned I started a thread asking about food etc. because the deal seemed to be too good to be true 🙂 Hopefully they keep the prices down to a reasonable level.
  11. Thanks for this, I love Filet Mignon, has to be something pretty special on the menu for me not to order it. And thanks to everyone for the responses makes me feel better about my choice to sail MSC over X we almost did a couple of years ago but at that time the free drinks were only in the YC area I think and also the YC was sold out when we tried booking.
  12. Were you in the YC ? Most of the reviews I read that were bad were from people not in the YC.
  13. We are actually going to cancel the cruise we booked, 7K for a sky suite seemed a little over the top. We booked the YC on MSC for 5K, same dates pretty much same ports. We only drink beers mostly so having the premium package does nothing for us, hardly use the internet on a cruise so that really does not affect us the 4GB you get on MSC is more than enough, $300 vs $200 OBC is almost a wash, the only thing X offers is prepaid grats and that is not worth 2K IMO. Even if the food is not quite up to Luminae's standards that won't really bother us as long as I can have a good steak for dinner I am happy, hell we can dine every night at a specialty restaurant and still come out ahead. We shall see if this was a wise decision or not !!
  14. Thanks I am not a "foodie" I just need a good burger for lunch and a good steak for dinner, my wife is the foodie she loves italian food so this may hit her sweet pot. Mostly we just enjoy sitting outside near a bar where we can have a few drinks and I don't have to travel 900 miles for a smoke. And the casino at night. Do they have specialty dinner packages? The only ones listed for our cruise are chef tables, we just want a 3 night package of some sort. It might be because our sailing is a year out ?
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